I haven't worked in Nanwan in a few days, and my self-study effect is limited. Yue Fi is starting to ask Gu Wei to go back to school.

During this time, Gu Wei did not go to the company, but to accompany him in Nanwan inquire, the Fi Fife consciously, in addition to lack of some memories, there is no problem with the ability of their own self-care, so after going to school, Gu Wei can also Restore normal work.

These days, Gu Wei, there is nothing to bring Yue Fei to the third floor, and successfully let Yue Fi will remember the scene when he first studied swimming, and re-learned to swim quickly with a slimming.

However, let Gu Wei disappointed that Fei Fi has no memory for the confession of the shower at the same day.

"Next month." Swimming pool, Gu Wei promised that Yuefi can go back to school next month.

Anyway, it is not a few days, and the Fiki nose: "Okay."

"It's almost the same today, take a break." Gu Wei up, Chaoyue fidel reached out, to pull him on the shore.

Fi Fi lifted his hand, pulled his palm, but did not borrow it as soon as it was on the shore, but smiled at his face.

Gu Wei did not react, half squatted in the pool, see Yue Fi is not moving, ask: "What?"

The force on the hand of the fidel has aggravated some, seeing that Gu Wei's body is not moving, the face slowly increases.

"Nothing!" This time, the fidel has supported the hands of Gu Wei and shore successfully.

Just instantly on the shore, Gu Wei understood, smiled and took people into his arms: "Want to make it bad?"

I don't want to get rid of the franchisee of the anti-puller: "..."

Don't say, pull this kind of thing, too shameful!

How much is his strength and Gu Wei? Is Alpha and Beta so big?

"No." Fi Fi blinks, and installs innocent.

Make bad things, fidel is not recognized.

Gu Wei's eyebrows.

The more people ignite: "I am a little hungry."

"Take it downstairs."

Ferry: "I want to eat here, you go to take."

Gu Wei: "Why do I go?"

"Do you want to change your partner?" Fi Fi fierce.

Gu Wei was laughing,

The fidel hooked the mouth, sit down on the pool, half-hale bubble in the cool pool water, and the squats waiting.

Soon, the Alpha ported fruit plate and cake appeared at the stairway.

I have been staring at the fidiles that are watching, greeted.

"Eating a small cake." Gu Wei got a piece of cake with a small fork and raised the fidel.

Yue Fei Zhang mouth, a bit bite, the corner of the mouth was stained with cream and did not find it.

"You have a lot more." The fidel reached out and took the plate in his hand, put it on the small tea next to the lounge chair, picking up a grape, and turned to feed.

Gu Wei low-ended, with a mouth, the teeth met the opponent's soft finger.

Yue Fi suddenly, looked at Gu Wei and touched his lips, unconsciously portrayed his lip shape, did not open his eyes.

Noted that he lost his gods, Gu Wei smiled, lifted his right hand, pointed to the mega's chin, the thumb was wiped in his mouth.

Fei fi did not hide, but instead of consciously extending the tip of the tongue, licked the mouth.

what's happenin?

"I got a little cream." Gu Wei explained that the Fii's finger did not be withdrawn.

Ferry: "Oh."

The voice is just falling, and Gu Wei's index finger and thumb are on the crowd, and the fidain's chin is coming up, then kisses it.

The fidel reacted, raised his hand and grab the neck of Gu Wei, and greeted it very much.

Behind the sky is dyed in the sky, the two people overlap are lingering and enthusiastic to kiss, the breeze is not bothered, the night is slow.


Although I don't know why, Gu Wei can feel clearly, the fidel of the misseu, seems to be more naive, more delicate, but also trust him, relying on him.

Of course, Gu Wei is happy to pet him.

"I don't seem to be very good, my hard things can't be opened." Fei Fi is distressed to look at the nuts in the hand.

Gu Wei took, a one helped him peeled the shell.

"You talk too fast this question, I don't understand, let's come again."

Gu Wei was returned and started from the beginning.

"Do you see that my nails are a bit long?"

Gu Wei figured out the nail scissors and opened his palm toward him.


"I have been homeschool, I am bored, you take me to play. We don't date it?" Fi Fi lying on the sofa of Gu Weishu, looking at the heads of Gu Wei next to the table.

Gu Wei: "Go to the hospital tomorrow to see doctors, after checking, you can go out."

"Okay." Although I can't go out, I am somewhat disappointing, but tomorrow is the last day, and the fidel chooses to endure. "Can you go early tomorrow?"

On the first day of the differentiation period, Gu Wei had already contacted Bai Xi in advance.

"In the morning." Gu Yidao.

Fei Fi: "Okay."

The fidelity lying on the sofa is attracted by Gu Wei's wine cabinet.

The nose smells the wine, Gu Wei returns to the head, Omega holds a bottle in one hand, one hand is half a glass of red wine, and slowly gets close.

"Brother, can I drink?" The hand opened the red wine, and he asked halfway halfway.

Seeing that you didn't talk yourself, the fidel slowly put down the wine glass: "Sorry."

"What can I do?" Gu Wei asked him.

"Shouldn't you have to move your things without your agreement." Some fidel is somewhat, "Sorry."

Gu Yingwood Wineup: "Wrong."


"You can't afford it, I only took a cup."

The fidel is not very sure: "Then I will fall again?"

After the desk, Gu Wei held down the chin, and gently shakes wine, looked at Yuefi: "No, just do something wrong to punish."

Fifhead pinching fingers, some don't understand.

"Penalty and I have a drink."

Said, Gu Wei, lifted the mouth, lifted the energetic chin, close to him, and lowered his lips.

The cold liquid flows between the lips and teeth of the two, the fidel is swallowed, the red liquor leaves from the corner of the mouth, wet his collar ...

Inside the floor window, the sunset gradually woven.

In the study of the lights, the fidel is sitting on the legs, and the two can then a moist kiss.

The empty transparent high cup fell in the table corner, and it had already been in the past, and the drunken wine was floated in the nose of the two.

I don't know if it is really drunk, and the fi only feels that it seems to be aware of the consciousness. The brain is only thinking about people before the eye.

The loosol is filled with wine, and the package is wrapped in him. He didn't know where the rosin came. I only knew that each time it appeared, he and Gu Wei were always entangled.

Therefore, when the rosin appears again, Yue Fi can't help open his eyes, look into the eyes of Gu Wei.

Seeing him with confused and relied eyes, looked at themselves, and the chords in Gu Yanyin instantly.

Holded by a strong arm, after the body spared a short period of time, Yuefi found himself on the table.

He has been behind, holds the table, tightly, and looks to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei is looking at him, dark eyes are deep, and the look is difficult.

Suddenly, Alpha reached out of the red wine that was opened on the side, and raised the eyes of the fidel.

Pour ...

Some of the fidel is somewhat, and the eyes are slowly.

At the same time, the distinguished big hand falls on the uppermost button of the fidel clothes.

The moment of the shirt landed, the desire is swimming along the liquid,

Yue Fei, stand the lower lips, don't relax, afraid that you can scream.

unacceptable. But I don't know why, he actually faintly feels familiar with this strong pleasure.

It seems that there is a similar thing.

... is definitely his memory fragment.

Since it is already a companion, such a scale, there is no need to twist and shy.

The idea has been soft, and it is weak to support your body. The fidel is just behind the table, no longer struggling.

The arms raised, put on the forehead, half-covered, and the fidile blinds opened the lower lips.

Soon, the slender finger pulled the table along the table, depressed crystals in the study.

Sweet springs, flowing in the Matsushite.


The next day, the fidel is ridiculously on the day, and it is struggling to sit up from the bed, holding the forehead, the head is sinking.

Gu Wei gave him soup that relieves the drunken headache, and the fidel is drunk, and the white face is on the bed.

"Do you want to sleep for a while, we go to the hospital in the afternoon." Gu Wei smashed his cheek with his fingers.

Fei fi nodded, went back to the quilt, I plan to sleep again.

He is now a bit of understanding the reason why Jun Wang is early.

It is definitely the first night, I was absorbed.

Hey, Gu Wei, this little fairy!

I don't know if I have become a demon image, get up and go to the balcony and call the hospital to change the physical examination time.

When he returned to the master bedroom, Yue Fi was still asleep again.

"The body is too weak, you need to strengthen your exercise." Gu Wei sat down in the bed, raising his hand, dialing his broken hair on his cheeks, his mouth rid of laugh, whispered.

I don't know if my fitness exercise is like this, and the fidel snorted in my sleep. I still didn't wake up.

In the afternoon, the fidel, still half-awake, was taken to the hospital by Gu Wei.

Tang Yue followed the side, I only felt very surprised.

Because the fidel is all, Gu Wei is, he will follow.

After a few days, I haven't seen it, the more you have, and it seems more than love?

After the check is completed, the Fei Fei is returned to the lounge.

Gu Yusheng hit him, let Bai Xi report the results of the inspection with himself.

Fortunately, the fidelity differentiation is not affected by a car accident, which is still over, which means that Yue Fei is a mature Omega.

"Given the Mr. Yue, I personally suggest that the delayed differentiation is to inform him in a more appropriate way." Fei Fi left a lot of shocks to Bai Xi, "Gu, Mr. Yue, I don't know myself." Is Omega? "

Gu Wei: "I haven't told him yet." Bai Xi: "Well, this is to tell him something to tell him, but also can't. Although the Mr. Yue has just ended the differentiation period, but watching today's inspection results, he It has been seamlessly connected to the preparation stage of estrus. "

Gu Wei frowned: "So fast?"

"During this time, Mr. Yue is very easy to empty." Bai Xi pushed the glasses on the rhinar, "part of the estrus preparation."

Easy to emotionally did not say anything, but Gu Wei did not expect to be prepared because of estrus.

"You may need to do a good week in advance, Gu Quan." Bai Xiyou reminded.

Delayed differentiation, misseu, estrus ... The situation of fidel is too complicated, no one can guarantee what happens during the estrus.

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