After the physical examination, Tang Yue went to drive in advance, and the fi followed Gu Wei to the building, and the two walked through the hall on the first floor of the hospital.

"Yin Xinchen!"

Suddenly, a familiar and unfamiliar name came from far away, and there were still some groggy fideways.

He turned his head and called the name of this name.

Simply stunful: "Fei Fi?"

Vietnamese Remember the content of the original book, unclearly opening: "Simply also?"

Simply want to say something, but I saw Gu Wei standing in the frightened look, after all, he had to open the fiph, and he walked away.

The lobby of people, Gu Wei stands in the fidet, the tone is dangerous: "Do you remember him?"

I don't remember Gu Wei, but she remembers simply.

I don't remember my own alpha, but I remember the former boyfriend.

Gu Wei stared at the back neck of Yuefi, and he can't wait to bite on the spot.

I feel that the neck is cold, the fidel is turned back, weak and smiling, and they will reply to the desire: "Also, I don't know much, it may be much more, so the model is very impressed, and who is it what?"

Gu Wei is an angry: "Your forefriend."

Fi Fifer: "Ah Haha, actually this? I can't think of it."

Gu Wei looked at him, and I don't know if I believe it, so that the fidel is slightly.

At the door, Tang Yue came in, seeing two people who didn't move, taking a few steps: "Gu Chu, Yue Mr., car is coming."

Yue Fi is a glimpse of Tang Yuezun: "Ah, the car is coming, it can finally go home."

Said, Fei Fi did not dare to look at Gu Wei expressions, and directly lift the car waiting for the car waiting for the car.

Tang Yue stunned, rarely looked outside to his own boss.

Gu Wei's eyes have spared from him: "Are you driver?"

Innocent Tang Yue: "?" He, it seems to be considered.


Vietnamese feels that since the hospital is back, Gu Wei's state is not right.

But he also said no.

It is occasionally staring at him, and there is still some time, and sometimes he turns back and will find that Gu Wei looks at yourself, don't know what to think.

I want to ask if I want to ask him if I have a terminal illness, or he is really a vinegar of his ex-boyfriend.

Such a state continued until the afternoon, the fidel fell asleep in the little sofa in his own study, but he was awake from the dream. After opening his eyes, he found that he was sweaty.

Dry heat disappears because of the more frustrated, he sits up, reached out the glass on the table, drinking saliva.

Is it a fever? Yue Fei touched his forehead, cool.

Lenovo's abnormality in the past few days, Yue Fi is gure, will not really have a uncertainty!

At this moment, Gu Wei is open to the video conference next to the house. Suddenly hear the door of the partner is opened, followed by a rushing footsteps, and then the door of the study is ringing.

"Today's will come here, other things will be said tomorrow, I need to solve it today, I can send me me first."

Turn off the computer, see Yue Fi does not push the door, it seems to be waiting for you to allow, so you get up toward the door.

"what happened……"

Gu Wei said yet, the rich sweet springs poured from the half-opened door, almost blinking, so that he breathed a few points.

Mature Omega pheromones, which are more convicted than before.

Flying cheeks are red, raise their hands to catch Gu Wei's arm: "I, what is I doing?"

...... Gu Wei is completely status: "Well?"

Fei Fi: "You see, I have flowed a lot of sweat, but I didn't have a fever, I didn't die."

I have a little panic at this moment before going to this world.

Listening to Yue Fei is a sympathy against the essence of the preparation stage as a terminally ill, Gu Wei smiled without helpless, and hugged people in his arms: "What do you think about it all day."

I don't know why, Gu Wei's approach makes it a lot of fidel, and the body is as if the heat next to the fire is finally eased.

"What happened to me?" Fei Fi did not understand.

Gu Wei raised his hand and gently sent him softly, dumb, said: "Maybe, estrus."

I feel that the body is stiff because of this, and Gu Wei will consciousness tightly.

"How is it? I am Beta." Fei Fi is not believed.

Gu Weiqiang is a town: "Well? Who said you are beta, you have always been Omega."

Fei Fi: "... ah?"

"You need temporary tags now." Whenever fidel reacted, Gu Wei went up.

Fi Fi is still outside the situation: "..."

"Hey, turn over."

Gu Wei holds the shoulders of Yuefi, let people go back to himself.

Under the collar, the flourish gland exudes the sweet taste of destroying Alpha self-made force.

The bone-clear big hand covered an Omega elongated neck, steel arm-like arm clamps Omega's waist.

After the fidel, I was in danger, and I was pressed against the wall.

The loft of the loam is like a sea, but not sweet springs, integrates with each other, regardless of each other.

This moment of Alpha does not allow Omega to rebell.

Slightly touched the cooling lips touching the skin, the lost fidel slowly, the elongated finger climbs the wall, some scared, but the real signal that the body exudes is expectation.

Waiting for too long, until this moment, Gu Wei took some patiently, explored soft, and scheduted it again.

It's too itchy, the fidel is looking up, it is astishing, and the eyes are humid, but the original tight body is in such an annoying itch, gradually relax.

The forehead is in the cold wall, the fidel is breathed, the heart is getting scared, too hot, too hot ...

The nose is full of loosening scent, and he is a matter of understanding, this is the information of Gu Wei.

Why didn't you write him in the book? !

The unfamiliar picture broke into the brain. When he had been pressed from behind, he bite a bite behind him.

He struggled to try to see the clear bite ...

"Hey, I will bear it again."

Familiar sounds ... people who bite him are Gu Wei!

Fi Fi finally believes in Gu Wei, he is really an Omega.

The perception of the fidel is no longer resisting, Gu Wei semi-eye lifted, watching the skin of Omega, the skin, the fanatical occupation of it.

you are mine.

"you are mine."

Dark hoarson seem to be the most stronger rope, bundle the soul of Yuefi.

No longer hesitated, Alpha is going down, with a thoroughly occupied overbearing, bite.


Yuefi is unwell, and the tears fell from the corners of the eye.

It hurts!

Blurred in front of you, the body's heat climbed the peak in an instant, so he almost lost awareness.

Overbearing the rosin from the colony gland, it can only capture, swallow, integrated with the pixel in the air. At this moment, in the moment, the bone marrow, invading the final party of the target, since then, every drop of sweet springs will be Rubfilling.


When Fi Fi woke up again, it was already in the early hours.

The body is no longer hot, the pain of the back and neck came, and the fidel raised his hand to touch, but he found that he was taken in his arms, his hands and feet could not move.

"Woke up?"

The sound of Alpha is coming from behind, and the fidel is unfolded.

"let me go."

At the end of the fi, Gu Wei, who took it, stiff, and released his hand.

Yuefi sits up from the bed, look back, watching Gu Wei lying on the bed.

It's impatient, Gu Wei admits, but does not regret it.

"I gave you medicine ..." Gu Wei stood up, just sitting, and suddenly he didn't finish the fidel.

Omega sits on the waist of alpha, red eyes.

"I have a hurt you know." Fi Fi is angry, he didn't expect the gland mark as the pain.

If he gives him a grade that has been encountered, the gland marker is the first.

Gu Wei is also the first time, I have never thought about it.

"Sorry." Gu Wei is really sincere, "I will be told next time."

Is there another next? The fidel took a breath: "Unfair, I can't be bite unilateral."

Although I have a little angry, I don't really hate it. Gu Wei is relieved, and she lying down in bed, she is sitting on him.

"Do you want to bite back?" Gu Wei was eyebrow.

Fii is staring at him without dening it.

Gu Wei stalls the arm, and the appearance is never resistant: "Yes."

The fidel grinds the molars, and it seems that it is not polite, pulling down the collar, and biting it on his clavicle.

"Hey." Gu Wei squatted, lifted his hand, and his finger was tied to his elongated back neck and gently gently.

For a long time, Yue Fili has gone, loose the teeth and find a few blood beads.

This injury is a nine bull of the alpha, but the fidel has some regrets yourself.

"Has hurt?" Yue Fei asked.

Gu Wei looked at him, and his eyes were gentle: "hurt."

So, the fidel leaned over, the soft lips were close, kissed the wound biting, and then got up after a while, and the lips and teeth left faint bloody.

In the dark, alpha looked at Omega on his body, dark scorpion shiny.

The big hand of the fidel is slightly down, and Gu Wei opens, and the sound suddenly is unexpected.

"Is it still angry, do you want, then bite some other?"

Fi Fi, the eyes of his aggression, the eyes of the ear, red penetration ...

Among the sky, Qi Ming stars slowly, and the night faded, and the morning fog is filled.

The half-dark master bedroom, the loose fragrance, as if the dark flow between the island reef, I will swallow the past ship, and like the desire of the sea ...

I don't know how long it takes, Yue Fi is standing, and the amount of hot tips are gently gasped.

Alpha is half relied on the bed, and the legs are ridicpeled on the knees. At this moment, the hand lifts, stretching into the fidel, refelling lightly on the red lips of his flour light.

Not allowed to react, Gu Wei suddenly pulled the fidel, let people rely on themselves, hold back the neck, look up, and kiss.

Don't conver then, he ...

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