The temporary gland marker mitigates the impetuous of the fideli period, for an Omega with fixed partner, the estrus preparation stage alpha comfort, enabling Omega's body to make more preparations for estrus.

Wake from deep sleep, Yuefi has a moment I don't know where I am.

He was slightly returned to the arms until the arm was tightened by the arms behind him.

"Some sleep? Is it still hungry?"

Gu Wei smashed his neck, and the sound took the low dumb of you just woke up.

Fei fi turned, buried in his arms, lifting the finger in his clavicle, after a night, the obvious tooth scaffolded is light: "Hungry."

Grab his hand, put it on the lips and kiss, Gu Wei said: "Want to eat downstairs or eat here?"

The kiss on your finger makes the fidel feel itchy, he is somewhat lazy: "Come on."

"That is waiting for me, you can go to wash."

Said, Gu Wei is sitting up, ready to go downstairs to prepare breakfast.

However, he has not had an extra action, and he is hugged from behind.

"Wash together."

Smell the rosin on his body, Feiyu doesn't know why, don't want Gu Wei to leave himself.

Gu Wei smiled and held him holding his arm. After pulling the people, turned it out, and the big hand was dragged to his arms.

"Then you have to get up now."

This washing, the two have been coming out from the master bedroom for lunch.

"I am hungry." Fei Fi complained.

Gu Wei followed him, he heard his eyebrows: "Blame I?"

The person who proposes to wash together is not him.

The more fidel glance, what is the man?

Seeing, Gu Wei smiled and nodded: "Well, blame me."

On the first floor, Chen Ayi has packed the breakfast that the two did not eat, replaced the lunch just did.

Seeing two people, saying that Mr. Sound is slow, and enter the kitchen.

Flying fidel, hungry stomach saw so much delicious, immediately rebellion.

"I still have to have a point in the future." Say it over the fi.

Gu Wei's eyes were always on him, heard: "What is it slower, what?"

Fi Fiyi: ",."

Gu Wei: "This may be a bit difficult. This time I have not prepared, the nutrients will be prepared next time."

The real estrus is not like yesterday, and you can solve overnight.

Fi Fi did not listen to what he meant, but I remembered this thing of Omega, yesterday's situation was confusing, was dominated by the body, and the fidel did not think about it. Calm down today, think about it, I still feel incredible: "You said me It was Omega, is it true? "

He doubizes that he is not worn out, or it is just a dream, from he wakes up now, what is the story he experienced?

Gu Wei took the chopsticks and took a look: "Fake."

Gu Wei admitted very simply.

Fei Fi: "..." Don't think that he will not be hit.

"Why do you lie to me?" The hand of the Fi Fiji continued to go out, in fact, before he asked, he was in his own heart, but he didn't expect Gu Wei to be so straightforward.

Gu Wei: "Yesterday's situation urgently, this matter explained that it took some time."

Translate with Alpha's thinking, this sentence means that I don't want to explain this matter to marke Omega.

The fidel is understood that he has no time to explain too much.

"Okay." Yue Fi will accept his explanation, "Can you say it now?"

From yesterday to now, in terms of Gu Wei's own observation, Fei Fei did not show obvious identity for omega, so Gu Wei did not hide, directly explained his delayed differentiation.

Fei Fi: "... still, you can still do this."

Originally B, inexplicable B change o, this ABO world is also too grassroots?

Gu Wei: "This case is very small."

Don't make it, Yue Fei is one of them.

Fi Fif is silent to continue to do the mouth, inexplicably think of the story of this book - Jane Baby, the hand of the pickup does not help me: "Then, will I have children?"

I didn't expect that he will ask this question, and Gu Wei put down the tableware: "Theoretically, it should be able."

Ferry: "..."

The awareness of his slice, Gu Wei reached out and pinching his earroot: "Of course, if you don't want to be born, we can do it."

The fidel has pulled the corner of the mouth, some embarrassment: "I didn't think ..."

Now he is of course not to be born.

Gu Wei did not continue to discuss this topic with him: "Don't worry."

This matter is revealed by the two people.

It is too long to wait for a long time, and the fidel is inevitable. At the afternoon, I received a counselor to call the next month, I need to return to the school, and I promised immediately.

After promised, I remembered what kind of estrus preparation, I don't know if I can go out.

He is not experienced in this kind of thing, can only ask Gu Wei. I heard that he wants to go back to school, Gu Wei originally does not want to agree, but I have aware of implicit expectations in Fifi pixels, and I don't want him to disappoint.

"Yes, I will stay with you tomorrow." When I said, Gu Wei's mobile phone sounded.

The fidel is waiting.

"Mom?" Gu Wei took the fidel, and when people approached, he took people in his arms.

He Yin Yin gentle voice came from the handset: "Where are you?"

Gu Wei: "Home."

He Yin Yin sighs tone: "Your dad came to the company to find you, didn't see you, is a temper."

Gu Wei: "Does he have something?"

"That project is the project, when your dad gave you Second, you didn't talk to him, you will give the project to others. You will come to your father in the morning, you also know that his ear is soft, Easy to be incited ... "

Gu Wei: "Mom, I know, you let Dad go back, I am not very convenient, I will not change my mind recently. I will not change my idea. The accident has only a few days, second uncle and third parties to harm the interests of the Group A fraud that is signed for purposes, has not been dissipated to the group's negative impact until today. "

"Please tell him that take the project is just a small step, the group reserves the right to recourse him."

He Yin Yin: "At the end of the shareholders' meeting, you are two uncle him, after all, it is a family ..."

Gu Wei: "I believe that other uncle can understand, the second uncle betrayed the group, even if the surname can not be forgiven."

He Yin Yin is silent.

"Be careful, goodbye." Gu Wei finally said, waiting for the other party to hang up the phone.

Sitting in his arms listening silently, although he did not understand, he understood that Gu Wei and his family had contradiction.

"Nothing, they will understand you."

The rosin in the air is slightly cooled, and the fidel hooks on his neck and holds people to comfort.

Gu Wei stunned, after putting down the mobile phone, two hands hold tight, put people into the arms.

"I don't need his understanding."

Ferry: "Well." What do you say is.


On the next day, Yuefi wear her neatly, she pulled Gu Wei and wanted to go out, but she was taken back by Gu Wei.

"Glandular stickers." Gu Wei reminded.

Flying down,

Gu Wei smiled and raised his hand on the skin of the fidel, posted a transparent film.

"All right."

The voice fell, and Yue Fei grabbed the door in front of him.

Finally, you can go out!

Gu Wei followed him, seeing him to take the bottom of the foot, can't help but remind: "Slowness."

The driver was sent to the school gate, and the fidel took the hand of the shot, and people stopped in the roadside and wanted to go.

Gu Yao was taken with him and got off the school.

On Tuesday, from time to time, there was a group of students to smile and walked, and there were students to carry the book to the direction of the library.

Long-lost ivory tower, let Yue Fi are sighful.

"What's wrong?" Gu Wei took his hand and found his emotions and asked.

This feeling is really unable to describe, and the fidel smiled and shook his head, and the hand held by Gu Wei's slightly stood each other.

The counselor inform him to go to the college office to find him.

I don't know where I don't know where they are, they are going to have passed.

"What happened?" Fei Fi did not understand.

Gu Wei: "Don't ask, I know how to go."

Some of the fideways: "Are you coming?"

Seeing him, I can't help it, and I looked up his cheek.

"The last time I came over for you, I will come, see if you will think."

I heard the words, the first half of Gu Wei made the fidel and gave a little happy, and the second half of the sentence made him somewhat. "This is reallyas."

His memory seems to be like him, occasionally, will occasionally let him find some fragments.


Lan Li Li didn't expect a fake, and Gu Wei will accompany you.

"Gu total, I originally want to sell this kind of little thing, the more students can't do it, but he said that he wants to go back to the school, and if you have to do a renewal procedure, I will come over, how do you? Come over together. "

Lan Li Li gave two people poured hot tea, three people sat down on the sofa in the office, while drinking tea.

Gu Wei: "If you come back, it should be, how to see it, you can see it, you can stay with Xiao Fei, you don't care about me."

Lam Ruh Rao, I laughed, my eyes were moved to the fidel: "The more students, how long will this promise?"

Watching Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "One month."

Lan Ricked Rasmland has a hard location, saying good, don't care ...

"Then I will take a note, the more you have to fill it."

Doing a good time to go out from the office, the Fei Fei stamked him: "Our teacher seems to be afraid of you."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth: "Just in the office, what did you think of?"

Fei fidel shook his head.

Gu Wei looked at him for a while, relieved smile: "Forget it." Anyway is not a pleasant memory.

Fei Fei: "You tell me directly?"

Gu Wei: "I will describe it."

Say, the two were holding hands to leave the office building, but they have not yet leaving, they have heard that someone is shouting.


Fi Fi is looking back with Gu Wei, see the appearance of the other's suit revolution, obviously not a student.

"Wu Cheng." Gu Yidao.

Fei Fi: "Who is Wu Cheng?"

"You next principal."

Ferry: "!"

Wu Cheng embedded, and Gu Wei held his hand, his eyes fell to the fidelity: "Is this?"

Gu Wei: "My companion, fidile."

Wu Cheng's eyes bright: "The more classmates."

Faches: "The principal is good."

Wu Cheng haha ​​laughed: "It's not, but it is too fast, I will first invade the classmates."

Fiformer smiles.

"Several people there seem to be your classmates." Once the fidel, the fi of the Fei Fei is cold, Gu Wei took the initiative to finish the two people who have a while, there is no mistake, this Several seemings to be Friends.

Vietnamese, seeing them smiling, looking at my own, looking at kind, said: "Then I will pass, you talk."


"Fih ... have you come back to a holiday?" Seeing him, Zhao Zhi said.

Fei Fi: "Yes, the way in the way."

"Continue?" The other two boys next to her portal.

Zhao Zhi also didn't expect: "You have a long time in your holiday, you caught up with Omega estrus hot holiday."

"..." So they don't know what they delay differentiate, and Vietnamese conclude.

"Isn't it true for a holiday last month? Why is this month?" Room friendly.

Yuefi entangled between the two answers between the car accidents and delayed differentiations, eventually chosen the former: "I have just passed a car accident, I need to take a break."

The voice falls, and the air has a short stagnation.

"Car accident?"

"what's the situation?"

"Nothing, where is injured?"

"The car accident now going back to school? It should be stayed well in the hospital."

The concern of the intensive output will let Yue Fi He warm.

"It's already a lot." Yue Fi smiled, "Thank you."

Roommate: "What is the polite, we don't have to say thank you, how are you? Is it good to recover?"

"I don't think about it, because I have lost some memories because I frankly. roommate:"?!"

"You can tell me, I have experienced what I experienced during school?"


On the way back to South Bay, Gu Wei found that the fidel has been silent, and he can't help but reach his head.

"What are you thinking?"

Fame back to God: "Ah, there is nothing."

Just, his roommates told him that after the ex-boyfriend was brother, she chose to break up, but the thief is not dead, and she is not long before he is cheating, and the report is not only the principal's son, but also Apologize, and the gossip story between Gu's Group's heir and him is still in the campus ...

Yue Fei is still not too digestive now.

He is now determined that he has not worn the wrong book, but the hardships of the hardships that I should have to hold, how do you seem to be a refreshing route?

The migraine looked at Gu Wei, who was close to the eyes, Yue Fi is full of boxes.

Gu Wei really likes him? Love at first sight?

The answer to this question may only be waiting for him to recover memory.

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