Emotional preparation is more sensitive to Omega, but if you are with your own alpha, the normal life has little impact.

The mother-in-law of the second floor of Nanwan Xiangshire, looking at the invitation letter on the table, Gu Wei is hesitant to hesitate.

He didn't dare to put it in the family at home, but Yue Fi is also afraid of any accidents on the banquet.

Just like Yue Fei from the study back to the master bedroom, Gu Wei pulled people to his arms.

The fidel is sitting on his legs, and the two face face.

Gu Wei smashed his ears and asked him: "I don't want to go out tomorrow. There is a life banquet invited us."

"We?" Some of the fideways. "I was also invited?"


The birth banquet of Lu Jia, wrote Gu Wei and Fei Fi's name.

Yue Fi took the invitation to look down, ask: "Lu Jia is?"

Gu Wei: "Gu Jia's partner, the two origins are quite deep, and the people who will go will not be less."

"Then we can't go, it is very important." Yue Fei Road.

Gu Wei: "If you don't want to go, we will not have an excuse."

Ferry: "I want to go."

In such an important occasion, he as a legal partner of Gu Wei, is absent from being absent. And listen to this means that he doesn't go to Gu Wei, it will not work.

Listening to him, Gu Wei's eyebrows: "You don't have any scruple, don't do it."

Fei Fi: "No ... I feel very fun to participate in the banquet."

Gu Yisheng, he took him: "I will take you to play tomorrow."

Fei Fei also kissed him: "Okay."

The breathing close to each other is entangled together, and the four eyes are relatively, and the separate lips are quickly passed again.

Gu Wei reached out, torn the gland after the fidel neck.

The taste of the sweet spring is scattered, and under the heroes, you can also smell the rosin in which it is mixed.

This person is an Omega marked.

Reconscious this, almost an instant, overbearing the rosin spread, surrounding the sweetness.

Gu Wei's breath suddenly heavy.

In-depth kiss, the Fii hooked Gu Wei's neck and cuddled him intimately.

The bone-clear big hand puts in the shirt, and takes care of the head, and the kiss will fall along the elongated neck of Omega.

The fidel snorted and hit it up.

Just then, the skin after the neck has begun to be slightly hot.

After one day, the place with the teeth, has gradually gradually recovered. It may be to adapt to the label of Alpha, and the physical quality of ordinary communication is that Omega's skin, self-healing capacity.

Gu Wei looked at the post-flying neck, and the light was condented. If it is not the rosin in the fiph, he barely believes that he really marked the other party last night, how so fast, traces will disappear

Soft lips stickers on the skin, the bones are clear, and the omela is tightly climbed up, and people are firmly locked in their arms.

Gu Wei Zhangkou, the sound is low: "The mark is very can't see, then bite once, can you?"

Wen said, the fidel is not hung down: "No."

Gu Wei smiled and kissed it on his neck: "Can you?"

Vietnamese feels that he is a little annoying, not biting, but also asked.


He said, he can't say it, don't he bite?

Unexpectedly, Gu Wei really didn't make a card, listened to him next to say that it was not possible, and took it straight to the body.

"Well, respect your opinions." Gu Wei reached out, sitting in the fidiler on his body, put it on the bed, "I will take a bath first."

Seeing that he walked towards the bathroom, and the fidel reached out, the skin of the skin after the neck, and there was a film.

What? Is this a gentleman?


I took a shower, Gu Wei came out of the bathroom, accidentally found that the lights in the bedroom were dimmed, only a few shot lamps in the corner were still open.

Going forward and walking, the big bed that is separated to stop the line of sight appears in front of the eyes, the Fi Fi is squatting on the bed, the hair is slightly wet, obviously just takes the time to take a shower, he also takes a shower.

Look at the scenery on the bed, Gu Wei's footsteps suddenly.

After the partition, the long white legs are built on dark sheets, and the bathrobe is loose, only the key part, the sleepled collar, which is a red marid body ...

Temptation, direct seduce.

Hook your mouth, put down the hand that was originally wiped, and Gu Wei went to the bed and covered his towel on the fidet.

"The hair wiped and then slept."

The body lying on the bed is stiff, and the fifan is going down towel, and look forward to Gu Wei. What is the situation, this is not ridless?

Gu Wei, his face: "You sleep, I will blow you."

The towel was taken, and Gu Wei took a hairdryer from the cabinet, sat on the bed, and helped the Fifi blowing hair, it seems that it is not aware of any inconsistency.

Fi Fi is buried on the pillow, don't want to talk to Gu Wei.

Is him too embarrassing?

The ear is a buffer of a hairdryer, in warm wind, Fi Fi only thinks that the head is getting heavier and sleepy.

Simply sleep, just like this, it is not so hot after the neck.

I think so, the fidel is closed, is preparing to sleep, the sound of the hair dryer is suddenly suspended.

What is it? That is going to sleep.

Just when he was ready to sleep, he only felt that his body was light, he was hugged from behind him, turned over.

Yue Fi is clearly awake, and it has grown to face his face on his face, and he will look at his own Gu Wei.


Gu Wei did not immediately answer him, but bowed, his eyes, from him, from top to bottom, and swept from bottom to.

His gaze is too focused, so that Yue Yue is shy and shy, and wonders to the bathrobe.

However, he moved, Gu Wei set off his eyelids, looked at him, at the same time, the bones were lifted, and they fell on his white long legs.


The warm palm and the legs are slightly cold in the legs, and the fidel is red.

"Cold." He said with a small voice.

Gu Wei smiled: "It's hot."

If you stay in the fidet, Gu Wei, which has nothing to do, suddenly leaned down, and his lip beads, followed, is a lingering deep kiss.

Fei Fi is almost lost in his sudden enthusiasm, can only open the mouth to bear the other side's hook, explore, and linger ...

Among the rich rosin, the skin of the back and neck began to be hot, and the red corners of the red eyes were moist, so like a concealed desire, looked at Alpha.

Gu Wei hold his breath and reached his eyes.

"What do you want me?"

Look down, the painful upper lips, the fidel, bite me, tag me. "

Almost the moment of his voice, the back waist is tight, the fidel lying in bed is hugged, and the face is sitting on the legs of Gu Wei.

Ferry hugs his shoulders because there is still no reaction to the you just lose.

Then, after the neck is painful, if he is asking, Gu Wei did not bite his skin in the neck.


No preview, no preparation, one time, the fidel toes huddoo, but in addition to pain, there is a sense of direct scalp, let people think screams and want to sigh.

Fi Fi raised his hand, grabbed the hair of Gu Weihou.

Light a bit.

As the information is further integrated, Gu Wei read the invisible request.

He released the mouth and looked at the original white place to be re-attached to himself.

Alpha, how cruel.

Gu Wei bowed, collapsed, with soft soothing, full of gentleness and love.

Yue Fi's head is on the shoulders of Gu Wei, and the body is soft.

After a while, Gu Wei took the body and turned around the vest.

After the fidel, lying down behind the bed, the bathrobe spread, and it has not blounded.

Originally, the white skin is reflected in dark sheets.

Just like snowflakes fall in the night sky, beauty is not like human.

Gu Wei leaned over, doting red plums on the snow, over time, the rain, is gradually slow.

"do not……"

I don't know how long it is, until the snow is nearly melted, and the rain is temporarily.

The big hand holds the slender ankle, Gu Wei bowed, not to get close, the fidel shrinks the foot.

Gu Wei did not grip and let him move.

The Fi Fif is breathed, and pulled the broken bathrobe, didn't pick it up, but on his shoulder, then slide down, stepped on the heart of Alpha.

Gu Wei's eyes were condented, and he looked at the eyes of the fidel.

Vietnamese hooked the mouth: "Say you like me."

Gu Wei bowed and dropped a kiss on his toes.

"I love you."


Lu Zhenye's seventy birthday, the land of the land of all over the world rushed back to the old master, plus the other family to go to the banquet, and the Lujia house tonight is very lively.

Before the light glare, a mobile car stopped.

Gu Wei took Yuefi and walked into the Lujia Hall.

In the living room, Lu Zhenye sat in the master, smiles and listened to the children sitting next to him.

Some people noted the arrival of Gu Wei, and gave him a road.

After the Fi Fi is behind, the inexplicable scene is a bit more eye.

It seems that he has also appeared in a similar occasion.

"Grandpa, Gu Wei, with a companion, I wish you, Fu Xi Donghai, Bishan."

Gu Wei took Yue Fi's hand, with a laughter, completely can't see the slogan between the front and the lord.

Lu Zhenye laughed: "You can wait for you, come over, talk to me."

Gu Wei: "When I just entered the door, I saw my parents. I will say hello to them first. I will talk to you again."

"Okay." Lu Zhenye's eyes fell on the fidel, "Xiao Fei, it is fun at night."

The fidel is stunned, but it is just a moment, and it is politely laughing: "Okay, grandfather."

When Gu Wei came to see Gu Tiansheng and He Yinyin, he said with Lu Zhenye to say that he would say that he would not want to accompany the vicinity of the vicinity.

He wants to be filial, and he will not be busy to Lu Zhenye.

However, Gu Tsusheng saw them, but it was immediately left, apparently there was something to say.

Gu Wei frowned, turned to Gu Tiangsheng, let Yue Fei turned: "See the vines chair over the balcony? Go away and wait for me, I will take some eating."

Flying unclear, but if you follow the arrangement of Gu Wei: "Oh."

Waiting for him to fall in the balcony, look back to see Gu Wei and standing a strange man standing in front, and only thought is a entertainment, not thinking.

The Lu family is a modern Western Villa. From this small balcony, you can see the fountains and statues, and there is a faint rose in the air.

The fidel closing eyes, with the cool breeze, I want to relax and come in and come in the nerve.

"Are you beta, or Omega?"

Sudden sound made the fidel were shocked, and after opening his eyes, it was found that the gate of the balcony didn't know when it was already confirmed. Cold light.

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