"Do you know me?" Fei Fei sat in place, although there was some panic, but he did not look at it.

The teenager is smirked: "Don't install it, you will not say that you don't remember who I am?"

Fei Fi: "..." I just want to say this.

"Excuse me?" Although he was gueled, the fidel was still asked, because he was really impressed.

Lu Lin looked at him, and the heart was anxious, but I didn't know how to attack.

"Lu Lin." Lu Lin biting his dental road, "You come to participate in my grandfather's birthplace, I can't recognize it."

Yue Fei is sorry to laugh: "Sorry, it may be that you are too much."

In a word, I stamped the hidden wound in Lu Lin's heart. The descendants of Lujia's generation have a lot, so that Lu Lin is in front of Lu Zhenye, but it is only one of many children.

Therefore, after the cruise ship incident, although the parents were in front of the grandfather, he was still rushing out and only stayed abroad.

If it is not this grandfather's birthplace, the family knows that he will come back, he may not know when to go back to China.

And Yue Fei, this is not anyone, but it doesn't have to make any efforts, it has become a partner of the three brothers, what?

Lu Lin Yuji: "I always thought that the three brothers chose you, married you, but because he wants to take care, you just be Beta, you have to be broken, I just lost I am an Omega."

The fidel is listening, gently frowned, and Gu Wei is because of the gains, and married him?

"You also know, only get married, the three brothers can completely inherit Gu". "Seeing Yuefi's ignorance, Lu Lin is so explained to him," Otherwise, why is he married to you? "

Fei Fi: "We are in love at first sight,"

This is Gu Wei tells him.

"Ha?" Lu Lanyi smiled, "Love at first sight? Three brothers? He has never been an emotional person. You are really don't know him at all."

"You rhetoric, can't lie to me!"

Vietnamese silence.

"I can help him, just because I am Omega, he refused the marriage of the land."

"If this is the case, I will stay in the abroad, I will slowly forget him."

"But someone told me, are you an Omega?"

"Ha, the third brother is playing me as a child?"

The land of the land is another sentence, there is no time to react to the fidel.

The current situation has exceeded the category of Vietnamese processing, he thinks that the two have not continued to talk about it.

"These things, you should ask Gu Wei." Freewalk and shoulder, get up, want to leave here. "

However, Lu Lin stopped in front of the door, but did not let it blind.

Lu Lin stared at his gaze, there was a slice of harsh: "So you are omega?"

Fi Fi is looking at him, the eyes are equally cold: "Unlike you."


In the silent confrontation, Lu Lin suddenly reached out, pulled down the Fiiji collar, reached out towards his back neck.

Things happen too fast, the fidel reacted, and then took a step and took his hand.

Although I haven't encountered, Lu Lin still saw it, the fidel is behind the neck, the familiar gland stickers.

"It's really Omega."

In an instant, all pride collapsed in the eyes of the teenage.

What is it because he is an Omega, what can't stand Omega information ... It's just a lie! Three brothers don't choose him, but I don't like him.

If the tears of broken lines flow out from the corners, the continence of the continentry and hate, look at the eyes of the Fi Fi and hate.

What is he relying on?

The eyes of tears are locked in the fidile, the land is two steps forward, close to Yuefi, with unwillingness in the mouth: "What are you?"

Fi Fi is lightly tight, and people who like themselves don't like themselves. It is a very cruel thing.

With his approach, the fidel is constantly retreating, and it is also a look at the hall and searches the figure of Gu Wei.

Gu Wei is back to him, still talking to that man, but a woman beside the man noticed his eyes, and smiled at him.

But soon, she took note of the unsatisfied in the affordable situation, and wrinkled softly.

Yue Fi is going to let her call Gu Wei, but it does not prevent the land of the land, and push itself.

I didn't expect Lu Linhui to do it in this occasion, without preparation, the fidel is two steps, and the heel is kicked to the flower pot, lost the balance, and the body fell behind.

Under the urgent affection, the fidel reached out and pulled the corner of the land and wanted to balance the body.

The land is too powerful, it is still not stabilized, and the Yue Fei is so pulled forward, and I fell together with the fidel.

"Oh my God--"

In vicissitial, Fei Fi heard the excitement from the hall, but he can't hear anything quickly.

The bustle, the two fell into the lake.

The fi fi is taking the water, struggling, thinking of you will swim, hurss, want to suffer, rely on your own swim, but find that the leg feet are not able to make it. The lake that is not upset is wrapped in him, cold, suffocating, and fidel slowly gave up struggle.

At this moment, he still had a thought to analyze the words that Lu Lin just said.

Gu Wei is to inherit the family and married him, not anything at first sight.

So everything is to say, why is Gu Wei married him, and when he loves the love, it is too romantic, and the Fi is never believes that such romantic things will happen to himself.

So, do you know before my memory?

Soon, not far a splash, it seems that something is smashed.

Fi Fi only felt the arm tight, someone pulled him into his arms, holding him, with him to explore the lake.

Air, re-inserted the chest.

Cough and cough cough -


The Fifi wolf coughed, opened his eyes, seeing the angle of Gu Yizhen into a straight-line expression.

he is very angry.

When you can't see him, Yue Fi will doubt his feelings of his own affection, doubt the past, but see him, and the fidel is not convinced.

"I am fine." Fei Fi raised his hand and thought he got up, but it found that his hands were soft.

"Don't move." Gu Wei bent over and took him directly.

"It is pushed down!" Not far away, Lu Lin has been wiped out from the water, and he cried his eyes.

Ween the fidel, there is no strength to say anything, he looks to Gu Wei, as long as Gu Wei letter can.

The birthday banquet is in the past, enough to surprise Lu Zhenye, at this moment, the lake has already surrounded people.

I heard that he said that everyone looked at the people who held Gu Wei.

Flying eyes.

"Xiaolin, are you sure?"

A calm girl sounded.

The people who look at the essay is He Yinyin.

"Auntie, why do I lying?"

This thing is put in this occasion, is no longer two people, but it is related to Lujia and Gu Jia.

He Yin Yin two steps, go to Lu Lin and before, the sound line is as gentle, but the look is serious: "But I saw it, why do you say, why?"

The land of the land flashed on the face.

"I don't understand what you are saying."

His performance is too obvious, all of which are fine, and it has seen his guilty.

He Yin Yin turned back and looked at Gu Wei.

Gu Wei's gaze is from the beginning to the fidel. At this moment, there is still no eye god, but directly looks directly to Lu Zhenye.

"I will not participate in the banquet of the nextland."

In a word, Gu Wei's attitude was shown.

Lu Zhenye did not expect Gu Wei to give himself a face because of Yue Fei, a beta.

"What is the conflict between children, how is it ..."

Gu Wei no longer says, holding the fidet to leave.

At the scene, Gu Jia people saw it, of course, I understand which side should now stand.

For a time, people who left the field were more.

The two interactions are intimate, but the same, respect is mutually given. Today, Yuefi is in the land of Lujia, and if the family can't give enough sincerity, the relationship is also normal.

Let people go away from the onlookers, Lu Zhenye looked at the land, and the grandson who had a big disaster also looked at Gu Wei's direction and could not open his eyes.

"Those who are shameful!"

The wooden cane is off, and the Omega is smashed, smothering, the forehead of the land leaves fresh red blood.

At this moment, even if the parents of Lu Lin are not talking to their sons.

"You shouldn't be abroad?"

I heard the question, Lu Lin parents quickly stood out to explain: "This is not your birthplace, we think that Lin Lin is your grandson, however, let him come back."


Lands parents instantly.

"I don't care what kind of method you use, Lu Lin, you can't understand Gu Wei and his beta partner, you don't have to go back to Lu family, Lu family does not miss you."

After that, Lu Zhenye didn't look at Lu Lin and let the servant pushed his wheelchair and turned to leave.


Lu Lin still does not understand how much it is.

"He is just a brother to inherit the house."


If the continental voice is not finished, it is interrupted by a slap.

"When do you want to make silk?" Lu Lin's Omega mother cried, "Isn't an alpha, worthy of yourself?"

The red swelling of the half side, Lu Linhong's eye stalk, neck, did not hit his mother.


On the other hand, Tang Yue got the news of the banquet, and has already opened the door in advance.

Soon, I saw my own boss, and I left a face.

The two people are wet, Tang Yue takes the spare clothing and towels, placed on the back seat while rising the bar of the ocean, and the isolation plate of the front and rear seats.

In the sealed space, the fidel is only slightly warm.

Let Gu Wei to replace the wet clothing, replace the dry new clothes.

The heating has been opened, and after returning to his own clothes, Gu Yuli will hold the fidel into the arms: "Nothing."

The fidel is relying on his chest, he does not send.

"Where is it uncomfortable?" Gu Wei touched his forehead, and felt that the temperature was normal, and asked whispered.

Ferry: "Uncomfortable in my heart."

Gu Wei: "Well?"

"Are you lie to me?" Yue Fi crossed him to see the window, "said that you said that you are inheriting Gujiacai and I am married, we are not the relationship between love at first sight."

The isolation board is only the line of sight, the sound insulation effect is not paying attention, at this moment, I heard what the fidel is saying what I have said, and I will fall cold.

Gu Wei is silent, I don't know what to say.

"Omega's thing is to lie to me. At first sight, I also lie to me at first sight, and I also collected my things ..." The Vietnamese voice can't hear emotions. "Do you really love me? Or this It is also lie to me. "

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