I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 65 Termination Agreement

In the car, the fidel voice, the atmosphere is in a short silence.

He rely on Gu Wei, and Gu Wei did not see his expression, but in fact, Vietnamese will ask these words, all in Gu Wei, he was originally thinking, if Yue Fi did not ask, they have been in this way Waiting, wait for Vietnamese recovery memory, but if the Fi Fi is displayed, Gu Wei also made honest preparations.

It is low in the fidel corner, and Gu Wei's voice is still calm: "Hey, I will tell you after home."

He never likes to have a person, I don't know how to do it is the most correct choice. He worried that this is worried, so it's awkwardly concealed, but in fact, Fei Fei has seen a flaw, just Have not opened the mouth.

Go back to South Bay Xiangshi, Tang Yue hopped silently left.

Gu Wei let the Fei Fei wait a little on the first floor living room, returning to the second floor of the book, and took out several agreements she hide.

Yuefi did not fight against him, and the original agreement received a second bed, he was easy to find it.

Today, these will give these also fidel.

Sitting on the sofa, the heart is slightly brought, he doesn't have a little memory for the two people, if it is not a love at first, then he is kidding, or you will be willing to go to the city, if the former, he doesn't know how to face Gu Wei, if it is the latter, he doesn't know how to face himself.

Just falling water, in fact, he is a bit tired.

But it happened to encounter such an opportunity. He wanted to figure out the truth and didn't want to live in his own expectations.

Three documents were put on a coffee table.

Gu Wei did not sit by his side, but in the left side of the sofa.

"We do know because of blind date, but will marry because of this agreement."

Gu Wei pushed out one of the agreements on the fideways.

"It can be said that our marriage is just a protocol."

Fi Fi blinks, holding the agreement, turn it back to the last page.

Is his signature, his writing.

"When you sign a marriage agreement, you are a beta, but then unexpectedly found that you are actually delayed, so after you differentiate, we added these two agreements."

Gu Wei pushed the rest of the agreement.

"Although we started between the agreement, after this time, I have already liked you, and you are in the day before you have an accident, just here, the third floor, the same me, we are your heart. Communicating."

Gu Wei's speech with the objective and calm of restraint, as if it is experiencing the most difficult negotiations, afraid of an accident in mind, will be lost.

"During this time, the reason why we have the relationship between us, I am afraid that you have forgotten our feelings, forget me, I will choose to interrupt the relationship between us."

In this way, I feel that I seem to be too passive, and Gu Qiquan has a finger, adding a sentence.

"Of course, if you make such a choice, there is no doubt violation of the spirit of the contract."

At this time, I didn't know what I didn't know if I thought about it, and I hooked the mouth: "If I default, do you want to be held with me?"

Gu Wei stunned, thinking that Yue Fi wants to rule, silent after a moment: "No, you ... no matter what choice you, I accept it."

I heard the words, the Fei Fei is so old eyebrows: "Even if I want to terminate the agreement, divorce you?"

Gu Wei's corner nerve could be drawn: "Of course."

The fidel's light is circulated between his and the agreement, eventually, falling on the agreement.

"Do you really like me?" Yue Fi asked him.

Gu Wei: "Well."

Fei Fei: "So I chose to terminate all the agreement between us."


"Yes, all."

Gu Wei nodd: "I understand."

Vietnamese looks at him, : "Do you really understand?"

Gu Wei and he regarded a moment, it was originally into a straight mouth, gently evoke: "I really understand."

A whole night, Tang Yue stared at your mobile phone. I am afraid that I have missed any call. If I have a fidel and Gu Wei, what they need to do can do more.

However, all his mobile phones did not ring for a whole night.

I thought that the night of the chicken flying dog jumped, it turned into it quietly.

In the early morning of the next day, Tang Yue finally received a call, but Gu Wei told him to visit Nanwan inquire.

On the other hand, Job received the instructions and sent the Vietnamese away from Nanwan Xiangshi.

At the first time of the task, Job immediately called Tang Yue, what happened last night.

Tang Yue and Qiao Simple have all, thinking that two people have alarm, but they can only be thrilled to visit Nanwanxiang County.

When Tang Yue arrived, Qiao She had already taken away Vietnamese.

When you are sitting in your car, Tang Yue is careful to ask: "Gu, where are we going?"

Gu Wei: "Buy a house."

Tang Yue: "?"

The business of buying a house has already contacted people in advance, Tang Yue carries him to the destination, there is no nonsense in the destination, there is no nonsense, and the registration is registered on the spot.

From the service center, Tang Yue is still outside the situation.

Gu Wei took out the sunglasses on the collar, to Tang Yue Road: "Send me to the company first, then arrange people in the afternoon, I will arrange the house to pick up the house, I will stay at night."

"..." Tang Yue has shocked by numbness at the moment, only nodding, "Yes, I know."


I just bought the house in the morning, I have to stay at night? !

Tang Yue contacts the professional team and rushes to the new house.

Since the entry, the first time has produced the impulse.

Cut down and slowly, coordinate all parties to lay the new house to half, Tang Yue lightly breathed, leaned against the gate, staring at the master to change the transformation password.


The elevator door opened, a man with a mask came out.

The man saw Tang Yue and slightly.

Instead, Tang Yue's attention is concentrated in the master of the master, and there is no attention to people.

"Tang Assistant, do you live here?"

The familiar sound line, Tang Yue, between the electro-optical flame, and serial all joints.

Mr. Yue!

"How are you here?"

Yue Fei fingers refers to the wall: "I will stay here later."

The Tang Yue throat rolled up, and if you have to swallow yourself, what is your new taste? !

"Haha, it's really clever." Tang Yue did two sounds, "Gu total, live here."

Files don't seem to be unexpected, and I will only picked the next eyebrows: "I am so tricky."

"Do you have to drink a glass of water?" Yuefi asked Tang Yue.

Tang Yue: "Can't, you have to go first, I have to be busy here."

Feiye is below: "Hard work."

After finishing, I opened my house and went in, but I didn't ask Gu Wei.


Go back to the house, the fidel looks at the hand on the hand, put it on the shoe cabinet, after changing the slippers, walk into the kitchen, put down the things you bought.

This house is a set of three sets of houses to his three sets of houses, and the people who rented people temporarily rents, and contact Gu Wei through the Yuejia Contact.

While Gu Wei and Fei Fi showed, he also told the Fei Fei, and the fi immediately decided to move this.

During the day, Job helped find someone to make a cleaning, the house changed the new daily necessities, and he could hurt.

When I left South Bay, I didn't take much luggage away, and this part, he already wanted to replace all.

Give you a new space, also give him a little time.

He knows that he likes Gu Wei.

I even would like to believe that Gu Wei likes him.

But the fidel lost two people met the memories of love, but it was an indisputable fact.

When can he think of it, Gu Wei is uncertain, and the Fiy is not sure.

However, the fidelity of the fidel is not equal.

It can be considered by Vietnamese, and it is not very habit of the ABO system, and it doesn't want to be thoroughly marked like this.

End the agreement, starting again, is the tacit understanding of them.


Living lives are not strange to Yue Fi, he has always lived before he came to this world.

However, just half a month, in the face of an empty room, the fidel has experienced long-lost alone.

Sitting on the sofa, I opened the TV bored, and the night wind blew in the balcony door without a closed, brought some cool.

Yuefi puts the foot, and the naked ankle is indented under the thigh.

Hold the pillow on the side in his arms, he suddenly remembered the embrace of Gu Wei.

Oh, he got up to the kitchen and prepared to give yourself dinner.

After filling a half-cup, I thought I had to stir the dish, and suddenly it was lazy.

Turned to pick up a bubble surface, after boiling water, fill the stomach casually.

Lingling -

The doorbell is ringing, and the fidel is toned, thinking of people living next door, hiding the smile in his mouth, getting up.

However, there is no one in the outer space.

The messy carton that has just been awarded has been cleaned, the fidel is lowered, and the door is leaning against a bunch of flowers.

He went down and saw two lines of words on the small card inside.

"New neighbors, my surname, I am very glad to meet you."

Finally, Yue Fi couldn't help but laugh, and then shook his head, holding a flower and turned to the house.

On the door of him, the door door next door was opened.

Gu Wei came out and saw that the door was empty, and he knew that the flower has been sent to the hand of Yuefi.

So it hangs his eyes and closes to the house.


Omega during the estrus, inseparable from Alpha, Yue Fii's knowledge of this knowledge, but Gu Wei has already expected.

In the middle of the night, a healthy figure crossed the varyed balcony, from this side, climbed to the other side.

The unlocked bedroom balcony door is opened from the outside, the moonlight is sprinkled on the bed, the tall man is closed on the glass door, and the people who are sleeping. The rich sweet pixel is uncontrolled in the room, until the calm loose is filled, it is gradually quiet.

On the big bed, the Fi Fifer face is flizzled, and people have unconsciously in the sleep.

The man reached out and scattered his broken hair on the cheek.

Sitting quietly on the floor of his bed, looking at his sleep.

The author has something to say: Sudden inspiration, open a new pre-reception, ask for a collection ~

"After wearing an OMEGA superstar, it has set"

Sur, Empire Omega superstar, countless alpha dreams. He looks beautiful, delicate, literary, full of talent ... 16 years old, wrote a song of singing and coming, only 19 years old has become a phenomenon idol, is a recognized screen sweet O.

However, such a role is just the cannon ambiguous angle in the article "Overbearing President."

As the outside world guess, Sur is a Canary who is raising. He is young and mad, in love with his own golden, willing to live in the bird cage.

Soon, his Golden Lord found the true love of the informationin matching, he was abandoned without losing.

The other party is a newcomer of the entertainment circle, a freshly refined small white flower.

Sur veneer hate, design and framed small white flowers, but angered Golden Lord, was exposed to new songs, and fell.

After reading the novel, the reality is crying. If you give him the same conditions, what is the golden rock, ? !

So he wore Omega Sur ... not soft, but the fans bite the hand and cry: , my family is growing!

Assistant: President, Mr. Su requires termination of the agreement!

Assistant: President, Mr. Su played in the show!

Assistant: President, Mr. Su established a studio!

Assistant: President, Mr. Su grabbed our optimistic project!

...... Feng Ye's cold and cold opening: I know.

In the main bedroom of the villa, the wild is in line with the push down bed, and the Omega in front of it exudes sweet pixels, while the thickness is rude: the seal, help me.


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