Fei Fei did not detect any abnormality. Although he woke up the next day, he smelled the loose flavor in the room, but he only thought it was the taste of the package in his own pixel. After all, after all, after all, he bite him, his pixel has been Wrapped a rosin.

After getting up, it has been raining outside, and the fidel is holding a cup of coffee, sitting on the boiler window, looking at the scenery outside the glass window.

One person, it is bored.

It is clear that there will be such a feeling before.

How long can you rely on another person?

The focus of coffee is coming to the lip teeth, the more fly closed, and go back to the room to find the textbook, sit down on the living room carpet.

Still learning!

Open the textbook ...

The fidel's eyes don't consciously fall on the side of the vase, what is Gu Wei doing next to the next door? Still go to work?


Learn learning! ! !

The thick clouds have passed from the city, revealing the half-faced face that is blocked, and the sun penetrates the rain and sprinkles on the wet land.

The door tone sounded.

Seriously looked at the fidet of a morning, I stretched a lazy waist, and I went to the porch to open the door.

Outside the door, he can't stand up in the morning.

"Is there anything?" The fidel is pretended to be asked.

Gu Wei held the door frame, inserted in his mouth, and hooked his mouth: "Just moving, I heard that you must ask the neighbor to eat."

Obviously I have done more intimate things, but at this moment, I wore a casual installation to watch myself at the door, but fidel is not controlled red face.

Have to admit, as an excellent alpha, Gu Wei's appearance of the appearance is none.

Fei Fei: "Oh, ok."

Close your own door, walk into the house that is suddenly moved in the next door, and the fi is silent.

Empty. It may be because of the rush to move in, in addition to the necessary furniture, there is no more things here.

The table has been placed on the table, and the fidel is opposite Gu Wei.

Gu Wei asked him naturally: "Is it good to sleep last night?"

Yue Fei thought he would like to know how he left his first night, inexplicable is a bit stressed: "Very good."

This is a truth, he slept very well last night.

"That's good."

Gu Wei's tone is unimpeded deeply, and the fidel has not heard it.

"Is it eaten in the morning?"

"Well, I drank milk, I bought it yesterday."

"I went to the supermarket yesterday?"

"Yes, I also bought some daily necessities ..."

Suddenly, Gu Wei stretched over the Fei's fingers, looked at the black ink between him, asked him: "Is it in the morning?"

The Fi Fi Finger is tirate: "Ah, take the exam next month."

This move is too close to this stage.

"Does the textbook understand?"

"..." What do you mean?

"As a neighbor, help each other should be, it is better to help you make up the class, you help me ... Help me make dinner?"

Oh, it turned out to be an excuse, and the fidet is nice: "... ok."

Those who are not good, they need to remind them from time to time. They have to re-recognize and start, they can gradually enter.

Otherwise, according to the view of Gu Wei ... I have almost marked the gland of the fidel again.

After dinner, Gu Wei invited Vietnamese: "Do you want to sleep here for a while?"

The fidet shook his head: "Can't, I am going home."

"I will give you a lesson in the afternoon." Give people to the door, and Gu Wei reminded that the other party didn't forget to make up the course.

Ferry: "Know, dinner, you have to buy."

Gu Wei: "Okay, Chen Jie bought some, all put a refrigerator."

Fame cough, bending waist and change shoes, knowing, "Who is Chen Jie?"

They only know, he should not know Chen Ayi.

Gu Wei smiled and seems to be amused by the fidelity.

Fideli lifted him.

Gu Wei stopped laugh: "It is given you ... Auntie gives me, she can't come over at night, I can only trouble you."

"Oh." Fei fi is the whole cuff, "Then I will go back first."

Gu Wei was a.

Treatment is closed, Gu Wei lifted a hand, put on the corner, loudly, and pleading.


Going home, fidel is replaced with pajamas, drilling into the nest, sleeping to the ringtone by the ringtone.


After listening to him, I still took sleepy, Gu Wei Don: "You sleep, don't quarrel."

Fei fi looked down, three points: "Don't sleep, I get up."

"Well, I am at the door."

Fei Fi is going to open the door, did not pay attention to the two buckles above his pajamas have been released.

When the door opened, Gu Wei had paused on his clavicle, and then the rest was removed, and asked: "Is it still sleepy?"

Fi Fi is chaos: "Not sleepy, you are sitting, I have packed myself."

Gu Wei seems to step into his own territory, do not need the fidel hospital, very naturally in the living room sofa.

"Nothing, go."

Fei Fei is back to the bedroom.

Gu Wei's eyes have passed on his feet, I want to say something, but I think of the positioning of the two people now, and finally swallow the words of the mouth.

Fi Fi changed his body, to the kitchen, two people poured a glass of water, finally sat down on the carpet next to the living room, just sat in Gu Wei's feet.

"Start?" Fei Fi opened the textbook and looked up and looked up to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei is grateful to see him, and the throat is rolling: "Start."

So, in this way, the two had a high low and started the courses in the afternoon.

Gu Wei is sitting on the couch, in order to see the title, the thigh is touched to the fidel arm.

Feri has no response to the intimate operation of the serious excellence, and there is no concept such as a safe distance between the two.

"Here ... is wrong."

Gu Wei looked at the fidel written steps, suddenly reached out, and told the form on the paper.

"Topic condition leaving?"

Fei Fi quickly pulled off the few words he just wrote.

Just in the tail of Gu Wei, the Fi Fi finally wrote the topic that he didn't understand this shortly before he didn't understand this.

"It's good." Gu Wei praised a sentence.

The fidel ear is slid, the small sound should: "Thank you ..."

Look at him this well-behaved, Gu Wei did not hold back his hand and looked his hair.

Fei fi immediately fried hair, turned to see him: "What?"

Gu Wei: "Reward, uncomfortable?"

Fei Fi: "..." He is not a cat dog, use the RUA people to reward, what magical brain circuit?

Gu Wei stayed in the fidet, and gave him a white neck.

"Your pixel has some fluctuations, otherwise, change a reward, I will help you stabilize?"

At the beginning, I didn't understand what he said. When I was soft and postpone, he reacted, immediately retracted his neck.


Gu Wei's movements, the dark scorpion stared at him.

The fidelity drums: "We are the second time! Still supplement!"

Sad sigh, Gu Wei recovered his hand, leaning back on the sofa.

"I think although I met the second time, we have had a good sense of each other, and the gland marks are normal."

Fei Fi: "..." Normal you have a big ghost.

See him obviously disadvantages, Gu Wei raised his hand and pinned himself: "Not as good, you share your schedule to me, to prevent me accidentally and more."

Vietnamese feels that he said a little reason, in case he didn't hold it, then he didn't give up.

So Fei Fei took out a blank A4 paper and started to list his own plan for this reapotive.

"Listen to Ha. First, we need to get along with each time, understand each other, including but not limited to eating together, play together, play together, the opportunity we have a good feeling of the other party, only to start the appointment After hand in hand, hug, kiss, and determine the relationship, can wear the gland mark, when appropriate, can ... "

The back Yuefi did not say, but the two understood what the refers to.

- Completely marked.

"Yes." Gu Wei did not have opinions, "Do you have time tomorrow?"

Fei Fi is stunful: "Yes."

"Then let's go to the outskirts." Gu Wei arranged.

Faches: "Okay."


Next, Gu Wei really assessed the rules of him step by step by step.

When the two goes to the outskirt, stepping on the outskirts, gnating in the suburbs, climbing together ...

After returning to the city, I didn't have a few days. Gu Wei also wrapped in the high-end restaurant and the cinema, with a fidel to eat together, watch movies together, after reading the movie, two people are very natural, hug.

Every step is in accordance with the planned plan, and the fidel can't pick any problems, even because of Gu Wei's serious, there is an unhappy joy.

Then, when I got it, Gu Wei appeared.

"I like you, let me be your alpha."

Standing at the door of his house, looking at where from where a bunch of flowers, the straight confession is a man who doesn't work, and the fidel has hilly holds him.

"It's too fast." Fii leaned against Gu Weihuai.

Gu Wei looked at his eyebrows: "I think it is too slow."

The more fidel: "I don't agree."

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Why?"

I stick to myself but said that I refused, Gu Wei suddenly itchy.

Fei Fi: "Because ..." In fact, there is not a special reason, he just wants to tease.

"Because I like you, I don't agree."

Yue Fi, look at the face, looked at Gu Wei, taking the mouth of the mouth.

Gu Wei raised his hand, holding his chin, lowing: "It is more and more difficult to wait."

Long-lost kiss falls.

Gu Wei took the waist of the fidel, and he took someone and pushed the door.


House door.

The things on the shoe cabinet were swept away, and Gu Wei took the Omega in his arms, which was sitting on the shoe cabinet, then pressed up, kiss.

Fiji hook his neck and took the initiative to go.

The sputum is swallowed into every drop of spring water, and it will not let go.

For a long time, the Fei Fei Zhang has a breath, his eyes and Gu Wei's pair, Alpha eyes are red | naked aggression means that the skin of the Yuefi's neck is started again.

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