I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 67 is not the first time.

In dim room, front windows, two figure overlap.

Before the city's night scene, it is a warm body, and the skin of the back and neck is pulled into the moment, and the fidel is gently sucking.

He didn't have a concept on his home, and he did not dare to have a look forward to it.

But now, in this strange world, because of the people behind him, he has an imagination of the future.

Omega lied up the fragile neck, holds the floor glass, and raised the back and reached it, as if the support could not be supported, press on the Alpha's head.

The eyebrows were smashed by big hand, then declining, covering the Eye Eyes.

Lost visual, other sensory becomes more sensitive.

Alpha looked up, pulling Omega's hand, guided Omega to find the bliss.

This feeling is not strange to Yuefi, the only unfamiliar, may be covered in his own hands, hot, powerful.

"Enough, don't."

Getting your eyes, all the feelings are much stronger than usual, press the hand on the glass window to leave the sweaty handprint, fragile struggle.

Gu Wei smashed his eyes, looked at the fidel red lips, listened to his messy breathing, tightened his lips.

The loosoy is covered with clear springs, stretches the branches, controls the direction of the water flow, guides it to climb the peak, at the highest point, pouring down.

The Yinhong's lips in the line of sight were blocked, and Gu Wei bowed and kissed pity.


On the following day, Gu Wei's mobile phone sounded.

Seeing the call display, Gu Weiwen didn't want to connect, and it was smashed by the phone ringtone, pushed him, urge him to answer the phone.

Gu Wei hangs directly.

But the other party is obviously not easy to give up, the mobile phone is quiet, and it sounds.

The Fipack opens: "You don't pick it?"

Gu Wei picks up the mobile phone quiet: "Don't call."

Vietnamese sees the names displayed on the phone.


"You two brothers?"

Gu Wei's eyes, stared at Yuefi: "Do you think of him?"

Yue Fi is marked: "I only remember the name, and I don't remember it."

"It doesn't matter, it is not important." Gu Wei smashed his hair, "Is it?"

Fiiyi, stretched a lazy waist, I want to get up, but I was turned over under pressure.

Ferry: "?"

Gu Wei leaned over, biting his earroot: "Yesterday, he watched it, the gift is still, I have to collect gifts."

Fi Fi is red: "... Oh."

I didn't wait to continue to move, and the fidel raised his hand, and the people were back in, and then reached out and picked up the white water on the bedside table. I was in my mouth. I gave a look at Gu Wei and bowed into the quilt.

Gu Wei's eyebrows, suppressing excited Mars jumped in the dark pupil.


This toss, two people until the afternoon from the bed.

The fidel is going to the kitchen to go: "Starving, blame you."

I heard the words, I was originally slow, and the Tang Xi, who was behind him, went to him, and the big hand took Yuefi's waist to myself. "Well? Just did it eat?"

The fi immediately reacts what the other party refers to, not to fight for red ear, but it is not convinced: "Don't play hooligans."

Gu Wei felt that he was embarrassed: "Just state the facts."

Fi Fi raised his hand, and then he hit him: "There is no next time."

So I went back until I made a good meal, two people sat on the dinner table, Gu Wei did not speak.

Yue Fei thought that he was angry. After reading his eyes, he didn't endure him asked him: "Why don't you talk?"

Gu Wei looked up: "For □ □."

The Fi Fifolded a big white eye and completely ignored him.

Seeing that he is still as if it is not funny, Gu Wei smiled.


In the evening, the two played hands in the river for a while, and went to the nearby restaurant to eat.

After turning down the menu, the Fei Fei did not ask Gu Wei, and directly got two steaks.

After the waiter sent the steak, the Vietnamese was suddenly laughing.

Gu Wei holds the chin, sitting opposite him, looking at his mouth, looking at him, although I don't know what he is laughing, but I just feel soft, I want to look at him.

"What's wrong?" Gu Wei asked him.

The fidet turned the eyeball, and the devotees: "I remembered the past a person to eat two steaks."

Gu Wei is unclear, I don't know why one person eats two steaks, it can make people be happy to be like this: "Then, let's order another one?"

Fei Fi shakes his head: "There is now you, there are more people to eat."

Gu Wei smiled and exchanged his own steak and the fidel before.

Sweet award. "

After dinner, the two were scattered back to the community.

The new moon hangs in the sky, and the clear moonlight is sprinkled on the ground. The roadside worms are endless, and it is very suitable for walking.

"When will I return to South Wanquan?" Gu Wei asked him.

Yue Fei thought about: "Don't worry, wait for me to find new tenants. And you don't think we are so good now?

Gu Wei: "This is a separation, we are legal partners."

After the agreement is orally terminated, both people have not mentioned things to release marriage.

Wenyi heard the words, squatting, stopping: "We are still in the stage."

I didn't keep up with him, and Gu Wei stopped and did not understand what he meant.

The fidel, the lower lips: "What is the difference between lovers and partners, you think about it."

Said that Yue Fi is going to the unit building, first, Gu Wei, stepped into the elevator.

Gu Wei is not far behind him, knowing that he has just been angry, and silently thinking about the problem.

When he keeps up, the elevator door has been closed, and the fidel did not wait for him, and he went up.

What is wrong?

Gu Wei two-hand pockets, caught in a rare confusion.

In the middle of the night, Tang Yue received a text message from his own boss.

Gu total: Do you know what is wrong between lovers and partners?

Should it be a brain teach? Tang Yue replied: Is it married?

Gu total: Registered.

Tang Yue's whole person caught in confused, the lovers who have already registered were not a partner? What is this ghost story?

The registered partner is not a lover, it is not as good as Gu total, and Mr. Yue is the case, but the registered lovers are not a partner, why?

Tang Yue can only respond to Gu Wei and said sorry, it is not clear.

In the room, Gu Wei sat in the dark, meditation alone.

Thinking of Yuefi requires the move from Nanwan inquire, they have chased it, and the two will not meet each other from the separation, and they will be a state of love, but the fidel is not willing to return to their own back to South Wanquan.

On the day, the two knew that they liked each other, but they chose to be separated, and the purpose of recovert love, the purpose is to have a new beginning.

In such a case, because the partner relationship exists as a premise, it is the most negligible condition.

How does lovers become a partner? Normal steps are of course marriage, followed by marriage, holding a wedding.

And he and the Yuefi are completely pouring.

So the Vietnamese wants to come from the beginning, so that the two will be in love with each other.

Ignore the marriage relationship began by the agreement. He now gives the relationship between the two, the normal procedure should be, proposal, get the consent of the fidel.

Found the correct answer, Gu Wei finally got up, proficiently from the balcony, came to Yuefi room.

The fidel is lying in bed, but also not asleep, can't prevent it to see the figure of the balcony, almost scared the soul, see the clear people, the tone is weak: "There is a door, what is your balcony?"

Gu Wei did not expect to be arrested: "Go away here."

Seeing his calm attitude, Yue Feihu suspected: "Isn't it the first time?"

Gu Wei did not feel guilty, lie down on the fidel, hugged people to his arms.

"You are now this stage, I need my pixel."

The rosin is coming from the air, so that the fidel is relieved and practical.

...... Yue Fei self-abandoned his own alpha: "Sleep!"

In the next few days, I have been very calm. Gu Wei did not return to South Bay inquire, and Yuefi went to sleep every day, he studied, and then he worked hard, and the days did not have a good night.

After the two, the two were scattered, but they saw a figure in the door of Gu Weijia.

I heard the footsteps, the land of Lu Lin came up, and the eyes were expected, but they were watching Gu Wei and Fi Fife and stood not far away. The expectation of the fund is quietly broken.

"Three brothers." Lu Lin shouted him.

Gu Wei frowned: "Go back."

"It is grandfather to let me apologize, he said that you don't forgive me, he will drive me out of Lu family." Said, Lu Lin's eyes were red.

"Who tells you that we are here?" Gu Wei's focus is else.

Lu Lin was a moment, and finally said: "I asked my mother."

Gu Wei frowned: "If you apologize, don't apologize to me, you can apologize with Xiai, I don't forgive, all look at Xiao Fei, as for me, after the cruise ship, we are strangers, you also Don't call me three brothers, I have never met you. "

"Three brothers! At that time, didn't I be punished? I can only stay in foreign countries. I don't adapt it, but Grandpa is not allowed to come back ..."

"It's enough." Gu Wei's tone is cold, "I don't care, if you don't apologize, leave here."

Finally, the eyes of Lu Lin were falling on the fidel.

"Sorry." There is three words that have no feelings spit out, Lu Lin lifts the chin, and there is no apology.

Vietnam laughed: "Don't force Lu Ye, I don't want to apologize, I don't miss you."

Lu Lin: "I apologically, what do you want? Three brothers, you see him."

At this moment, the things you have done, there is no whit, even in front of Gu Wei, dare to blame Vietnamese. I was distressed, and Gu Wei gently pushed the next Yuefi: "You go in, I will talk to him."

Vietnamese looked at him, and finally didn't say anything, took out the key, and opened the house.

In the corridor, the eyes of Lu Lin rebelfully ignited, and couldn't help but stay close to it.

"Three brothers."

Gu Wei frowned.

The rosin in the air is suddenly heavy, and the information from Alpha is suppressed to make the landing movement.

"Don't challenge my bottom line, Lu Lin." Gu Wei's voice is indifferent and ruthless, "You can still stand here today, it is already the result of my advice, don't think about anything unrealistic, If you don't apologize, you will return to the back of the re-repair. "

"Three brothers, you don't have a half in me ..." Lu Lin's eyes tears.

Gu Wei: "No, from the beginning to the end, there is no. I used you to make you your brother. Now, you are just an attempt to hurt the Lu family who hurt my partner."

Said, Gu Wei no longer wasted time on him, turned and turned to the door that I just entered in, I went in, and I took the land of Lu Lin.

"Don't appear again in front of us, otherwise ..." Gu Wei's eyes revealed danger, after the back, but enough to let Lu Lin understand the severity of the consequences.

Cohesant by Alpha Concentrates and hostile pheromones, which is an extremely fortunate thing to Omega.

It is almost a moment of Gu Wei to enter the door, and the land immediately is soft on the floor.

Tears flowed from the desperate eyes, the land rose, and squatted on the ground, crying whispered.

In the door, Viet Fi is doing yourself boring new drink, heard the sound of the door, and talked in his hand and continued to move.

Soon, a warm body behind him is close, and the Fei Fi is in his arms.

"Is it angry?" Gu Wei asked him.

Fei Fi: "What is my gas? It is a bear child."

Gu Wei: "Trust wake up is what we live here from the mother. A few days ago, my mother went to South Bay inquire, I didn't find it, I called, I told her, but I didn't let her come. "

Ferry: "Oh."

Gu Wei took his hair: "Sure enough, is it good?"

Yuefi handed a cup of drinks to him: "Both say it, do you want to quarrel?"

Gu Wei carefully observed his look, suddenly bowed, kissed it on his lips: "Don't quarrel, you are not happy to marry me."

Ferry: "..."


It is easy to be amused, and some fidel is not a face. "I have to watch TV."

Gu Wei came back to the living room behind him.

Fi Fi will find a movie point to open, wait for Gu Wei to sit down, you are welcome to lean on his arms, and your eyes stare at the TV.

Gu Wei raised his hand to be light on his shoulder.

For a while, the fidel feels some itching, and it is changed to hug his arm, leaning on him.

"watch movie!"

"look in."

"Good drink? I looked at the online tutorial."

"... Yes."

"How do you feel that your evaluation is not true."

"Do you drink?"

"not yet."

"Oh, drink you, know if I am telling it."