In this day, Gu Wei occasionally took a few hours, Yue Fi thought that he was a busy work, and he didn't ask. When Gu Wei went out, he read a book on his home.

This night, if you have done for dinner, if you often walk to the nearby rivers, you will pay attention to some people in the small squares that are not far away, and they will go to the front of Gu Wei.

This kind of thing is absolutely impossible to happen, but the reality is that he has never takes a walk, never be happy because the roadside is stopped, he has been invested several times. Pull the roadside concert because of simple rough roadside concerts.

Take care of your previous thinking, it will think that this is a purely waste time.

He is now able to find a fun from such a life rhythm.

Of course, the most important thing is that people who have to do these things with him are Vietnamese.

"Wow, someone asks for marriage? Flower, candle, there is a band, so romantic." Fi Feirang stood outside the hand, saw the girl who took the violin in the middle, full of curiosity and expectation, "Let's take a look."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth, but immediately raised his hand to cover up: "Okay."

The bright music is flying in the river, and the Fi Fif is searching for, I want to find the main character.

Suddenly, a sound -

Everyone turned back, I saw countless fireworks bloom in the waterfront sky, beautiful.

The bottom is reflected in the brightest of the fire tree, the fidel is looking back, and Gu Wei: "Too beautiful ..."

Didn't finish it, the fidel is stunned, and the Gu Wei standing behind him is not seen at this moment.

Have you squeezed?

The grand fireworks show attracted people who have passed by the river to stop, and Fei Fi can't find Gu Wei. After catching the head, I will take out the mobile phone, I just want to call people, but I heard the people beside it.

"Watch the word fireworks, Fei? This confession is also too big to hand."

Fiji? Fiji looks up.

The blue fidel is already spread in the air, but while he looked up, the new fireworks rushed to the cloud, blooming high, clear fidel printed in the sky.

The eyes are slightly wide, guess what, fidel turned, I saw it originally surrounded by water, I don't know when I empty a road.

Gu Wei stood on the other side of the road, holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, looking at him laugh.

In an instant, the fidel is red.

People around us give them a sufficient space while taking out mobile phone.

However, at this moment, there are only one another in the eyes, and there is no more.

Gu Wei slowly walked close, and he kneelled two knees from the EFI, opened the ring box in his hand.

"will you marry me?"

The hand hanging on both sides is tight, and the fidel looks at Gu Wei. The corner of the mouth has hooked the radians like crying and laugh: "Willing."

"Wow -" "Blessing!" "Be happy!"

In the cheers of the people around, Gu Qiqi fidel is wearing a ring, then got up, and hug people in his arms.

The Fi Fi's face is buried on his chest, with an interstitative cry: "You marry the maritime, too soil."

Gu Wei was crying and smiling, holding the arm: "Sorry."

Seeing that the two have been in the past, the onlookers gradually dissipate, hiding the staff in the dark, running out, sprinkling the ribbons of two people.

Fei Fi lifted his head and saw Tang Yue far away. He also held the camera in his hand: "Tang Assistant, you just took it?"

Tang Yu smiled nodded: "Yes, Mr. Yue."

Fei Fei: "Take me with me."

Tang Yuezheng wants to say that when he will go back to guide it, it will be sent to Yuefi, but he didn't expect his own boss to reach out of his hand.

Tang Yue continued to hand over the camera.

Gu Wei pulled the Frier: "Let's go home."


On the evening of the river, the marriage proposal was sent to the Internet, and the identity of Gu's group was in the future, plus the news of the front array, soon everyone recognized Gu Wei, showing doubts, did Gu President are not married?

Subsequently, it pointed out that the fidel in the fireworks is the name of Gu total companion.


[Hey, is this year to kill the dog in this year?

[Is this new taste of the newlywed partner research and development?

Oh shit! I just said, I envy, I am embarrassed, I hate!

[I hope all Alpha can learn a school, rich and romantic, the general is affectionate ...]

[I am not greedy, I hope that God will give me a guiding!

[Um ... I have forgotten the matter of the front stage? So Gu total partner is Beta or Omega, can't see it in the video.

[□ □ Love? Enviable tears flow out from the corner of the mouth.


Go back home, Yue Fife is watching online comments on the sofa.

After he and Gu Wei said, Gu Wei gave him a mobile phone. Tonight is transferred to the Internet, and immediately have a classmate to send a link to him, and then follow up, while watching it, I also give Gu Yishen commented.

Gu Wei also received his greetings from his own brother, have to say that the addiction of Gu Wei online is quite big.

Fei Fi: "Look, there is actually said that the earth, hey, report!"

Gu Wei smiled: "Do you just say soil?"

Fei Fei is a straightforward: "Of course, I don't say it, others can't say it. You are marriage with me, not marriage with them."

Gu Wei suddenly took his face: "If you are not happy, I will let the public relations department to handle it."

Yue Fei is on his shoulder: "No, I want to see others envy me."

It hasn't been this feeling for a long time. Before coming to this world, he has been envious of others.

Envy others of others, envious of others, father's filial piety, envy others ... all.

Gu Wei is naturally happy, so he didn't say anything, just relaxed that he made him more comfortable in himself, looked at the tablet resting on the leg, and touched his broken hair.

Qingquan slowly flows in the forest, and the information is gentle in the air, and the atmosphere is warm and simple.

"You see, I have a ugly."

Suddenly, the fidel smiled and took the camera to see Gu Wei.

Gu Wei looked up, touched the Fiyi, I didn't know when I had turned off the phone, and I took the camera from Tang Yue.

In the small screen, the time stays in the fidel, saying that it is like a laughter like crying.

"Not ugly, very cute." Gu Wei hooked the mouth.

Fei Fei returns him back to his arms: "You don't say it in advance."

Gu Wei and she laughed: "Which people marriage have also taken notice?"

Fei Fi: "Our family can have it."

Our home? Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Well, I will pay attention to next time."

Fifeworthry: "Next? Who is you marrying?"

Gu Wei: "You."

Fiyu blinks.

Gu Wei bowed, kiss the trader: "Every year, I want you to answer your annual answer."

Ferry: "Then you have to work hard."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth: "Okay, I will."

Suddenly, the fidel is sitting straight, and the camera in his hand will be paid in his own hand.

"I want to talk to you." He lowered his head.

Gu Wei: "Well?"

Fei Fi licked the dried lips: "I am actually not true fidel."

Gu Wei, who is preparing to reply to the workmail, stop the movement of the hand, put the tablet on one side.

Fei Fei seems to not expect him to reply, self-guided: "I am not your own people, the world I come, only two genders of men, no ABO, there is no pixel this kind of thing. Although I was also called Yuefi, my parents have been divorced, and the family is not rich. Although I have been college, I will drop out of school, because I have to come here, if I haven't come here, I am actually Just a person who is never, I have never thought of meeting the family. "

Speaking here, Yue Fi suddenly.

"You may not believe, but ..."

I didn't want to continue to say that Gu Wei broke him: "How did you come here? When?"

Vietnamese old, "" Saying night, fighting for the death, knowing your previous month. "

After the answer, he felt that it was not too strong. Why did Gu Wei are not surprised?

He looked up and looked at Gu Wei, and Gu Wei looked at his eyes as always, and at this moment also took a clear pity.

"Do you know?" Fi Fi has grown up.

Gu Wei shook his head: "It's just some guessing. When you come over, is it a fidel boyfriend that I haven't broken up?"

Ferry: "... ah."

Where did he expose a flaw?

Gu Wei: "Your first misfortune response makes me feel awakening, plus your second time after waking up, although I am suffering, but the performance has formed a very distinct contrast, so I surveyed you. "

Different from the previous agreement, this survey, Gu Wei let people collect Vietnamese from small-in-one people's evaluation, including teachers, classmates, relatives and friends ...

"Don't give birth to me." To say this, Gu Wei also looked down the Yuefi hair.

The fidel shook his head, he was not angry at all.

"All surveys show that you are marking Omega from the forebrow of that person. I actually thinking that it may be a spirit split ..." When I said it, Gu Wei smiled, "I thought about taught that." Alpha will revenge, even over-dark, he can give you such a big impact ... I thought about it is not a ghost, I love it, actually just a lonely soul ... "

"Don't cry." Gu Wei raised his hand and wiped the tears of the fidel corner.

"Are you, have you remembered everything?" Gu Wei asked him.

Fei Fei, lacrimals, the lance is the same, can't control it down: "You have seen the agreement on the day, after seeing the agreement, and intermittently thinking."

Gu Wei bowed and kissed his eyes and smashed the tears.

"I am very happy." Gu Wei's voice is gentle, "" You tell me all things. "

Fly the fidel, reach out to hook his neck, and close to him.

"Will you go?" Gu Wei asked him.

Fei Fi shakes his head: "Don't go."

Gu Wei's kiss falling on his lips.

"Last time in the hospital, the first time I woke up, the people who woke up, isn't you, right?"


"Another fidel, is it still in your body?"

"There should be no, I also thought about the last time, he chose suicide, it seems to gave me the opportunity to come back, I should come here after him, and he will come back, it is likely because I dropped the water. Almost dead. I guess the conversion switch between us may be life and death. "

Although he doesn't know why you will contact this world's fidel.

I stopped, and Gu Wei pinched the crush of Yuefi and let him lift his head.

"If you encounter life danger, maybe leave?"

Yuei is a sound: "May, I am not sure."

Gu Wei is sinking: "I will protect you."

Fi Fi is straightened and kisses him.

"I believe you."

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