For Omega, the first estrus is best happening, so although the two tried everything, Gu Wei still waited for Vietnamese estrus, and did not deliberately utilize positives catalysis.

However, this preparation is too long ...

Until the fidel small house, each corner left two people intimate memories, and the fiph has not come yet.

A step by step is a general meeting of Gu's shareholders.

"What do I want to do?"

Fi Fi wearing a small suit with Gu Wei, walking side by side, walking side by side, whispering with him.

So the employees of Gu's will see that at work in their work, there is no milesty to laugh indifferent boss. At this moment, the joyful radians are hooked at this moment, and the eyes are gentle.

"Nothing to do, sitting next to me."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

Tang Yue and Qiao Si have followed the two people, then it is a team of lawyers.

A group of people is mighty, and the meeting room will go to the big conference room.

The momentum lineup disappears in the corner, and the original quiet hall suddenly sounds countless whispers.

"Ah, that is the Gu total partner!"

"They love it, ah."

"Gu total is warm ... Just a dead person! Whoever stops, I am dead."

"Anyway, he will not be gentle to us."

"Gu total is so cold, maybe it is afraid to die."

"Gu total partner is Omega?"

"I don't know, the Laoci said that it is Beta, but now the outside world says that Lao Gu will say that it is already unbelieved."


Even a year's shareholders' meeting, in previous years, there is often a variety of reasons for shareholders that cannot be attended, and the voting rights will be entrusted to others. But today, all shareholders are all.

The moment of the meeting room opened, the people who have already arrived as clear people, and there is a warm cold.

Gu total. "

"Gu is always arrived."

"Congratulations to the total."


As early as I have seen this meeting, shareholders have already understood the importance of today's conference, but they also consistently believe that there will be no accidents, so they have already given Gu Yidao in advance.

Gu Wei took a light head and sat down with Yuefu.

"Little Fei, you are also coming." He Yinyin sat next to the fidel, smiles gentle.

The fidel is smoking: "Mom."

He Yin Yin: "Your father's old disease, I can't do it, I will come over for him."

Fei Fei: "Oh,"

The ingredients of the Shandon shareholders are not only a matter of attention, but the shares in the hands of the shareholders are limited, and usually more interested in the dividends of Gu's, as long as the people who are the owners are enough, they don't care what they are concerned. .

So this general meeting, the ceremony is more important.

Gu Jia did not only have a group of people, but as a family wealth foundation, for the sake of benign development, the rules of unstruthful development have long, and all shareholders need to be unified.

Under normal circumstances, all the ticket passed, only Gu Wei's father Gu Tiantheng, I got a hundred percent opposition tickets, as an exception in an exception, almost all the shareholders of the surroundings voted, including some Gu family.

After all, at the time of the time, Gu Tsheng did not stand out, Gu Wei's second uncle's ability is better than him, so many people have another support object, how many dissatisfaction with the last decision of the old man, but dare to express dissatisfaction At the end of the minority, everyone knows that the decision of his father is more in the road.

Some people believe that the eyes of the old man are suspected, but until Gu Wei has gone through the crisis, and the development of Gu's developed to today's scale, no one dares to say that the decision of the old man is impulsive.

Annual work report, the next year's development plan ...

Another agenda is in an orderly manner.

Until at this moment, Fei Fi has a clear understanding of the gap.

There are many areas involved, but it is almost almost all fields, and never stops exploring the footsteps of the new field.

He couldn't help but look at Gu Wei, and found his eyes. mood.

"Powerful." Fei Fi rushed quietly, "Hard work."

Even today, there is no one to achieve, but there is more hearing, but Gu Wei's ear is more appreciated by the eyes of Gu Lao, is the admiration of the top alpha power, and very few people know that he is these achievements. How much is it? Or, they don't care.

You should do this, your talent is so. This is the attitude of most people.

Under the table, Gu Wei put the Fi Fi's hand in his hand, gently, warm, fresh, his ...

"Next, I will make further explanations, and congratulate the legal inheritance of Mr. Gu Wei, the legitimate inheritance of Gu Wei ..."

... "Now, the chairman of the group is a chairman of the group by Mr. Gu Wei."

The voice is falling, and the fidel is not consciously nervous.

Feeling his emotional fluctuations, Gu Wei pinched his hand, and his heart was soft and felt a little fun.

Is it possible to think that there may be other results?

After twenty minutes, the statistics ended.

Yue Fei Zhang is big, and the breath is breathed.

"Congratulations to Dong Dong, all invoiced!"

Wen said, Gu Wei picked the next eyebrows and looked at the position of the land. Lu Zhenye did not come, it is the old son of Lujia.

The eyes of Gu Wei, Lu Jia's big son revealed a friendly smile.

The things of Lu Lin are the fault of Lu family. They can't tear up their faces for Lu Lin and Gu Wei.

Fiyi does not know that these dark flows are surging, after hearing the results, immediately took out the hand pulled by Gu Wei, excitedly brought the palm.

" ..."

Other shareholders who do not unexpected results: "?"

" ..."

Everyone has flows through the wave.

For a time, the applause was warm.

Gu Qi coughed, press the fidel hand while got up, raising his hand in the air.

Applause pause.

"Thank you for your support, pick it up ..."


This meeting lasted for a whole day.

When the Fi Fi is preparing to leave the group, the sky has darkened.

The two were holding hands to the parking lot, but found a person standing in front of the car.

Fei Fi, see it, this is not the second uncle of Gu Wei?

Seeing them, Gu Wei's second uncle immediately greeted.

"Old three, I just gave you a ticket."

Gu Wei: "So?"

"You can't take all the projects in my hand, this is a little love, I am so uncle!"

"There is no representative group to investigate your responsibility, let you enter prison, it is already the result of my net. Otherwise, you think you can only talk to me here?" Gu Wei coldly.

Although I know that Gu Wei is not nearly human, he still does not die, and the result is really ...

Gu Wei Second Uncle's eyes fell on the fidel: "Xiaofei, you will help the second uncle to persuade the third."

Ferry: "?"

Gu Yao's mouth evoked: "Second uncle, do you think Gu Qiao is still waiting in the group?"

I heard the name of my son, the other party was quiet.

"Second uncle, you are also big, you will be good, don't have any thoughts."

"Especially, don't move my people around me."

Gu Wei fell, and the information in the air set off a sharp threat.

"Otherwise, your baby son is not just that alpha is so simple."

Alpha, which is brought to smile, and after a fear: "It is you."

His son Gu Qiao, lost ALPHA pheromone, is already a waste.

All doctors can't find out the reason, even their family thinks is a rare condition.

After the language, Gu Wei walked straight forward, and the other party avoided, and then fell to the ground.

Gu Wei half a bit of eyes did not give the house, I went to the car waiting on the side, and the fidel was tightly followed.

The car started from the face of pale and ugly alpha.


"What do you mean?" Fi Fi is confused.

Gu Wei smashed his head: "You just know that they are not trustworthy."

"Oh." Yue Fi-eyed bead turned down, "Do you have it to fall in the last time, the second uncle is mixed?"

Gu Wei is a little accident, but since the Fiyue guessed, it is not intended to hide again: "Well, if I sit in the car is me, I may not care, even admire his courage, but that is you I have been in my generation, I am very angry. "

What is terrible in prison, live outside, lose the alpha son, and live the gray face, is a decent punishment.

But these, Yuefi does not need to know.

"Okay, I have passed." Gu Wei got him.

Faches look at him, I thought I can't love him more, but I didn't expect this man, I always made him more love every second.

"You are just a gap." Yuefi small channel.

Gu Wei thought that he didn't hear it, but Alpha's keen hearing was not covered. The driver in front couldn't help but vent it. Obviously did not hold back but did not dare to laugh.

Ombuga's Omega took care of his own bold, Gu Wei suddenly took his waist, crying and smiling: "Do not say."

The fidel is spitted under the tongue, and immediately grasped the opportunity, and kissed.

There is also drivers in front, and the fidel took the arm of , so that he is almost enough.

Gu Wei biting his lips and reached out to the button.

But just in the moment of the finger hit the button, Gu Wei's movement stiff.

In his arms, the fidel is noticeable to his eyes, and it is somewhat embarrassed to move the red face into his chest.

Gu Wei's gap jumped, his eyes fell to the driver of the front seat: "Parking, you go."

The car stops on the roadside, the driver is well trained, what is not asked, directly get off.

Gu Wei slowed his breathing, leaned over to the front seat, set the automatic driving mode, and set the place only where he knows.

Mixed rushed and sweet in the sealed car gradually gradually, the fidel reached out and pulled the jacket of the tale.

"I seem……"

Alpha restrained the next half.

"You estrine."

No one wants to be this time, this place.

The fidel is red face, it is difficult to move, the soft body rely on the window, and the eyes are inadvertently fell to the position you just have just sitting.

On the black leather seat, the bright water is unable to cover.

...... Hey!

Even if you have always hometown, you can't help but you can't help but explode.

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