Adjust the automatic driving mode, Gu Wei returns to the back seat, check the situation of Yuefi, but see the fidel to look at the place where he sits down, face the expression of the collapse.

Gu Wei reached out to pull him to his arms: "What's wrong?"

The fidel is not a moving, but I can't help but want to go to Gu Wei.

The estrus is sudden, and the two are unprepared, but the intensive attraction of the pixels can't be self.

When the lip is sticker, the string in the brain is immediately broken.

Location, time is not important.

Fortunately, the position of this car is spacious, two people are lying above, although crowded, but not falling.

Omega's body was shrouded by Alpha, and the fidelity of the frightened, and the breathing was not rhythm.

The bone skeletal finger extracted from bottom, the slipper liquid is smooth, and Gu Wei will hold hands to the fidel, and have not opened, and the fidel has twisted his head.

"Don't talk." Do it!

Looking at Omega Rhizo, Gu Wei smiled and gave up the opening.

In a narrow space, the rich and sweet scent is dancing with rosin, and sometimes it is quiet and quiet.

Strong overbearing, no matter however, if you leave, always approach, look, silent boiling.

too hot……

Fi Fi raised his hand and pulled the collar of Gu Wei.

The fingers are touched to the clavicle, as if the ice and snow are touched, the ultimate coolness is passed from the fingertips to the heart, and the fidel has licked the lips, raising his hand, wants to unlock the tie on his neck, but he was grabbed by Gu Wei. .

"I'm coming." Alpha's voice dull.


The low-key black car is slowly driving on the road, leaving the city center, and goes towards the suburbs.

The two sides of the road are the towering pine cypress, straight and strong.

The farther away from the center, the more spacious roads, but it is no longer flat.

The wheel rolls through the slightly recessed road, the body is inherently undulating, and the capping screams and sulking are sounded.

"Pain, too deep!" The fidel's scorpion can't control the trembling, with a winger.

The hot sweat is shaken away from the cheek of Gu Chek, dripping on the fidel, slipping to the seat.

Gu Wei's voice is low, leaning over and kisses his red eye: "Hey, not deep."

The deepest place, Fei Fei has not opened for him.

The uneven road, bringing intensive and rhythmic undulations, almost worry that the driver's vehicle will not be able to bear, but overtight ...

The slender fingers climb the black leather chair back, Omega hit the head, as if it can't breathe, the transparent tears fall from the red corners of the red corners, the whole person like tight strings, with a fragile and tough body, play out The most wonderful movement.




In addition to your own breathing, all other sounds disappeared at this moment, the world is quiet as if there is only the heart that you jump, but the fidel is glaring, but it seems to lose the soul.

The light-colored skin is on the black leather chair. It is close to the snow, and Gu Wei looks at him, and the heart is unable to satisfy and full of love.

Red almost bloody lips are covered, Alpha's confession is affectionate.

"I love you."

"you are mine."

"I am alone."


Finally, the car stopped in front of a single-family villa away from the smoke.

The door was opened from it, and the high alpha took the Omega that was temporarily slept, pushed the outer iron gate.

Here is the house bought in front of Gu Wei. Originally planned to move here, waiting for the arrival of the fidelity.

But I didn't expect to have not waited for them to move in, and the fidel was estrus on the car who came home on the shareholders' meeting.

Turn on the moment of the gate, the light of the entire house is on.

The ears are the sound of the sea, the sound of the cliff, the night is not small, and Gu Yipue gathers the clothes on the fi, holding people walking into the house.

The prepared Gu Wei has already prepared it in advance, so although it is a little more than the plan, it is still in full.

It is suitable for a place to spend an estrus.

The two are a wolf, and Gu Wei did not directly put the Yuefi in bed, but with the people in the bathroom.


When I woke up, I only felt that in the warm pool, I found out that I was sitting in the bathtub, behind the embrace of Gu Wei.

"Woke up?"

Gu Wei raised his hand, and his finger abdomen crossed in the fidel cheeks.

The fidel blinks, and I found that my scorpion was a bit dumb and asked him: "Where is this?"

"Villa in the suburbs." Gu Wei explained.

The ear seems to hear the sound of the surf, the fidel is turned to the window ... a dark black.

"Is it at the sea?"


"Why don't you pull the window!" After the fidel, I learned.

Gu Wei: "If you can't see it, the glass is single."

Fei Fi: "Oh." It was a strange!

The hand mastered the waist, and Gu Wei asked him: "Where is it uncomfortable?"

"..." fidel shook his head.

Gu Wei: "It's not shouting ..."

Haven't finished it yet, the fidel is holding his mouth with palms: "Don't say it!"

The restrained laughter is issued from the chest, and Gu Wei raises his hand, and did not pull the Yue Fi. He opened his mouth.

Soft from the palm of the palm, itch in the bone marrow, almost immediately, Yuefi wants to pull back, but Gu Wei is overlooking his hand and does not let him retreat.

The slender fingers are wrapped in warm mouth, more and more look, and the pixels have no attention to themselves.

"The water is cold, we went to bedroom."

The first time in the car, too rush, second, Gu Wei hopes to be more comfortable, in the right place, explore more secrets with each other.


After the fidel learns to swim, I like the feeling of being wrapped by the pool.

In the pool water, the water pressure came from all directions, at that moment, he could clearly perceive his existence.

Water is hugging him.

It keeps his skin, swim, no hole.

He can only undulate with water waves.

Occasionally he raised his hand, the arm was crossed in the water, and it seems that he has received the power of water.

But in fact, it is soft to him.

In addition to the bed and cabinets, there is no extra thing, the center is a big double bed, which is a bit permanent, but it is not easy to be cold because of empty.

The center of the room, the atmosphere is lingering.

The fidel is wrapped in warm water, it is different from the overbearing on the car, this time, Gu Wei is extremely gentle.

He floated in the pool, but he suddenly found that he would not swim.

The body has died, falling down, the pool is not over his chest, his neck, then his chin, his lips, his nose ...

Breathing, disappeared.

The fingers are talents, but he did not struggle, the pool was flooded to the top.

He was shocked in suffocating, and he went out toward the water.

A pair of powerful palms held him.

Looking up from the water, breathing back, he clearly knows that he has died once.

The gentle kiss is in the lips and neck, and the Fii listened to Gu Wei asked himself in the ear: "Is it ok?"

Fisherish gasping: "... it is weak."

Originally clean and tidy big bed, this moment is already wet, and it can only be described with a wolf.

It is obvious that it is from the bathtub, but the two are still wet before entering the house.

It seems really swimming in the water.

"Wash it, eat something, take a break."

Gu Wei hugged people and returned to the bathroom.

Fi Fife is going to go, but the two legs are soft as if they are not their own, and they can only temporarily regard their own driving tools.

There is no maid, and this kind of thing will naturally be able to do itself.

Fei Fi sits in front of the window to see Gu Wei to change the sheets, and come from time to time to guide a few words, like a big master who is spoiled.

He didn't have a nutrient solution, and he had a feeling and glucose. Therefore, after drinking two tubes, he did not reject it.

What kind of estrus is really tired.

Gu Wei holds him, close your eyes together, and it is short.

Because today, it is just a start.

In the early hours of the morning, the fidel pages started to rest.

Alpha didn't sleep, kissed his extravagance, tightened people, after all, have been done twice, this time it is very smooth.

Files are completely awake in shake.

Outside the window is a hateful sea, the blue sea level, the sun reveals half face.

"Do you believe me?"

Gu Wei looked at him and his eyes were focused.

Erii is a sound: "Letter."

"Love me?" Gu Qi kissed him.

Fly the fidel: "Love."

The body is turned over, the neck gland is painful, boiling rosin rush, invading every drop of spring.

"Let me mark you."

Gu Wei's voice with a rare exudable exclusive, action aggression meaning it.

Fips wrinkled, burying his head on the pillow, the sound is full and dumb: "I don't know how ..."

Gu Wei hugged him, suddenly gentle again: "Relax."

Outside the window, the orange-red sun seems to be imprisoned squid, and jumped into the sky.

The sky is his home.

In the house, the fidel and even even the pillow has been caught, the things under the lips are wet, but he can't achieve it, all the attention is concentrated in the body.

Gu Wei marked him.

He is really, marked by Gu Wei.

Under the villa, the fierce wave has turned over. Leave only one layer of the waves on the cliff, flourishing a white bubble, the sea is flowing, sometimes it is shaking, standing uncomfortable drunkenness People.


"Change the bed."

Fi Fi kicking Gu Wei, don't know why, now he can't stand this environment.

Gu Wei should have a foothold, hold the Fei Fei to the sofa of the living room, open the TV, return to the room to change the bed.

Emotional Omega is particularly hi.

Gu Wei did homework before, so the sheets and cleaning tools were prepared.

The chairman of the group, under the urgency of Omega, and the mood was joyfully cleaned out of the villa.

Yue Fi wrapped in a small blanket and contacted on the sofa, from time to time.

"The table corner is not rubbed!"

"There is root hair."

"Did you not fall in the trash?"


Gu Wei was patient, I thought, my Omega is so cute, and the commander cleansing so cute.

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