Just became the chairman of the group, I couldn't find a movie one day. When I opened my mobile phone, I didn't accidentally saw a bunch of missed calls.

"Emature, do not disturb."

After the circle of circles, Gu Wei turned off the phone and went to the Fei Fi.

I don't care about him that doesn't have a dynamic that doesn't have the end, will trigger an earthquake.

When I received a tenth phone, He Yinn was eating dinner at home.

"What are you doing and Gu Wei? Gu Wei really changed?"

He Yin Yin is in his mouth, and the lady's cultivation did not keep it, directly sprayed.

"What are you doing?"

Gu Timusheng also felt that his idea was too unrealistic: "He said herself, I thought he became an Omega."

"..." He Yinyin directly cut off the phone.

She gave Gu Wei to call the phone, no one answered, and then he saw Gu Wei's friend circle dynamics under the reminder of the big son.

He Yin frowns: "Xiaofei is Omega?"

Gu Wei: "You don't have anyone else,"

"Is Omega is not a bad thing, why?" He Yinyin did not understand.

Gu Wei: "Things may be more complicated than I imagined, wait for them ... End, you will ask the old three."

"we can only do this."


Fiyi doesn't know that the identity of Omega has been half open. At this moment, in Gu Wei, drinking nutrients, watching TV.

Only when you really experience, you will understand how terrible estrus.

Just like the beast, Yue Fi wants.

"What are you thinking?" I was observed that he went to the god, Gu Wei pinched his back neck and asked softly.

The fidel has shaken it under: "Nothing, do you have a good job? The estrus is seven days."

"You don't have to worry about it."

Said, Gu Wei took a strawberry from the table and put it on the edge of Yuefi.

The fidel is naturally naturally opened, and the strawberry juice is stained in his mouth, and the other part will flow into the finger of the bones.

Extending the tip of the tongue, I feel the juice of the mouth, I feel that my sight is suddenly warmed, and the fidel is looked at Gu Wei, the man's eyes are watching on his lips.

Hook your mouth, the fidel looks at Gu Wei, the lips are close to the hand still holding strawberry.

Gu Wei thought that he had to eat the remaining half of it, but did not expect that the fingers came from soft touch, just flowed, was a little fidel, lick.

Alpha's breathing suddenly aggravated, and the fingers were light, and half strawberries were fed into the fidel.

Just included a strawberry, the fidel's mouth has not come, and the slender fingers are pushed into strawberries, together.

"Oh!" Too deep, the more fidel.

The light rosin in the air is rich in instant.

Gu Wei took a finger, bowed, kissed him.

After fully marking, Omega and Alpha pheromones affect each other, not only Omega's positives will attract Alpha, Alpha's


The fidel is straightened, raising his hand, takes the neck of Gu Wei, and the whole person pours.

Gu Wei hugged him, and lie down behind the sofa.

"Is the sofa set?" He asked the other party's collar and asked the Friday.

Gu Wei smiled: "Don't worry, I can't change it away."

Listening to him, fidel is relieved.

The trend is already flooding, no one can return to the bedroom.

In an instant that is entered, the fidel ridge is straight, and people feel that it seems to be broken.

But Gu Wei knows that people on the body can bear.

Soon, the beautiful butterfly bones gently shake, the fidel bite the lips, the body is full of traces, as if the next second will be broken, it will fly away as soon.

Beautiful and fragile.

The powerful hand is grasped, and Gu Wei got up, hugged people on his body, kiss.

He should be in his arms, he wants him, every moment is more happy.

I don't know how long it took, the fingers climbed on the alpha should be caught up. The nails that were not long were deeply caught in the flesh, and the bloody bloody slightly slipped away ...

Seven days, half has never been in the past.

Safe house, no neighbors, away from urban areas, meaning unmanned, unmanned.

There is a pool outside the land window of the living room.

Not long ago, the clear blue pool is next to the water, two movies on white floor tiles.

Sunshine is lazy to sun into the pool, soon, these traces will disappear.

Water stains spread toward the indoor, climbed to the stairs.

At the corner, Omega is covered by Alpha's figure, the droplets on the lotus are dripped on the ground.

The strong pheromones are not integrated with each other, interacting.

The wilderness is wrapped with a sweet spring, pleasing, bathroom, balcony, living room carpet ... everywhere.

When Qiao came to his own boss, he was looking at the headache of the city's documents in the office, and saw the call display and immediately picked up.

Board wants to come back?

"Let's go to Bai Fenghai."

Qiao Shi should.

Tang Yue heard him next to him, some doubts: "You can you have?"

Is this a pet?

Qiao Silla understands that he and Tang Yue are in the eyes of Gu Wei: "Blame blame you is an alpha."

The boss just accompanied by Mr. Yue, and he won't immediately want to see other alpha.

Tang Yue reacts: "Let's go, give me here."

I didn't expect ALPHA to become a disadvantage.

Job: "Well."

"Remember the driver ..."

Tang Yuegang will remind Qiao, but is interrupted by Job.

Job: "Arrangement, the driver is also beta."

Tang Yue is a thumbs up for him: "Beautiful."


Leaving Bai Fenghai, Gu Wei directly let Qiao Sila have returned to Nanwan Xiangshi.

Wenyi: "Then I will go back to pack up, then find a new tenant."

Gu Wei: "It is good to give Job."

On the car, Job immediately should go: "Mr. Yue, you can rest assured."

Fei Fi: "Trouble you, Qiao Harmony."

Job: "You don't have to be polite, and then these things will tell me."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

It is very natural to rely on Gu Yao, and the fidel is falling to the scenery outside the window, thinking about what you have forgotten.

"Ah, I should go back to school!"

"When is the time at the end of the test? I have not missed it!"

These days, the Yuefi mobile phone is completely a place, and even if there is no electricity.

Gu Wei: "It's okay to miss it."

"I ..." Although I know that I have been relaxing for a long time, but the fidel is still lucky, "I have to take a scholarship."

Gu Wei didn't know how he was so persistent to the scholarship: "I will send you."

Ferry: "What?"

Gu Wei: "Scholarship."

Yue Fei's mouth hard: "Can't let it."

Gu Wei smiled and hugged him: "If you want, I should give you a class, I have delayed you to learn."

Yue Feihong face, don't use this consideration!

The ringtone of the mobile phone interrupted the sweet atmosphere of the two people, and the Fi Fife was again fell to the window, waiting for Gu Wei to finish the phone.

The person who calls is He Yinyin.

He Yin Yin, etc., did not wait for Gu Wei to explain the fidel is an Omega, you can only call your son.

"Old three, Xiaofei ... what is going on?"

I heard the fidel on the shoulders of Gu Wei, look back and look at Gu Wei.

Gu Wei used his eyes to seek his opinion.

Yue Yue wants to think, nod, there is no need to conceal.

"Mom, Xiaodi is delayed differentiation."

"When we just got married, he was beta, and it was not longonned to Omega."

"Of course, no matter what he is beta or Omega, I accept it, as long as he is."

"We are going home, I will take him to see you again."

"OK, bye"


Hanging up the phone, Gu Wei pinched the ear of Yuefi, someone left outside the window, but the ear was sharp.

"Mom is worried that I can't accept you is Omega."

Fei Fi: "Oh, who?"

When I just met, who I didn't like it all day, I can't sneaked Omega.

I want to come to Gujia people to follow the rooted hate O image.

Gu Wei coughed and coughed: "That is what you have before."

This answer is full, Yue Fi is smashing his chin: "Don't blame you."

Gu Wei smiled and grabbed his hand and put it on the lips.


When the Fame returned to the school, the roommate was a half-day, summed up a sentence.

"I think you are not the same."

Vietnamese feels a little fun: "Where is it different?"

Zhao Zhi: "It seems ... More delicate ..."

Roommate one: "More expectation ..."

Roommate 2: "More like Omega ..."

Yue Fei, a head: "I seem to have to ask you!"


Ferry: "I am Omega."

Three face doubts?

Yue Fi is to give them a variation in this world.


Three people are in the same way.

After a few seconds, Zhao Zhi took the shoulder of the Vietnamese.

"That, rest assured, we don't discriminate Omega."

Roommate one: "To the right, even if you are Omega, we are still brothers!"

Roommate 2: "Yes, anyway, we can't smell your pixel! You are Omega or beta or alpha is not bad, anyway, you are fidile."

The Fiyu is smashed and wants to say that he is not a real Vietnamese.

Zhao Zhi: "You are very proud of you, you are not too much."

"But and simply break up, it will be normal, and will give us a drink."

"Well, you are very good now, and Gu is always a good object."

"I still worry that you are Beta in that kind of giants."

"Now we don't have to worry, you and Gu will have to be good."


Fi Fi listened to them, I said that I warm, Zhang Zhang Dou wants to say something, and I think this situation said thank you or other, it's quite a feeling.

"Well, anyway, I am Omega, not the same thing to come back." Verie laughed. After listening to the end of the exam, three roommates sighed.

"Why are I not Omega?"

"I can estrine when I can pick the exam."

"I heard that there is such an advice, and there is an end of the estrus."

"And still after a holiday, a person is taking the test."

"Ah, that is calculated ..."

Fi Fi smiled and listened to them, they did not live in the study, suddenly discovered that they were in this world, as if there were friends.


All of the employees of the Group know that Gu Dong has an Omega companion, two people super love.

Foots have rarely come to the company to find Gu Wei, come over today because he is now in a cold and fake, there is nothing at home, and Gu Wei always calls him to accompany himself, and slowly swayed from home.

After passing through the first floor hall, the employees next to the side are full of hello, and the fidel has hooked the mouth, and he greeted one by one, although these employees did not know.

Close to the employee elevator, it is clever the elevator door to open three people.

Two of them are actually a person who knows.

Simply, Yin Xinchen.

Walking in front, it is obviously the supervisor with an intern.

Seeing Yuefi, the supervisor immediately tried his call: "Mr. Yue."

Simply silent, Yin Xinchen Chong Xiaoyi smiled.

"Intern?" After all, I met, the fidel is still stopped.

Yin Xinchen: "Well, the college is recommended, I feel very good, I will come over."

Fei Fei nose: "Gu's Group is indeed worth it, come on."

I haven't spoken it too late: "Do you live now?"

Ferry: "Very good, thank you for your concern."

The elevator door has already closed, and it is briefly to open the body.

"Do you want to go upstairs?"

The supervisor of the side aware of a few people, I have been silent and standing on the side. I will see it in this moment, I am busy with the Fei Fei explained: "Mr. Yue is president."

Fei Fi, a sound: "Then I will go up."

Next to the employee elevator is a president's exclusive elevator.

The fidel is naturally naturally pressing the fingerprint, waiting for the elevator to open it in.

Exclusive elevator directly to the floor where the office is located, the elevator door is open, and Qiao Saizhong is standing at the door.

Seeing him, Qiao Siliang smiled: "Mr. Yue, Gu total is waiting for you in the office."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

Although the fidel has been there, Qiao is still giving him the way in front: "Gu total a morning, I have to stop the elevator on the first floor, I want to be you have to come, coffee and afternoon tea is ready, you If there is anything you need to call me, just. "

Firai nodded: "Okay, thank you."

Qiao She opened the door of the chairman's office: "Mr. Yue, please."

When he entered, release the hand of the door.

It is in the case of the internship, and the chairman's office is passed by the chairman's office, pointing to the explanation of Qiao Sila and the intern: "See it? To learn from Qiao."

Job heard, hook: "Director you can don't bury me."

The secretarial director hit him: "The year ago Tang Yue successfully assisted, I see you is also fast."

"I have to study." Qiao Si's mentality is very good, "Then I will go back first."

Director of Secretary: "Go."


In the chairman of the chairman, the door was closed, and the fi was immediately pulled to take the law.

"It is getting more lazy." The whole day, Gu Wei hit his face.

Is it harmful to each other? Ferry counterattack: "You are getting more and more touching."

Gu Wei got on his lips: "You just stick to you."

Vietnamese laughs: "Bumbene."

Gu Wei: "Don't like?"

Yue Fei returned him a kiss: "Well ... is reluctant."

Gu Yao's eyebrows, holding people got up, put people on the table.

"What are you doing?"

Gu Wei is close to: "We seem to have done here."


Fame looked back to the door.

Gu Yisheng, he took him: "Close it."

When I was out of the door, he had used his eyes.

That Qiao didn't know that two people want to be in it ... Fishering, Gu Wei: "Don't face."

Gu Wei continued to kiss him: "What do you do? You can."

In the fidel, I also want to try it. Seeing that he said this, he refused to be a bit ruthless, so he reached out the man's tie.


Gu Wei smiled and kissed him: "Can't come."

Lips and teeth, the fidel is closed, and the other party is accepted.

He didn't tell Gu Wei, the two were just a role in a book.

It is true that it is just a role of support and Yin Xinchen.

But in the story of Gu Weihe, they are their own protagonist, achieving their own happy ending.

"Will you always love me?"

Try the tie in your hand, the fidel is extracted from a moment, and ask for it.

Gu Wei raised his hand, and the thick palm wrapped his slender fingers. The temperature is soft and determined: "Will always love you, even if this world collapses ..."

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