Your own alpha academic is amazing, and the Fi is also do not want to lose his face. He has been seriously studied during the school.

At the graduation ceremony, Gu Wei was invited to go to the graduate speech.

This activity in previous years is a symbolic invitation, because the school also knows that these business is busy, and will attend a little very little.

This year, Gu Wei will agree to attend, many people are very surprised, but they know that people who know the relationship are rational.

Because this year, Gu total of Omega graduated.

Sitting under the stage, looking at Gu Wei. When the roommate gang, he will poke him from time to time, so that he is slightly converged by the gods, but seeing his attention is completely on Gu Wei.

Single dog can't understand the greasy of the little couple.

The sequence saying that the two are almost two years, and the freshness should have been too early, but now, it is more than the people who have more than other people in love.

While the roommates received a diploma, they also received a wedding invitation in the fidel.

"It's coming early." Yue Fei Road.

Gu Wei stood behind the fidet and politely.

Zhao Zhi representative said: "must be sure!"


The wedding is the meaning of Yue Fi, only the two sides want to invite people, simple, but warm.

The wedding place Gu Wei chose to make a master.

Both people put on white custom suit, under the witness of the sea and relatives, form a lifelong companion.

The thin lip is passed, and the moment is separated.

The fidel looks up and look at Gu Wei, and the two people reflect each other's figure.

"I love you."

The big hand took the waist, the Si Yi, the Siyi, was ignored, Gu Wei's eyes were in his Omega, focusing on affection.

Yue Yue Yang's mouth: "I love you too."

The kiss falls again, no longer a touch, but in-depth each other.

The sea breeze is gently blowing, the white yarn flies, the petals roll, the guests are cheering, and the applause is thunder.

The oath is not important for the two, as long as it is sure that the heart of the other party is enough.

After the ceremony, it is the wedding dance of the sea, and the wine and meals are prepared, and the tired guests can be taken.

The dance is opened by the protagonist of today's wedding.

In today, Fei Fi deliberately found a teacher to teach him to dance, it is difficult to make progress from the limbs to now, you can keep up with the level of music.

Gu Wei wants to teach him personally, but the fidel is not happy, because he is really a foundation, and the part of Gu Wei jumped with him, and Gu Wei work is busy, there is no need to remember him. Human dance step.

In Gu's, Gu Wei, how much is a necessary skill, although it is not often jumped, but the basic skill is not a bit half, after reading the teacher's arrangement, you can do it over.

Fi Fi can only report to the practice room every day, I didn't expect to graduate, but also because of the days of the wedding.

Faches can only be said, painful and happy.

The sun slowly falls, the seaside light is opened, and the four parties also ignite a bonfire.

On the beach, men and women are surrounded by a circle. As music sounded, they looked at the eyes of the central two, and they were full of stunning.

In other people's memory, the fi of the Fi Fif is just in the middle, but now he is in the center, it is not better than Gu Wei.

Hug, rotate, raise hands, close ...

He seems to be proud of the little prince, and people who are holding their hands will accommodate themselves, the bottom is full of light, and the supper is full of depends, but it has revealed small precious, pretended inadvertently seduce each other, and awake Desk.

At the moment, Gu Wei's eyes are only a happy people, obviously, although the first time dances in front of the public, but the more students are happy.

That is worth it.

The generous palm pinching the waist of the youth, pushing people, and pulling back, in the last hug, deep kiss.

The music stops and applause.

The new music sounded, and some people came to the dance pool.

Gu Wei pulled asthmatic Vietnamese, left the crowd.

Others have seen it, but they all don't see it.

Wedding is always easy to make small couples out of control, they all understand.


Stepping on a fine sand, the two are getting farther.

Yue Fi has been slowed over, smile and ask Gu Wei: "How is I jumped?"

Gu Wei took his hand: "Can no longer be better again."

"Sure enough, you can practice." Fi Fi's face is just a little proud. "Who can think of a worship, I was said to be the teacher's not coordinated."

Gu Wei smiled and pulled people into his arms: "Need me to be famous for you? Your limbs are very coordinated."

Fi Fi looked at him, I realized what he meant, but did not give it to the weak, and the feet of the feet came to Gu Weihe: "How do I get the name? Invite the teacher to watch us ..."

... Zuo ... ai ......

After two words, Gu Wei heard it clearly.

He picked his eyebrows, and his heart thought that his Omega is getting more and more wild. The hand is using the back waist of the whole man, and it is low to get a place where the next neck is sensitive. Road: "Don't think."

Deficit in his arms, hitting the fun: "It is a little overbearing president's taste."

Gu Wei: "Like?"

"Well ... it's okay." Yue Fi said suddenly suddenly, the eyes crossed Gu Wei, falling on the bonfire in the distance, "they seem to look at us ..."



"Then we can't see where they can't see it?"

Gu Wei pulled the Vietnamese, turned into a stone wall.

"We didn't do anything wrong, what is it hiding?"

It's not to hold it, this is a wedding husband is not normal.

Gu Wei heard the words, he rely on the stone wall, retrapening the people back to his arms, and smashed his voice: "Maybe because we are going to do some things."

"?" Fei Fei has not reacted, and it is low to kiss, "Oh!"

it's here? Gu Yu crazy?

The two people after the label are very easy to affect each other, and the Fi Fif is unrestrained to the kiss of Gu Wei.

The lips and teeth are entangled, those who have just been worried about suddenly become less important, fidiler raising their hands, hugging Gu Wei's neck, and put them more deeply to the opponent.

I want to get close to some.

After a while, Gu Wei reached out and pressed the shoulders of the Fi Fif, and wanted to retreat.

The awareness of his retreat, the fidel is angry: "I have been mentally prepared, you won't tell me this way?"

Gu Wei, the sound is sound, "Are you sure?"

Fi Fair, his tie is low, but in turn comfort him: "There is no light here, there should be no one will come here."

Gu Wei naturally kissed his Omega from the kindness, and took someone to the stone wall.

There are many rocks here, and there are many hidden corners.

Not a love period, in addition to the influence of the information, the two attractive to each other is □ □ true fire row.

It is so long been together, the two have long been unfamiliar with each other, but the environment at this moment is more excited than usual, simply with the estrus usually almost rational.

In the dark, the fidel holds the rock wall, all the perceptions are taken away by the wave of the sea, except behind Alpha, he noticed anything.

Tonight's wedding, just two people have drank some wine, I don't feel it when I blow in the sea, I didn't feel it. At this moment, I hid this gap, avoiding sea breeze, alcohol gradually played.

Gu Wei's movement is much heavy, and the fidel is frightened, and it is difficult to endure the sound, only to send a cry.

But this is lightly ignorant, but it is more stimulating Gu Wei.

The fidel reaches the back, caught up, unconventional: "Slow down."

Gu Wei cracked his hand to the lips, kissed without rhythm, but there was no change in speed, and even more fierce.

Yuefi couldn't help it forward, the forehead against her hand on the stone wall, self-violent self-calling.

Not long after, the alpha behind him suddenly reached the fidel mouth, and he was awakened by his ear. "There is a footsteps."

Omega has five senses like Alpha, and the Fiyi will immediately hold back the sound, but the palm of the mouth is not removed.

Similarly, the alpha behind him did not stop the action.

Fi Fi is crazy.

I think that it may be discovered that he can't help but want to curle up.

The asphyxity pleasure can't help but struggle, and the fidel reached out to grasp the arm on his waist. The nails are in the flesh, but the hands on the waist are like the iron circle, but there is no loose.


The squid of Alpha is ringing in his ear. At the same time, the fidel only felt a pain behind the neck, and the information of the pixel is blended, and a blank in the brain is a short losing awareness.

It is probably a minute, and the fidel is re-awake, his eyes are humid, and gasping is turned to Alpha: "Do you want to change Omega?"

Gu Wei took out the pocket from the chest pocket, first cleaned up for the Vietnamese, and heard the words very steadily: "Of course not."

The traces of soft handkerchiefs were wiped, and the fidel was calm down. Some skeptically asked Gu Wei. "Just really came over?"

Gu Wei's hand has been toned: "It should be, it may be something wrong."


After cleaning up the two, see the fidel low and not talk, Gu Wei licks the lower lips, bent back, observe his expression.

"Is it true?"

Fei Fi: "No, let's go back to the hotel."

That is angry. I have been together for so long, and Gu Wei can not see the idea of ​​the fidel.

The two people lived in the hotel, the same presidential suite, the same nominal service.

Yue Fi is taken out of a black small box from the wardrobe.

The superior memory makes Gu Wei think of something in it.

Alpha's eyes were moved from the neck from the neck, and then people were pushed down in bed.

At the same time, the fidel is sitting on his legs, and the sound is brought into vitality: "Do not listed, it is not allowed, and now I am listening to me, otherwise ..."

Yue Fi has not finished, Gu Wei is very bounced with both hands, should be said: "Listen to you."

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