I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 73 Out of Foreign (Babble!)

His name is Yuefi, it is a beta.

In this world, Alpha is a class, Omega is a second-class citizen, Beta is three citizens.

This is the public thinks.

But Ferry feels that Omega and Beta are the world's best existence.

Born is Alpha, whether it is talent, the environment, has a higher level than the other two types of people.

The Creator is so unfair, and he gaves all the alpha, so that the two categories can only be in the leadership of Alpha.

From small to big, no matter how fidel works, his results have never been alpha.

Of course, there is a situation that it is possible to transcend, that is, when Alpha gives up.

Under the same conditions, equivalent effort, Beta can get the return, only 25% of Alpha can get it.

This is the result of scientific experiment statistics. Scientific telling Beta to pay a hundred percent efforts to stand with Alpha standing together.

Fi Fi has a pair of brothers, but under the gang of the brothers and sisters, only Fii know, try to hide the ALPHA younger brother.

The younger brother may be aware that Fei is not known, but as the brother of Alpha has never surpassed his own grades, he really got a few more and sincerely.

But even if the younger brother is like this, parents are still talking all day, this home is later younger. The sister is Omega, there is no need to worry about it in the future, only Vietnamese, a beta, they can't see his future, I only hope that his brother can read it in the future, to join some.

So fidelity is actually from the bottom of my heart and my sister, and I don't know my parents.

Perhaps the eyes of the outside, or in the eyes of other families, they are a harmonious friends. Only Fei is not known.

In this home, he is induced by hypocrisy.

Later, Fei Fei and an alpha in love, that alpha is very special, saying that he does not believe in fate, does not agree with Alpha and Omega, as long as you love, even alpha and beta, you can live for a long time.

Vietnam is.

But after a long time, Yuefi found that he believed a lie.

Once an inexplicable accident, he came to another world.

This world does not have the concept of alpha, beta, omega.

At first he is very uncomfortable, you will also think about it.

But accidental opportunities, he saw a book.

He and the people in the book have the same name, the same experience, the fidel is almost certain, and the person written in this book is himself.

But unfortunately, he is just a small support in this book. His pride is just two protagonists.

After reading the book, Fei Fi has been staying alone for a long time, just a few hours, he seems to have over the world.

From now on, he chooses to forget the memory.

Now, this place is the world that he is born.

No alpha, beta, Omega. The upper limit of everyone will not be destined in a birth.

This new world life is very beautiful about the fidel, the most difficult possibility is the difficulty of material conditions, but Fei Fi is not afraid of this.

Now the most urgent pressure is the debt owed by the original master.

Fi Fife successfully got rid of the creditor.

He gave up his father's inheritance of all property, but also did not have any obligation to compensate those high debts.

Yue Fi is very strange, the original Lord grows big in this world life, it is impossible to do not know such rules, but the original Lord chooses to take the initiative to reimburse the debts, almost give up all the whole future.

He can't understand, but it is not too concerned.

Now this body is him, he is the world's fidel, dominating in his hand.

He will properly handle these things, will not let your new life be dragged by these mud.

Without money, he can make work earned.

Fortunately, Fei Fi is the first working - the first Western restaurant piano player, found that the ability to get B + in that world, in this world, suddenly blooming A +'s brilliance.

His trisss got a appreciation of restaurant valves, and the manager did not say himself.

Yue Fei has obtained the first job in his life.

After that, all things are smooth.

He is hobby photography, and the photos taken in hand have been sought after on the Internet.

He is hobbied, and he has been in the teacher's mouth, and in an accident, he encountered Bole.

... he once in the world, which is always better than Alpha's ability, but it is able to play a lot of color in this world.

He determines that a person can live a good life in this world.

He completely fell in love with this world!

But when everything is working, the occasional day, like him to the new world, he suddenly returned to the original world.

Oh, fate seems to be very much kidding him.

A unfamiliar alpha, said his partner.

The information in the mobile phone shows that he and simply break up.

What should he do?

And now this alpha divorce, then you can have your own day.

But very quickly, the doctor told him a bad news he could not bear - he is actually not beta, but a delayed differentiated Omega.

Is he Omega?

He has never heard such a funny joke.

Can only attach Alpha living Omega?

He can't accept it.

How do you want him how to do it, let him know that it will return to this world after the existence of the new world, this world, no one is missing him, he doesn't miss anyone!

Vietnamese chooses to leave.

After re-blinking, he looked at the simple rental house. He found himself to get rid of the book.

God, finally preferred him.

This world has his living oxygen.

But Fi Fi is worried, I don't know when I am suddenly pulled back to hell, so I chose to live every day in this world.

He didn't buy a house, did not buy a car, no fixed work, he chose to make his footprint all over the world in a limited time.

Where is it, he rent a small house in that place, find a temporary work, listening to the story of others, telling other people's stories.

Waiting for the story, it's enough, he will re-depart, and go out of the next destination.

He has always been a person.

But one day, suddenly someone chased his pace.

Tell him, I hope the future will go with him.

Future road? Yue Fi does not know where his future is, he can see, only the road they have passed.

"I will accompany you, no matter where you want to go." That person said.

Ferry is over.

When you are tired, that person will leave, you don't have to have a lot of lips. Yue Fi.

But the day is this day, and the past is over.

That person is still around the fidel, with a round of spring and summer, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Both people never say love, never say forever.

But it has been accompanied each other.

The author has something to say: Choosing the original master's behavior does not have any public meaning, just want everyone knowing that he is such a person, so growing thoughts.

* *

if life has cheated you,

Don't worry, don't worry,

Melancholy days must be calm,

I believe,

Happy days will eventually come.

The heart will always go to the future,

It is often melancholy.

Everything is changing, everything will pass,

And that passed, it will become intimate nostalgia.

Pushkin "If life deceives you"

* *

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