On the living room sofa in front of the floor, the fidel is wearing a large shirt, squatting on top, flipping professional related books.

The last semester did not get a scholarship, let him worry, he must go all out this semester.

Gu Wei came down the second floor and saw this scene.

The sun passes through the window and sprinkles on the legs of the young people, exudes seductive gloss.

The biased youth has no consciousness, looks at the book on the hand, it seems to see what is difficult to understand, the brow is gently frowned, and the pair of calves, the sofa is back and forth.

He glanced too much, did not pay attention to Gu Wei to go downstairs, until the trick's ankle was caught by warm palm, and he turned back.

After Gu Wei standing behind the sofa, I don't know how long it is.

"you're awake!"

Yuefi earned the hand of Gu Wei, climbed from the sofa.

Because of his movements, he has shrunk by half, until he got up and dropped, but he didn't care, sit on the couch, holding a book to get Qi Wei.

"What does this mean?"

His finger points to see yourself, ask for it.

In his opinion, Gu Wei is ignorant.

However, Gu Wei did not answer him immediately.

The fidet looked up at him, but he saw his gaze, he didn't stand on himself and did not read the content.

"You see what I do, read books."

Gu Wei took the book and was put on the side. He didn't answer what to answer, but bend down, raised his hand and smiled and asked him: "Stealing my clothes?"

Fi Fi blinked, raised his hand and looked at the shirt wearing it.

Gu Wei's eyes fell on his slender legs: "Not wearing pants."

Fi Fiwei looked at his eyes, curled up, and heard the ALPHA breathing with previous Alpha.

He turned his head, and smiled and got close to Gu Wei: "Can you?"

Delivered food, Gu Wei, is certainly impossible to refuse.

Looking down to kiss the lips of the vomiting, Gu Wei reached out, hugged people from the sofa, and took themselves.


The fidel was shocked, reached out and hugged the neck of Gu Wei, and then hurriedly hookped the waist of Alpha.

"Hook points."

Gu Wei took him with him, helping him on his back, looking up, re-kissed him.

The fidel bite him, retaliating him suddenly scared.

But only exchanges Alpha deepends more intense lips.

"Hey ... Back to the room ..." Vietnamese reminded in the Alpha passionate gap.

Gu Yao took the arm and held him on the second floor.

Put on the bed, the fidel saw the blue sea view outside the floor window, couldn't help to lift the arm and put on the amount, half blocked, and stretched his legs and kicked Gu Wei.

"Early morning."

The bone's documented big hand holds the white long legs, Gu Wei leaned around: "Well, early morning, wearing my clothes to seduce me, small bad guys."

Yue Fei He: "Who has seduce, there is no evidence."

The big hand holds him without a strict collar, alpha laughs: "Is this not evidence?"

Wen Yan, Fei Fi immediately raised his wrist, reverted: "You are not enough for yourself, I still blame me."

Gu Wei nodd: "Well, can't blame you, who makes me face you, don't have a good force."

Yue Fi is about to say something, but suddenly he has asthed.

"Blame me."

Gu Wei observed his reaction, while he said, he looked down his lips.

"Blame me."

Omega's eyes gradually red, annoying voice lingering in the ear, every time, the action is fierce.

"Blame me."


After a while, the eye angle could not stand the fidel migraine that overflowing the rational tears, found that the annoying lips and kissed it.

Tap, words and deeds are different!

This toss, fidel sleep directly from noon again.

When I woke up, Gu Wei was sitting in bed and handed over the book in the morning.

"Wake up?" Gu Wei leaned over, got on his lips.

The Fi Fif is awake, seeing his book in his hand, glanced at him, turned lazy to care.

Gu Wei experienced the old man in his arms, put the hand in the hand before the fidel, spread it in the morning asking him in the morning.

"To understand the meaning of this sentence, you must first understand what the author wants to demonstrate."

Fei Fi: "I know it ..."

"Really know?"

"Well, it is not very sure ..." The fidelity said.

Gu Wei smiled and dismantled the framework of the whole book and said with the Fi Fi.

"The other learning theory involved, you need to find another book to understand, but it is impossible to float, even some content is also unavoidable because the author's own historical limitations is inevitable ..."

"Slowly, don't be anxious." Head saw that his little face was filled with two words, Gu Wei couldn't help it down in his cheeks, too cute.

I was seriously listening to the fidet, I broke my thoughts by his kiss, and I looked up and looked up. I glanced at him: "When the teacher is a little teacher, it is good."

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Are you calling a teacher?"

The fidel is tall and tap, and it is sitting on Gu Wei.

The finger is pressed on the other's chest, and the fidel leaned over, hooked the mouth: "Gu teacher?"

Gu Qi looked at his eyes dark.

However, he did not wait for him, and the fidel has already supported his chest and turned over the bed.

"I'm hungry."

Gu Wei smiled, sighed, followed him.

"What to eat?"

The fidel is smashed: "Coconut Chicken?"

Only Western-style brick meals, I heard the words, and the action got up.

I didn't hear his voice, and the fidel turned back.

Gu Wei put a nightgown, and his position was: "I learn."

Of course, learning is able to learn, but it takes time, but the belly of the fury is not tasted.

The two were simply eaten. In the afternoon, the fi will continue to work hard, and Gu Wei pulls up the sleeves to root the kitchen and learn how to make coconut chicken.

The weekends will come over the sea villa alone.

The two don't like outsiders, so there is no aunt, and the weekend is all it.

Fei Fei will do, but the first time I didn't care about it when I did it, Gu Wei did no longer let him start.

Yue Fi was originally thought that Gu Wei was to let Chen Aunt came over, but he didn't expect Gu Wei to kit him, although it was a temporary, but the taste is still good.

This may be the so-called alpha talent.

So the fidel is completely handed over to Gu Wei, most of the time is what Gu Wei does what he eats, only occasionally in the bed, it will take the piped drama, it will take the initiative.

Gu Wei, certainly won't reject him, even every time, it will make a cuisine that is unexpected.

Over time, this has become part of the two days.

At dinner, I looked at the coconut chicken on the dinner table, smelled, and the fidel eyes were shining.

Although it is for the whole, he is really a little missing this dish.

"Good!" Fei Fi is not politing.

Gu Wei smiled and gave him a picking: "That will eat more."

"Ah, the big brother called me, let me go to him in the seven-day holiday." Yuefi said with him.

Gu Wei's previous contact, was rejected by Gu Wei, and the holidays have thought about two people, and they did not expect Gu Wei asked Yue Fei.

Gu Wei: "He asked me, I said no time."

Fei Fei nose: "Ok, then I have passed."

Gu Wei took the hand of chopsticks: "Well?"

"Don't you have time?" Yue Fi's mouth can't control it, "I can have it myself."

It is intentionally, and Gu Wei smiled and shook his head: "Little bad guy, I am because I don't have time? If you want to go, we will pass."

Ferry: "Hahaha, good."

Gu Wei and Lin Qi live abroad, Fei Fei and Gu Wei are in the past.

When the plane landed, the parking piping, Lin Qi has waited for a while.

Sitting on Linqi's car, did not see Gu Wei, Yue Fi asked him: "What about the big brother?"

Lin Qi: "He knows that you are coming over, waiting for you at home."

"Oh oh." Fei Fei nose. I thought they were over, and the people were at home.

Gu Wei scored an exception, knowing they came over, and Gu Wei couldn't pick them up. Don't go out, there must be special reasons.

Alpha's eyes are opposite in the mirror, and Gu Wei immediately understood.

"Congratulations." Gu Yidao.

Lin Qi smiled: "Thank you."

"???" The full situation of the fidel is poked, "What?"

Gu Wei pinched him his finger: "I will know it."

Yuefi looked at two: "Well."

Waiting for the car to stop in front of the manor, the fidel got off, and he saw the Qi Wei in the tree.

"Big Brother!" Fei Fi excitedly hosted with him.

Gu Wei: "Finally arrived."

Lin Qi went to park, and Gu Wei followed behind the fidel, and went to Gu Wei.

"Big Brother, I haven't seen you for a long time." With a well-behaved smile on the face, "you seem to be fat."

The air is short-lived, and Gu Wei standing behind the fidel and laughs.

After the fidel, I learned that although it is a man, it may not be very good.

He turned his face and kicked him.

Gu Wei also laughed and looked at Yue Fi's eyes full of font: "It's fat, you didn't look wrong."

Fei Fi also grasped the hair: "Fat is also very good."

Gu Wei smiled more happy.

At this moment, Lin Qi stopped the car, seeing two brothers and two happy, only the affordable one, and asked: "What happened?"

Gu Wei rushed him and blinked: "Xiao Fei said that I was fat."

Lin Qi went to him, took his waist, and he understood it, put his hand in Gu Wei's belly and caress: "It is not, after all, you are not alone."

The fidel is sicking, and after reading it, I feel that I am in the stomach of Gu Wei.

After Gu Wei, after his body, Gu Wei said: "Big Brother, congratulations."

Gu Wei smiled, the eyebrows have He Yin Yin, "Thank you."

Lin Qi: "Don't stand, go in and eat something to take a break."

Said, four people walk in the house.

Fi Fi still can't go back, pregnant? Gu Wei is pregnant? !

I was found to go to the god, Gu Wei suddenly took his waist, and he lowered him: "What happened?"

Fei Fi shakes his head: "No."

Omega will be pregnant, he is very surprised.

Gu Wei and the neighbors of the surrounding neighbors, in the afternoon, the neighbors took a child to visit the door, see Gu Wei and Yuefi, I am very happy to meet new friends.

Lin Qi proposed to go to the river picnic and got everyone's response.

Several adults swim with the children under the river, and the Fii is sitting on the grass on the shore with Gu Wei.

"The third three will be a good father." Gu Wei Dao.

The Fi Fi is eating a biscuit, he heard the words, and the hand is busy looking for water.

Gu Wei saw, busy with him to go to the water: "Slow down."

Drinking half a bottle of water, the fidel is slow.

Gu Wei also realized that he had just suddenly suddenly, and Yuefi was scared.

"How? I never thought that you will have a child?" Gu Wei looked at him.

Yue Fei is too strange to this topic: "I didn't think."

Gu Wei: "You are Omega, the third is Alpha, you can start thinking."

Fei Fi: "Big Brother you know that I delayed differentiation, maybe I will still be Beta yourself."

"This kind of thing is not a hurry, it will come slowly." Gu Wei mildly laughed.

Faches look at him, I feel that the current looks now and I have seen it a few times. The temperament on him seems to be closer to He Yinyin. It is more gentle.

Seeing him looking at himself, Gu Wei smiled and asked him: "Do you want to touch it?"

Ferry: "What?"

Gu Wei pulled his hand and put it in a slightly convected part.

The fidel is handled, and his hand is touched, it is about to come to this world.

It is no longer the world of his book in his concept.

It is an independent world with natural laws and has a fresh life.

The fidel's eyes were soft, and he lifted his legs. The head put on the knee. Hold himself in one hand, and he was put on him in one hand. Asked: "Do you want to have a good name?"

Gu Wei shook his head: "Still not yet, Lin Qi is thinking of a few, all by me, you and the third day, I think about it, there is any suitable name."

Yue Fei seems to have received any arduous tasks, and nodded: "Okay!"


When I was returned to the room at night, Gu Wei saw Yue Fiijou in bed and turned a dictionary.

"What are you doing?" Gu Wei asked him.

Fei Fei: "The big brother said that we can think about the name of the child, I see which kindures are good."

Seeing him, I didn't say anything, I didn't say anything, took a shower and took a shower.

When he took a shower, he went back and went to bed, and the fidel drilled him to his arms, pointed to the word in the dictionary: "How about the word? Is Lin Rui!"

Gu Wei: "Very good."

"Haha, I also feel that this name is so good, telling the big brother tomorrow." Complete the big task, the fidel put the dictionary on the side, "turned back to bed," turned to sleep. "

Gu Wei looked at him and closed the lights.

In the dark, Alpha took people in his arms and asked whispers in his Omega ear: "Like a child?"

Facial fidel is relying on him: "Do you like it?"

"I prefer the process of making children."


Gu Wei smiled two.

"Do you want children?" The intimate tone of the fidel is serious.

Gu Wei: "I don't care, if there is, I will try to learn how to be a good father, if not, I don't regret. You?"

The more the fidel is sighed: "I don't know what I think."

Gu Wei, kissed his nose: "Don't worry, if you don't want it, just right."

At the beginning, the doctor told them, the delayed Omega, the pregnancy is not high, so the two have never taken any measures, of course, does not mean that it will not be pregnant.

It is undeniable that Gu Wei's pregnancy gives Vietnamese very much touch, before he completely consciously forgot the fact that he might be pregnant, then discovered that he could not escape.

"If you have, I will learn when I am a good father." Yue Fei Road.

Gu Wei took his arm in his arm: "Well, let's go, let us learn again."

Fei Fi: "I will definitely be a good father."

Gu Wei, kissed his top: "I believe you."

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