I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 75 is the last time (with buns, caution!)

The first floor hall of Gu's Group, a child of a pink jade is sitting on the sofa, silently looking at the number of figures on the watch.

The table is a variety of snacks that have fierce, but she is not moving.

A group is from far and near, from the group gate.

The alpha is in front of the deep blue custom suit, followed by the assistant and project supervisor, obviously just ending the outside work back to the company.

Alpha walks, the employees have stationed, and people who have just whispers are silent, watching them quietly.

Suddenly, walking in the front Alpha footsteps.

A group behind him followed the emergency brakes.

"Gu Niang?" The low voice sounded, can't hear emotions.

The child on the sofa got up and opened his mouth: "Father!"

Tang Yue is also seeing the child's earthquake while seeing the child, this little princess, should this time be at school? !

"Go check what happened." Tang Yue whispered to Qiao.

Job immediately turned to call the principal.

Gu Wei went to the child, bending the waist.

Gu Mu sits on his arm: "You are slow."

Gu Wei: "Why are you here? I remember that you should be in school this time."

Gu Nian: "School is not fun."

"You go to school is going to learn, not to play." Gu Yu training her, the tone is not a blame. "

At this moment, the school is eager to become a mess, and the little princess of Gu's is missing here. Is this not a big case?

"Xiao Tong, you really don't know where your sister is going?"

Before the phone call came, the principal was in a question.

Enter: "Don't worry about her."

The principal cried: "How can she be your sister?"

After receiving the phone, the principal finally tone.

"People are not lost."

Job: "..." principal, why do you know why Gu Nian escaped? "

Principal: "This I really don't know, but listen to the teacher feedback, now the course is too simple to the little princess, maybe the little princess feels that it is not intended to find Gu total."

Job: "I know, I have worked hard."

Principal: "No."

"Do you want?" Qiao Sila is still sure.

Principal: "Gu Shao is in school."

Job: "Okay, the driver will pick up after school, and the urgent principal let the teacher pay attention."

Principal: "Okay, I know."


Fei Fei knows that Xiaoyou escaped after seeing Gu Niang and I want to go home together.

I am worried that he is anxious, directly said: "Dad, my sister went to find my father."

Freeway, I have to bear the call to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei quickly picked up: "Don't be angry, we are coming home."

Fei Fei: "... know it."

Hang up the phone, the fidel is angry, asking him: "Think about why your sister escapes?"

I want to shake your head: "I don't know."

When I got home, I still bought the lollipop bought by Gu Wei, just see the face of Yue Fiyin clouds, the expression of Mei Zi Tuo immediately collapsed.

"- Dad - teacher -" Gu Nian wicked first.

Gu Yandou turned his face, just didn't listen to the little girl in the company.

Footfi saw her crying, immediately, hugged her from Gu Wei: "What is the teacher?"

Gu Niang contained a lollipop: "Today, the teacher wrote a topic on the blackboard, I went to solve it."

"The teacher also married you?"

"Teacher said that everyone will write, I will write."

Yue Fi is okay: "What is this is you?"

Gu Nian: "I will write some people will not have the topic, but I can only follow them in a class, oh -"

Ferry: "?"

Gu Wei saw the little girl and started to flicker fidel. I took someone to put it on the floor.

"I have already said to you in the company, first and your brother go to the study, my father is here."

Gu Niang swallowed: "Oh."

I thought about two people and followed the room behind him.

Fi Fife: "This little girl, I love to play with me."

"It's not easy to eat, you are easy to be soft." Gu Wei hugged people to his arms and touched his head.

Fei Fi: "What is going on? Do you promise her?"

Gu Wei rushed him than a sound action.

In the room, Gu Niang sat on the floor and took the box puzzle to fight.

I thought about her walk into the room, sit down at the desk, and took out the job carefully.

Gu Nian saw the shape, laughed: "Brother will be alive."

Enterprise: "I don't know what you are talking about. You should not escape today, Dad is angry."

Gu Niang: "Dad is not, I am going to find my father, how can I go to escape."

Enter the silence.

"My brother knows what I said and my father?" Gu Niang biting the lollipop, "The school is too bored, and the little fart will not play at all, the father promised to transfer us. Brother is also so thinking about it. However, the brother does not say anything, waiting for me. "

Enterprise: "Don't think so, I didn't want to transfer."

"Do you have to have a feeling with that group of fools?" Gu Niang snorted.

Enterprise: "As long as you want to be your father, I don't care if I don't care."

Gu Nian: "... Enter, you will definitely be an Omega."

Enterprise: "What is Omega?"

"Soft ..." Gu Mun said yet, the door of the study suddenly opened.

Fi Fi frowned looks at Gu Nian, and his face has never been serious.

Gu Niang instant.

"Gu Niang, you come with me." The fidel sound is strict.

Gu Niang put down the puzzle, panic: "I am not the meaning of Omega, my father, I don't mean this ... You don't misunderstand."

Entering the pen on his hand, look at Yue Fei, Zhang Zhangji wants to explain.

Fei Fi: "Enter you continue to write homework. Gu Niang came out."

Gu Nian: "I ..."

"I have to repeat it?" Fi Fi frowned.

Gu Niang immediately came to the Fei Fei and the front of the front.

Fei Fei has entered Gu Wei's study.

Gu Niang low-headed head stood in the sofa, the tears were dried.

Yue Fei is no longer soft: "Gu Niang, I don't know who you have to learn this, call your classmates for fool, who teaches you?"

Gu Niang biting his teeth and continued to cry silently.

"Don't cry!" Fei Fei took the table.

Gu Niang pinned his skirt.

"I don't just tell you once, everyone is equal, you are now smart, don't you ask others? I teach you this?" Yue Fi said.

Gu Niang: "... Sorry ... I am wrong."

Fei Fei: "Where are you wrong?"

Gu Nian Died: "Even if others can't answer the topic, I can't say their fool."

Fei Fi: "..." It seems that there is no problem, but it is strange.

Gu Wei pinched his shoulder: "I am coming."

Fi Fi has turned around.

"Gu Niang." Gu Wei's voice as always, did not feel angry because Gu Niang just said, "First, I have promised you, will give you and seemed to you next month, Dad also agreed, you will be there. Learn to modest, this thing is until there is. "

"Secondly, I don't want to hear from your mouth in the future, I will definitely be alpha, or Omega, or beta, this is a non-polite thing, even for my brother, It is also a rude offense. "


Nummet nod: "I know. Sorry."

Gu Wei: "Okay, you can go out."

But Gu Niang did not go out.

"What else?"

Gu Nian: "I want to talk to my father."

Fei Fi is turning his head: "Let's talk."

Gu Nian: "Dad, I didn't look down on Omega, it is said that Omega is very gentle, Dad, don't hate me."

Said, Gu Nian's eyes are red, and tears will go down the beads of the line.

The fidel's eyes are also red, he got up, holding Gu Mei into the arms: "Silly children, Dad will never hate you."

"I love my father." Gu Niang hugged the Fei Fei.

Gu Wei smiled, and the entrance of his eyes and the entrance of the study.

The ideology is also red, obviously because of the anger that is just like Fii, so I am worried about Gu Nian.

Two children are twins, although the personality is very different, but the feelings and tacitacies have surpassed others. It can be said that two people know more about each other than outsiders.

In the evening, in the room, Gu Niang called the entry: "Are you asleep?"

The voice is falling, and the room is quiet, and the idea will open: "No."

The voice of Gu Mei is bored: "Do you deliberately in the afternoon?"

Enterprise: "What?"

"Knowing that Dad listens outside, deliberately ask me what Omega is not good." Gu Xia said.

Gu sighed: "Do you have a victim?"

Gu Nian: "Well, if you let me know you are deliberate, you will wait."

Enterprise: "Oh, I am waiting."

The main bed is in Gu Wei, and the low is low.

Gu Wei: "What's wrong?"

Fei Fi: "I don't seem to be a good father."

Gu Wei: "Why do you say this?"

Fi Fi: "I have been worrying that the prior courses will let them lose their fun, but now it seems to be I have delayed them."

Gu Wei: "You think too much, they can have a father like you is their luck."

Such excellent talents, if it is not a fidel, Gu Wei, I have long sent people to the way you have gone, and I will not let them still wait at the parents.

But it is because of the choice of Yuefi, two children will always be so relatives.

"They love you very much." Gu Wei died that people who personally hey, "I love you very much."

The proficity smiled and looked up, and he smiled with his nose.

"I love you all too."

After several years, the correspondence and the advice of the advice were different, and it was a rare alpha twin.

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