I have a super terminal

Chapter 1 Super Power

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Fang Neng stood on the broken street, staring at the sky dreamily.

There is no color at all in the sky, and darkness invades the entire picture.At a glance, the yearning light hides in the lonely and cold darkness.

This is a dream, he knows.No matter how to tear the flesh, I didn't feel any pain, no matter how long I walked, I didn't feel tired.

This is a real dream.The sensation of oxygen inhaling in the nose can be clearly felt, and the cold in the air can be clearly felt, as if still in the real world.

Can look forward.Dilapidated streets, ruined cities.These are situations that are impossible to see in reality.

But he walked forward carelessly, as if strolling in his backyard.There is only himself in this world, and he doesn't have to restrain himself.

After passing through cities, after walking through most of the world.He had long had no hope for the existence of other lives in this world.

The deserted city still has beautiful shadows.Buildings that only exist in the science fiction world are erected in the city, although they have now collapsed.

The street below is not an ordinary road or dirt road, but a smooth and hard road made of an unknown material, although it is now cracked.

Looking at the buildings and cities beyond the sense of the times, it is like being in a science fiction movie.

It's just this scene that I'm tired of seeing it.Along the way, in addition to the ruined ruins, there are still ruins.

Where is he going?he does not know.

This dream is as big as there is no border. After seventeen years of walking, he still has not reached the end of the world.

He can only move forward in this annihilated world.

This is a dream, so there is no point in pursuing the so-called goal and purpose.

In front of him, his vision suddenly became a little blurred, and the sense of blur gradually strengthened.He knew that this was a sign that he was about to wake up.

He really hopes that he won't have this dream again next time.

He really doesn't like a city like a ruin, a city like apocalypse.


In the early morning, the rising sun broke the windows.The noisy alarm bell rang in his ears before he opened his heavy eyes.When he woke up, he sat up and vomited softly:

"Today, I have that dream again."

There was a hint of helplessness in the tone.

Since he was born and sensible, in the past seventeen years, he has not had that dream once.

This is all wrong.

Fang Neng sighed.

Get up and get out of bed, put on school uniforms, and eat breakfast that I made myself.He left home and walked towards the school.On the streets, the people coming and going are still bustling with people, and intact tall buildings stand in the city.

He walked across the street and came to the school gate.Looking at the school gate, the school he attended was not considered top-level, but not low-level, at least one of the best in Jishi.

Walking into the school gate, Fang Neng's figure disappeared on the school road.

Soon, one day passed, and the yellow and black quilt was covering the edge of the sky.It was already dusk, and it was time to end school.

The students headed towards the gate of the school, and only then was one of them.After walking out of the school gate, he did not go home directly, but walked in the opposite direction of home.Don't know where to go.

It was not long before he arrived at his destination, an old abandoned factory.There is no one around the factory, and nothing will be discovered here.

Only then could he put the backpack aside, picked up an empty jar on the ground at will, and placed it on the rusty iron pass over ten meters.

Looking at the empty jar opposite, his expression became slightly serious.Biquge www.sckean.com

He has a secret in his heart.A secret that hasn't been told by anyone, and has been buried in his heart for seventeen years.

He actually—has fantastic superpowers.Is a superpower.

It is not false, but fact.

If he tells others that he is a superpower, he will definitely be laughed at.What a ridiculous thing, what a ridiculous thing.There is no supernatural in this world, this is the common perception of this society.

But... maybe God missed him.

Fang Neng's expression sank and frowned.Staring at the empty can on the opposite side, the mind starts.

Out of thin air, it seemed that there was an invisible force holding the empty can, and the empty can gradually floated up in the air.

This scene, no matter who is seen by it, it will not stop being shocked.

It is not a magic trick, and no props are used.The real empty can floated by itself.

Fang Neng looked like he was constipated, and he could not pull it out.Finally, reaching the limit, the empty can fell from mid-air and fell to the ground with a "jump" sound.

Fang Neng's expression was also loose, and a sense of exhaustion swept through his body.He stands reluctantly now, as if running up and down a seven-storey floor with a heavy load on his back.

Tired, so tired.Obviously, it just kept the can empty for six or seven seconds.The weak ability, even something as light as an empty can, can only last for less than seven seconds.

There is no use.Even if he wanted to use his mind to do something evil, it was impossible to do it.Such a small force is much weaker than a small knife.

Before taking a deep breath, his strength recovered a little, and he picked up the backpack that was placed aside.

He didn't have much disappointment, and he didn't yearn for strong power.

To be honest, if you can.He didn't want this superpower, for him, it was just a heavy burden.

Although weak, it is also a force that breaks the laws of the world.If he is discovered by others, he is surely done, and maybe he will be dissected...Well, the dissection may be a bit too late, but it will definitely cause a lot of fluctuations.

Stop the messy thoughts before you can leave the abandoned factory and walk towards your own home.

When he came home, he ate the evening meal he made, took a shower, and finished his homework, he lay on the bed, covered with a warm quilt, his breathing gradually stabilized, and he fell asleep quietly.


In front of me, I have seen the dark sky countless times.Under my feet, walked through countless broken streets.Ahead, a city like ruins.

This dream is continuous. Every time he goes to sleep, he will appear in the place where he woke up last time. This is also the reason why he has been able to walk most of the world in 17 years.He was back where he was when he woke up.

Special dream, why does he have such a dream?

He has no answer.

Fang Neng walked forward helplessly, walked through the city, and came to the wilderness.I don't know if it was his illusion, this time it was especially long.

After walking through the wilderness, he came outside a brand new city.Fang Neng looked slightly surprised...This is different from all previous cities.

I saw that the city was intact and not as ruined as before.One after another towering high-rise buildings stand in front of them, using the ground to the extreme, close to each other, blocking the so-called light.

Darkness surrounds the entire city.I have to say that this is the first time he has seen a perfect city. It is not only a grade higher than the real world, but the real buildings only exist in science fiction films.But it’s not very tiring to live in it.

Only then can I express my feelings in my heart.When he walked into the city, he was as small as an ant in contrast to the tall buildings, walking on a well-kept street.The echoing footsteps spread far.

No one... Fang Neng looked a little disappointed, thinking that there would be people living in such a well-preserved city, but he didn't expect it to be popular at all.

Suddenly, Fang Neng stopped.Looking straight ahead, his shocked eyes passed through the house and landed in the center of the city.

I saw that there was a huge black stone monument standing in the center of the city, but his focus was not on the stone monument, but in front of the stone monument.

It turns out that there really are... living people other than him.

A black figure sat in front of the stele.