”In other words... are there people plotting to overthrow the regime in the demon world?”

Arca's story was roughly the following.

The current demon king was a moderate, and he had adopted a policy of actively protecting weaker races, etc.

However, some demon tribes with old-fashioned weak eating values rebelled against this policy.

In contrast to my brother's demon king, it seems that I am trying to raise my brother, who is an imposing faction.

"When it comes to the war with the human world, the King's younger brother's centripetal and vocal powers in charge of military affairs will increase at once.I plan to use the momentum to take over the government. "

"I don't know why, but are you going to go to war for that...?"

It's not my in-laws I could say, but they're war-loving people.

It's a really annoying story for the human world on the involved side...! "

Besides, it was a sudden development, so I flushed it.

For such a selfish reason, I don't want to let you kill my precious sister Fum!

We need to let you know about this somehow and take action.

According to the demon named Hell, my sister must be in Raja or nearby by now.

Perhaps it was Sister Fum who was the key person Kurta and the others were escorting.

"I'm the current Demon King faction, so I'm in a position not to let you go to war."So I went all the way to this secluded place to keep an eye on them, but I guess I'm way behind. ”

“I see. I was wondering why there are executives.”

"Well, I wonder if I'll be on your side for a while." "Stand in position."

"...... In that case, didn't you attack with all your might just now?"

"Well, you mean we'll talk about it with our fists?"We need to keep an eye on our strength. "

I don't think I'm a bad person, but I think I'm a demon after all.

Ideas are militant.

Even this seems to be a moderate demon king faction, so there's no such thing as an imposing king brother faction...

If those people take the world, they will destroy the humans.

"Are there no crystal spheres for communication?Anyway, I need to get in touch with you as soon as possible! "

"Hmm, there are some..."The standards are different from those used by humans.

But that's fine!!

As soon as I hurried, Arca approached the wall and uttered something like a word.

Soon, the stones on the wall move and a small entrance appears.

Inside, it seemed to be a cramped area for soldiers, and there were not only weapons, but also some miscellaneous items.

"Yes, this."

"Is this the demon crystal sphere?" It's red, isn't it? "

Everyone likes red and black.

"Is that why the walls are made of red material...?"

For a moment, I thought of something stupid like that.

It's impossible for humans, but it's scary for demons.

However, I immediately recovered my mind and analyzed the crystalline sphere technique.

"Well, it's not surprisingly."The language used is common, and the magic wave index is strong-- "

What? Are you sure you can do this?

I can do something about this.

Compared to the development and improvement of previous procedures, it is a work that is nothing.

It was a magic tool for the demon world, but it was simpler than that of the human world.

There were a few places where magic could make me say things, but I had to pay attention to them.

With my magic power, a little help would be practical enough.

"I don't think that tool was that easy to modify..."

"It's good enough to be able to do it, isn't it?"Besides, I'll be in touch with them, so please be quiet. "

"Ah, yeah..."

So I immediately tried to get in touch with Raja's guild.

From the crystal sphere, I could hear the sound of a sandstorm.

Whoever it is, get out of here...!!

When I waited with the feeling of praying, the voice of the receptionist who heard from the other side of the crystal sphere resounded.

This is the Adventurer Guildraja Branch.

Well, it's Sieg!Do you have a master!?

{If I were a master...... Eh, Mr. Zeke!?Why are you talking to me like that!? "

I had an emergency!Anyway, hurry up, Master!

Hurry up, where are you now?

It's around the entrance to the demon world!

The demon world is fine!?

I was interrupted by a banging sound.

What!? The receptionist is probably down!?

When I was in a hurry, the master who seemed to hear the commotion came to mind.

Hurry to explain the situation to him and see how your sister is doing.

And then...

The Holy Maiden has already arrived in Raja.

Is it true?

Oh, I just came to say hello.

Then we have to hurry! It doesn't matter when the demon tribe goes into action!

Alright, let's summon the adventurers immediately.I'll tell the saintly lady in a hurry. "


For the time being, is that safe...?

No, it was a vicious demon race.

No matter how vigilant you are, you will not say that you are too vigilant.

I want to hurry back and protect my sister too, but the distance from here to the boulder...!

Ahh, it's so hard!!

Have you finished talking?

"Ah, yes, thank you."

"It's okay to thank you." Besides, I'll keep my dad here, so why don't you guys go back? "

"No, but..."

There seemed to be no malice in keeping my parents' books.

This Arca demon doesn't look like a very lying type.

But I don't think I'll be able to make it back here in time.

In that case, wouldn't it be better for us to deliver the book properly to the demon king?

When I think about it, Arca suddenly remembers.

"Oh, I see! Humans don't have wings."It's going to take some time to get back. "

"Yes, so from now on..."

"Then there's a good way."Just go outside for a second. "

"Hah, hah..."

Arca prompted me to get out of the Wall Garrison.

Then oneechan, who seemed to have recovered a little, spoke to me.


"Sister, are you okay now?"

“Somehow, what you did to me was pathetic, and you used up so much of your strength that you couldn't move.”

"... if you can beat me with humans, it's too much."Even so, you're one of the most powerful people in the demon world. "

Arca crushes in awe.

Well, I don't want you to worry too much because your sister has been too strong for a long time.

Well, I don't care if you take my sister as a human standard.

"It's harder than that, sister!" Elder Sister Fumu..... "

“I'm listening. I couldn't move, but I didn't lose consciousness.”

Well, that's a quick story.

Arca looked up at the stark sky and whistled.

Soon, a big shadow was approaching us beyond the wall.

Oh, this is...!!

The man who spread his wings in the sky was a dragon.

The Sky Dragon, the sky champion with dark green scales.

"If you get on this one, this forest will be a jump."

Awesome, the Rock is the Demon King's Army!

“Let's go, too. We may recover somewhat by the time we get back.”

While staggering slightly, Sister got on the back of the dragon.

"In this case, it's going to take me a whole day to recover..."

Still, I can't keep silent when I hear about Fum's crisis.

"Take me with you, please."

I'm begging you, too.

That's why the Waynes are running by us.

Well, I'm not going to leave you here.

Just in case, looking towards Arca, she nodded.

With just four of us, it looks like we'll be able to get it up and running without any problems.

I'll deliver this book to the Demon King.

Aren't you coming?

"If I go, the commotion will be bigger."

Arca shrugs his shoulders.

Ah, sure enough, if she were a higher demon, she'd be out there.

"When you're done, just let me know with that crystal sphere."Besides, she can go home on her own, so you can just throw her away. "

“Thank you for everything!”

"... ahhh! It's disgusting that humans should thank the demons, so please stop!"

Then Arca waved to get rid of us.

Both the mouth and attitude are bad, but the expression itself is relatively mild.

It seems that you don't have such bad feelings towards us.

Maybe it's because my sister showed me the power.

"Come on, let's go!!"


So we hurried to Raja on the back of the Sky Dragon.