Not long before Siegfried and the others took off on a dragon.

In the church where the sun set, Pham and Khmer stood side by side.

A tense air flows between the two of them, raising the tension.

It felt like a battle could start anytime.

“What is this going to be?such as putting a stick on me. "

“That's our line.You've tricked me so much. "

"Trick me? Now, what are you talking about?"

The sacred cane, which should be called the icon of the saintly lady, is as powerful as an iron plate.

"If I get attacked with this, I won't be injured..."

Khmer's attitude in response to the eagle's exhilaration had a strange margin.

"Let's stop acting. I'm already convinced of who you are.”

"Ho ho, are you sure?" Then it's as if somebody is masquerading as me. ”

"Yeah, that's right. You 're--"

A fam with a hand on his chest and a beat or so in between.

She peeks into Khmer eyes again, as if she had decided to do it.

It's a demon race, isn't it?

"Why did you think that?"

"The other day, when I used sacred magic, you left."Until then, you never tried to leave me alone, and only then did you leave on your own. ”

"That's because I couldn't see the anxious face of that merchant."

“That's not all.If you recall, you weren't always there when you used sacred magic.For the protection of the cathedral, for various reasons. "

Fumu's tone grew stronger.

There seems to be a strong conviction that Khmer is a demonic clan.

Meanwhile, Khmer's eyes begin to sat down as he began to realize that it was difficult to escape.

"... that alone is too weak a reason."I've been devoting myself to the Order for 40 years since I was a saintly lady! "

“Yes, that's why no one has ever doubted you.I don't think anyone in the organization will betray me for that long.But if it's a demon race, it's a different story. "

“What do you mean?”

"I hear that the demons have ten times the lifespan of humans."Then, for forty years or so, if it is for a great prayer, will it be dedicated? "

It will be difficult to continue undercover life for forty years, however fortunate it may be.

In addition to dedicating most of my life to it, I get burned out after spending so much time.

But that's only a matter of thinking about human beings.

If you're a demon with ten times the life expectancy of a human, you have to be patient.

“I see, but I don't want to be so determined.”

"Well then, there's one more thing." I was also independently investigating corruption within the Order.However, we have not been able to capture the evidence even with a lot of personnel. ”

"It's just that the other person was skilfully hiding the evidence."And what does that have to do with what I'm betraying? ”

“Absolutely. I trusted you, the oldest executives, and excluded you from the survey.”

At last, the movement of Khmer was stopped by Pham's words.

Eventually he begins to laugh when he shakes his whole body slightly.

A mad voice echoed throughout the cathedral.

"...... I don't want to play the farce anymore! I never thought you'd see through that!I've been taking care of you like a real parent! "

“I wish I was lying, too, if I could.”

"As you said, the injustice inside the church is my lead.Amd is just a blind spot to slow things down.He's just a prankster.I don't have the guts to cheat. "

Khmer said that and began to tremble with his hands spread out.

The body is overflowing with enormous magic power, and the muscles are rising up stupidly.

The clothes jumped a thousand times, and the white skeleton stretched from my back.

A strange and terrible wing of bone is immediately formed, and a membrane fills between the skeleton.

A few minutes later, it wasn't a priest in bishop's clothes who stood there.

It was a terrifying great demon race that looked like the incarnation of a nightmare.

"This is... more than I expected...!!"

“Let's introduce ourselves again.I am the heart of the Grand Duke, Kurdion, commander of the 5th Division of the Demon King's Army. "

Kurdion once again boosted his magic power when he called himself Kurdion.

The rough magical power overflowing from the body becomes a storm that strikes the surroundings.

The beauty was just enough to make sense even if it was the demon king.

The whole cathedral trembles and dust falls from the ceiling.

"The schedule is a little early, but it's okay."I'm going to kill you here and make it a battle. "

"This is still a saintly woman. I hope you don't think it's that easy to defeat."

A Pham confronts Kurdion with a scepter.

The sacred magic power overflows from its body, and it reigns with the wicked magic power.

“People behind you! You're an adventurer, please help me!!"

Eventually, Fumu turned around and called out to the adventurer who was breathing in the shadow of the couch.

Kurta was accompanying her escort.

I was going to tail him so he wouldn't find out, but Fumu had already noticed.

--There is no better way to do this than to cooperate.

Kurta and the others were watching suddenly, but rushed out of the shadows.

Then, they formed a formation to defend the fame, mainly Rowga, who had a large shield.

It's sudden, but thank you!

"This is it! We will definitely protect the Saintess!"

"Hahaha! It's an honor to be able to protect the Saintess once in a lifetime!!"

Right! It's a rarely sunny stage.

To inspire themselves, Kurta and the others dared to slap their mouths lightly.

Seeing him, Kurdion snorted and laughed.

"It doesn't make sense how much more adventurous you are."It'll blow everything away!! "

"Let's go! Let's defeat this demon race!!"

Thus began the battle between the adventurers led by the Virgin Pham and the Krudion!