"What is this number...!?"

We breathed unexpectedly into a swarm of dragons filling the sky.

I didn't expect to encounter so many dragons.

Thinking is likely to stop when events far exceed expectations.

"The last time I was here, there was only Weyburn...!"

Really, onee-san?

Otherwise, I won't be able to fulfill your request!

"Now is not the time to say that!" Let's get out of here!! "

We're running at full speed.

However, several dragons released their braces towards the cliff.

Ringing bangs, crumbling boulders.

The cliff road is suddenly blocked by dirt, and we lose our way back.

Oops! That's not good!

"Look over there!"

Having said that, Sister Shell pointed to a large rift on the cliff.

The entrance is only wide enough to let you lie down, but the back seems to be quite wide.

When this happens, we're going to have to get out of here for the time being!

As soon as we slip into it in a big hurry, Sister Shell puts the barrier in place.

Noah, help me!


I also helped my sister and a powerful magic wall was unfolded at the entrance.

You'll have it for a while.

In the meantime, we're relieved that we've escaped the crisis.

Somehow, they were all safe.

“Yeah, but I didn't know there were so many dragons.”

"Yeah, there's obviously something wrong with it."

Kurta and the others with a completely troubled face.

Then Liza-san asked what was going on outside across the barrier.

That red scales dragon over there, that's a fire dragon that lives in a volcanic zone.

"If you ask me, yes." It's not like you're in a snowy mountain. "

Isn't that other green scales a forest dragon?

"That's right... if you ask me..."

Sister Liza and Sister Kuruta exchange opinions while watching the swarm of dragons.

Apparently, the herd is mixed with species that don't originally live on Mount Larat.

Does that mean there are dragons all over the continent?

"... that's how it's going to be."

"It's getting bigger and bigger." Could this be the influence of the demons as well? "

Nino crushes with anxious faces.

She was right, I could only think of a demon clan doing this.

But what are you going to do with all the dragons in one place?

I don't suppose you're trying to wage war on the human world with a horde of dragons in your vanguard.

If something like that blows up down the mountain, one or two of our countries will blow up...!

"Anyway, this is a retreat for now." Whatever it is, that number is tough. "

"I see... it's not enough to kill Noah, Shell and me five at a time."

"Five bodies at a time, no matter how crazy." I'm only three, right? "

"Well, I think I can go."

"No, no, that's not the problem..."

The Rowgas, who are stunned to hear our conversation.

Huh, did you say something strange again?

When she tilts her neck slightly, Kurta asks her to change the subject.

"We have to get out of here sooner than that." I've been shaking since before! "

"If this keeps up, the ceiling might fall..."

As soon as Nino said that, a similar sound came from Dong and Thunder.

At the same time, pebbles fall from the ceiling.

The dragons that saw the strength of the barrier began to attack the surrounding cliffs, not there.

"Fortunately, the rocks around here are quite sturdy..."

Like the cliff I just saw, it doesn't matter when it collapses.

That's not good. We're going to be dead right now.

But you can't go out there.

"Well, if there's anything distracting about them... yes!"

Saying that, Sister Shell took the big doll out of the magic bag.

Is this a kind of golem...?

It seems to imitate the figure of a boy, and he is carefully dressed up.

If you don't look at the glomerular joints in your limbs, you're going to be mistaken for a human.

"What is this?"

"It's a doll that Ariel asked me to make."

Huh, are you going to use it for a mannequin?

"Come on! I just made it like I said!"

For some reason, Sister Shell was blushing while obstinately hiding the doll's face with her hand.

Are you embarrassed that you're still working on it?

Shell-san is a perfectionist, so she cares about that kind of thing.

When I think about it, Liza-san mutters in a daze.

"Did Ariela make such a thing again...?"

"Well, that's fine." This time, I was saved. "

But can such a doll really distract the dragon?

Kurta looks at the doll with a dazzling look on her face.

She's right. Can a single doll attract a herd of dragons?

Sister Shell sighed and said.

"I'm fine with that." This doll uses high-purity magic crystals to power it.

You can definitely attract a dragon. "

But won't it be broken soon?

Don't worry about it, it's very sturdy with your sister's order.

What the hell were you going to do with a doll like that?

I accidentally tilted my neck, but once again my sister insisted that I didn't need to know.

Doesn't that mean that Sister Shell knows why?

What you just said is inconsistent.

As my doubts deepen, Sister Liza slaps me on the shoulder.

“Look, Noah, you don't have to know. You have to be an adult to know.”


"Anyway, with that doll, the dragons will catch your attention and escape all at once!" We don't have time! "

That's what I said, Liza-san.

This is how we began our escape from the Dragon Valley.