I kept being called incompetent at home, but it seemed super competent globally

One story. That's how I left the house.

"Another blow..."

Practice matches that are routine.

Sister Liza, who beat me up as usual, sighed in a sincerely fed up manner.

"Noah. How many years has it been since you started working out swordsmanship?

"... it's been three years"

"In the meantime, how can you be so weak while you teach me? You're no longer talented."

"Ugh...! I'm trying..."

"Don't make excuses!

- Gun!

A relentless kick burst into my flank.

My sister growls louder and louder at me with a belly.

"Become a master of all your mouths. You're weak because you don't have enough guts!

"Gut guts, Sister Liza is always that! Whatever you ask, 'Do something with your guts'! Then I don't know what to do!

"You, you're willing to take my guidance, which is Kensei!

- Gum, gum!!

Sister Liza coming in to kick me again.

No longer, I just thought I was bumping into frustration.

"Enough, I still can't have a sword on you incompetent. It's about giving up."

"Sister! I...!

"Perseverance! Busy I took the time to do it straight away, just be thankful for that!

When she gave up my hand, Sister Liza walked away.

I stand alone in the shapes that are left behind.

It wasn't so bad before...

At least, there was nothing like kicking me.

Will Sister Liza finally be here for me after all this time?

I hope you don't mind the violence.

"You pissed off Sister Liza again?

"Sister Ciel......"

Soon, Sister Ciel stood behind me.

She says with a delightful grin when brought to her favorite cane.

"Why don't you give up your swordsmanship and become a magician?

"Sister Ciel herself said before that I have no magic talent, right?

"Oh well. I totally forgot, I'm sorry!

... obviously on purpose!

Although I apologize with my mouth, my eyes were totally laughing.

"But you can't let me do anything, can you? Was there anything you could do the other way around?


"You don't even have a deal to answer instantly? I'm in trouble with incompetence at all."

When she exhaled furiously, Sister Ciel lifted her hands to do good.

And when you look at my face again, you say it in a thoughtless way.

"Okay? You're not the kind of person who can stay in this house. Speaking of the former, my father just took you away from me when I wasn't close. I'm still putting that away because our sisters' hearts are wide open. Carve that on your chest!

".................. ok"

"Phew, you're a good listener today. If you understand, even stunts that will help us at best -"

I'm leaving this house.

To this point, I couldn't keep my mouth shut either.

It is what I call the limit of patience.

And I'm fifteen years old, too.

It fits when I can be alone as an adult.

I'm not going to keep taking care of my sisters forever, and this is just the time.

"Wait a minute. Are you serious about that?

"Oh. I'll pack my stuff by tomorrow."

"You're lying, right? It's not funny if you're joking!

You guessed what I meant, Sister Ciel's face changed.

Apparently it was a completely unexpected development, and I can see you're in a real hurry.

Her tone, which she usually had plenty of room for, was terribly flat.

"Tell Sister Liza too. If I put it in person, it'll hold me back."

"Stop it, of course! Mostly you, how are you gonna live out of this house? Yeah, it's not gonna be easy to find a job, is it?

"I'm going to be an adventurer. Because the Alliance is always looking for people."

The moment the word adventurer appeared, Sister Ciel's eyes opened wide.

When she packs her distance from me, she shakes her neck sideways with all her might.

"No, you can't do that! When I say adventurer, it's not just a dangerous job to exorcise demons and escort them! A clumsy one like you, he won't survive!

He said, "It's okay! Because I will do a job that suits my height properly. I won't force you."

"But hey......!

Sister Ciel stuffing words.

For this world, it is an essential vocation to say adventurer.

He is a very grateful being, covering areas beyond the reach of the Knights and the Army.

That's why Sister Ciel can't deny from the front that I'm going to be an adventurer.

"Anyway, I'm leaving this house. I've already made up my mind."

"Hey, just calm down! At least once for all my sisters and brothers, after we discuss it! We'll have everyone just at the end of the month. Wait till then, right?

"No, 'cause if I had a sister Aelia, I'd be jerking off."

Aelia sister who runs one of the continent's premier big chambers of commerce.

When her sister and brother, the best at negotiating, came out, she was likely to be overstated.

I'm a master there, too, but I can only beat Sister Aelia.

"Mugu...! Why do you want to leave this house so much...! I guess you're not, like, having a woman somewhere!?

"Why would I do that! Mostly, the sisters are always with us when we go out!

If you try to go somewhere by yourself, you're bound to have one of your sisters following you.

I don't remember going out alone for the last five years or so thanks to you.

There was no way I could make a woman in this situation.

But Sister Ciel still looks reluctant to convince you.

"But sneaking around..."

"Ah, already! Anyway, I'm leaving this house! If I stayed home all this time, I'd feel like a no-good person who couldn't do anything!

"Wait, wait!! Noah!!"

Sister Ciel desperately trying to stop it.

When I waved her away, I packed my bags and left the mansion.