I never thought I'd be fighting Uncle Will.

I take a deep breath and calm my mind. I feel the sweet and relaxing scent of flowers.

My ideal bad girl is never in a hurry under any circumstances. Even if you're desperate, you can still smile.

"You've made a good face."

Uncle Will said so to please his children.

Uncle Will was the first person to confess that he wanted to be a bad girl.

...... I'm getting stronger, so I'll prove it to Uncle Will. That is why I must definitely defeat him.

I've never used magic like this to compete against anyone.... Uncle Will, we have to do everything we can from the beginning.

There was a lot of crystal-clear black magic circles with a lot of geometric patterns. The magic circle runs up to the sky to protect me. It spread more and more to the left and right, and it was ready to attack.

He was surprised to see me hesitating more to attack him.

I know Uncle Will can't win without using his head, but I want to fly from the beginning. Otherwise, the engine won't start.

"This is..."

Looking at the spreading magic circle, Uncle Will's eyes tightened wide.

I'm sure I'm the only one who can cast a lot of magic circles like this. I am so proud of being special.... I'd like to think so, but Liz-san seems to be able to do it.

...... Let's stop thinking about Liz now.

"Alicia, what the hell are you..."

I told you, I'm gonna be the worst bitch ever.

I recognize Uncle Will as my opponent and stop saluting him.

Uncle Will stares at me with an evil, feminine smile.

I told him with my eyes to look at my achievements so far. Whether that made sense or not, Uncle Will was ready for it.

"It's been a long time since I've seen magic..." I'll fly from the beginning, too. "

Uncle Will narrowed his eyes and smiled. At that moment, there were as many magic circles in the universe as I did.

A beautiful magic circle with pale colors. I was surprised to see his magic power.

...... You're kidding. I think it takes a lot of magic to get this out.

"You really were a genius boy..." I wonder what would have happened if Uncle Will hadn't lost his magic power.

I know it's no use just thinking about it, but I couldn't help but think about it.

Are you frightened?

I can't believe it. Rather, I'm happy to be able to fight someone so strong.

"I'm happy to be able to fight Alicia."

Since I came here, the reality is that I completely forgot that Uncle Will is dying of spotting.

I can't believe you know it's a phantom anywhere in your head. Uncle Will was so real that he was right in front of me.