I had a desire to be a villain's warrant for maiden games when I was reborn.

Because I thought the face behind the poisonous villain's warrant must be a strong woman with a core.

That's only my delusion, and all my friends wanted to be heroines.

Surrounded by handsome men, they admire the reverse harem state.

Let's be honest, I hate heroin. I'm worse than that.

With his special abilities, he entered the aristocratic school of magic, specially from civilians, a smile said angel, always beautiful, a dull heroine that ruffled the prince's heart...... Let's put aside my view of personal heroine that

Anyway, I wanted to be a villain warrant lady. I know what it's like to be a villain warrant lady who spits poison on heroin.

Walking blurry thinking that if he died, he could be reincarnated, he got stuck in a truck and really died.

I remember the memories of my previous life.

My name is Alicia, the eldest daughter of the Williams family......

Yes, I'm the villain's warrant for the most haunted maiden game of my previous life.

Alicia is a villain's warrant with a beauty that attracts young and old alike.

Beauty with golden eyes in pitch-black hair!

Later, however, everyone's eyes are turned to heroin.

That's what makes Alicia more and more of a belly-black bad girl.

My mouth loosens unconsciously.

I was able to become a memorial villain's maid. I'm glad I didn't do anything wrong in my previous life.

If this happens, I'll play the villain.

You're gonna be the worst girl in the world and you're gonna be in history!