I’m a Dullahan, Looking for My Head

Prologue, for some reason, full body armor.

"Oh, you're looking forward to it. I want to go home and play some games soon."

I, Azusuke Kubi, 24, was on my way home from work looking forward to buying and playing a new game.

That said, the time is not night. It's still a little bright time before sundown.

The more you walk down the road, the more you hear the kids playing in the park.

I got my job done early today to get home and play games.

If it's for the game, it's boring. Work is easy. The quickest you can do this, the quickest you can play.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I have no problem staying up all night.

I'll give it my best shot.

I'm a guy who gets paid for my work and spends it on geeky hobbies like cartoons, games and light novels.

Moments like these are my happiness.

"Game threesome!

It's me walking high on tension, but I stop with the red light in front of me exactly.

I don't have an ex-child or an ex-child to die of floating here.

I'm not the kind of guy who gets hit by a truck for such a dumb reason.

Staring at the big truck coming from a distance, I snort all the time.

The sight of the parent and child stopping next door hurts as well. Especially Mother, I want you not to look at me with eyes like you see a pervert.

The girl next to her mother was playing the ball about the ground even though she said it was a sidewalk.

Isn't it dangerous?

This isn't a park anymore, is it?

Looking sideways at the girl, I thought I hadn't been a parent lately.

Staring at the truck coming from afar making a painful noise.

I just wait for the signal to turn blue.

"... ah..."

A small shadow crossed my sight at the same time that I heard such a slight voice.

What a girl chased the ball and jumped out onto the road.

Come on, don't say that. Don't say that! Because he's playing with the ball in this place!

My body was moving because I was screaming in my heart.

I can clearly hear the ringing cration and the tall braking noise. I don't have time.

When I jumped out onto the road, I held the girl up and threw the girl toward her mother. with the game.

Her mother managed to take the girl while wearing a butt cake.

Unfortunately, they didn't accept my game.

A terrible shock struck my body while I was still horrified.

The shock runs all over me, destroying my body.

Something important breaks, breaks, and flies away.

My vision turned upside down when I realized it.


The expression of the stunned dyed mother mirrors the true opposite.

Then my vision changes rapidly and moves to my blown body.

There was no neck there. My blood-soaked body flies like a bored rag.

... Oh, my neck blew up.

In a slow motion world, my brain understood, leaving behind a slight thought.

My head is blown away.

Then my vision turned glue, and I couldn't grasp anything - my head slapped on concrete.

When I woke up, the first thing I felt was light.

A clear shadow is formed in the soil by the day of the leakage of the tree, which is thrown in from between the branches.

Such a path continues all the way to the back.

Trees with a full view.

It's full of trees that are dozens of meters tall and reminds me of the jungle and the sea of trees.

"……… I don't know what that means."

Why am I in the woods?

I helped the girl jump out on the road and got hit by a truck.

The shock must have caused him to fly all the way to his head and bleed to death.

If this is the dream you're having on the hospital bed, I'd be surprised. Something like air and smell is too real.

Well, that's impossible.

It couldn't have helped because my head had flown away. Immediate death.

If there's anything else I can think of, is it possible that I might have died and ended up in another world?

It's a common development in online novels, games, and animations.

People who die in modern Japan are reincarnated and transferred to different worlds because of God's cheesy abilities.

And it's the one who's unrivalled, relaxed, and involved in a case in another world.

I'm a nerd's end, too, so my chest gets hot for that stuff.

If it fits my current position, would it be a different world shift?

'Cause I'm not a baby...... do I?

When I turned my gaze toward my body, for some reason, my lower body was close to black, wrapped in something gray.


For a moment my lower body was mechanized and I thought it was a cyborg... no.

What's wrapped around my lower body is armor.

There is no such thing as skin exposure with heavy armor as a knight would equip.

If you look at your foot, there was a red cloth hanging over your back. It's a cape, apparently.

Likewise, I looked at my chest, arms, and shoulders and let out a dull light, wrapped in grey armor.

"Why are you equipped with armor or something!?

Try twisting yourself or tapping your armor to make sure.

Then a metallic sound echoed through the forest.

"……………… Sounds authentic."

Apparently, I look like a full-body armor. That's the one with a lot of defense in the bees, too.

I have no idea why I'm in the woods like this.

Could this be the perk of a different world transfer?

So maybe he has some great abilities.

No, wait, wait. Don't hurry up, Kubi no Sosuke.

It has not yet been decided that this is a different world.

Through these woods there was a modern Japanese city. What could possibly happen?

We don't have enough information right now. Anyway, let's walk for the crowd.

Then it's judgment.

Chunch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch, chinch

I went for information and even walked down the road.

The scenery around them remains very unchanged, with trees flowing through their sights.

It's me who looks like full body armor, but the footprint is light. It feels like a part of my body without feeling any weight at all.

The noise was loud with the gushing, but I'm used to it.

Now he walks in the mood for a cosplay of full body armor.

The path through which trees spread, whether walking or not. Every plant you see from time to time takes a different shape.

Something like red rafflesia, like parasitic to trees, mushrooms with purple poisonous colors.

The parasitic rafflesia even grows like a tentacle, like a creature.

It is likely to be eaten or melted by that tactile sensation just by touching it.

Again, I don't think it belongs to Japan.

Do you think they even flew to a foreign tree sea when that happened? Is it another world?

While observing the many demonic plants, I move on.

Moving on for a while, I reached the open lake.

Fish and creature shadows can be seen everywhere on clear waters.

Above the fallen trees, there are brightly colored birds standing to target them.

Animals who have never seen it also drink the water here and put their mouth on the surface.

It's a beautiful lake I've never seen before.

But I only had feelings like disgust. Sensibly, it feels like I'm still standing on a cliff that's about to fall.

I don't know what that means. It's not that I'm not a canazuchi or anything, or that I used to drown and be traumatized in the lake.

Yet my body is reacting to not going that way.

With fear and discomfort in just a deep and indescribable lake.

It's not like I'm thirsty, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to get hydrated.

It could be huge by the time this forest is huge.

When can we reach people?

Then even if you don't remember thirst, you need to drink some moisture now.

The water on this lake doesn't even seem cloudy, so it seems okay to drink it as it is.

I really want to boil it properly, sterilize it, and then drink it, but I don't have anything to draw water from, and I can't help it.

Pushing and killing emotions that don't make sense to fear the lake, I approach the water as I step on the grass.

Getting closer every step of the way is driven by the urge to escape.

An impulse that doesn't make sense.

Your body seems to be refusing to move on.

Nor is there a fierce crocodile-like beast lurking nearby.

I checked my surroundings with care, then twisted my fears down and peered into the water.

He looked like a full-body armor, and I saw him.

But there was no neck there.