I'm really not a scumbag

Chapter 547 is also lived, Yu Li Niangjia

The tea saillet is not very good, but as long as you can live, the forest is already earned.

The fruit tree branch is extra earning,

Nowadays, fruit tree varieties, basically can cut the survival.

In the jade space of Linfeng, there is no failure.

The deputy director of Liu is embarrassed, and I feel that I can't live a bunch of tea tree seedlings to the forest.

It takes too much cheap, just in the fruit tree branches, there are many fruit saplings.

The compensation for giving forest places.

Lin Yu-three will not be rejected, but I have received it.

A transaction, both parties are very satisfied.

Deputy Director Liu may earn, and Lin is willing forever.

The tea tree seedlings together with the fruit saplings, the fruit tree branches have been installed together, and the forest is trying to grab some time.

See if you can transfer it to the space as soon as possible, you can save a tree.

He didn't find a Ten Li, and he waved his other side.

I sat in the car to go back to the city together.

Big cold days, the car must be comfortable than the car,

Lin Yu is biased to sit in the car, the driver did not feel strange.

What's more, so many seedlings are spending money, and they will be distressed.

It must be tight.

The driver only thought that Lin is worried that it is worried that the seedlings are lost, but I don't know that Lin is shocked to move the tea seedlings into space.

I don't know how much can I live, and Lin Pian first moved in a batch of things.

He didn't dare to take a lot of time, and only the top ten tea every tea tree, two.

When I came, I was in the bus to spend nearly 2 hours.

It is a truck that is only less than 1 hour, saving half a time.

It's going to enter the city, Lin Yuyun knocked on the glass after knocking the car,

He shouted a few parking, the driver did not hear it,

When the car is slow, he hurriedly said: "Master, stop in front, trouble you, I will have a busy to remove it, I am waiting for them, just waiting for them, they will come back to help me. "

The driver master is also easy to easily: "Then I will not be polite with you, let's put it down here, I am equal to the holidays, I can go to the city to go shopping!"

"You are welcome!"


The two are together, soon quickly put the seedlings on the car, the branches are removed from the grass on the road.

The driver is in a hurry, and it has not found some part of the tea tree seedlings.

The driver of the forest is driven away, and I watched it, I'm sure that there is no one, and I have received the seedlings and branches all.

Then drill into the woods and flashed into space.

Forest placed on the outside car for nearly 1 hour, and the tea tree seedlings for space have passed more than 5 days.

20 tea saplings, actually lives, but unfortunately, Wuyiyan tea is not covered, and the two are dead.

The two of Huangshan Maofeng lived, and the rest is alive.

Lin Yu is used to scan the ten tea saffling, and determine that the saving is not living, simply pull out to throw it into the side field.

Immediately, ten dead tea trees were pulverized for fertilizer.

Immediately, Lin Plaza has a deep cultivation of this acral tea tree.

Adjusts the spacing of ten tea trees, then planting other tea seedlings into it.

There are still 88 tea safflowers, accounting for less than half of the ground.

Lin Yu is used to make up, and put these half-acres.

From now on, this half-acre is a tea plantation.

Top more is a set of some legumes,

If there is no need, Lin is will not move again.

After the plan is busy, the Lin is wiped and wiped with the fine sweat of the forehead, I only feel satisfied.

Start next week, he can harvest a small amount of tea.

Ten famous tea, in addition to Wuyi rock tea, there is a famous tea, which is rock, is not easy to survive.

Which kind of other famous tea can you want to drink which kind of drink?

Think of happy, Lin Yu can't help but be full of strength.

Then, he also planted the fruit saplings into the tea garden.

Cherry, plum, peach, mushroom, pear, apple, persimmon, date, eight varieties.

Other fruit trees are also common, but the peaches and jures are quite special.

The peach is a peach, the date is a golden boy, which is a nutritious nourishment.

As the saying goes, the peach threeprude four pears for five years, the date of jujube is selling this year.

Several jujube trees are definitely the first to mature, and the forest execess is now planted now. When tomorrow, the jujube can hang the fruit.

There is also a fruit seedlings: mushroom, saying that it is a tree is not appropriate.

It is a close relative of tomato, and it is a born herbal cake plant, and plants can live for 8 years.

The child is also long to the left, there is a 40-2 cm, more like a bush, and the mouth is very good.

The rest of the bunch of branches are not pulled down, and they are planted into another acre.

He is not ready to stay, wait until the saplings will grow up.

Each fruit tree remains the largest, sweeter, and the other is a shovel.




When the Lin is busy busy, the Red Star Farm is not calm at the moment.

Workers in the farm are very discussing a forest place.

As early as possible, the professor of the Agricultural College took a total of 160 tea trees to the farm, and each famous tea is 16.

When the species, the confidence is full, saying what November is the best weather,

I can't see it at first, waiting for snow,

The case of tea saplings is bad in one day, and it is even more likely to turn over the year.

Directly announced the failure of transplanting, the professors of the Agricultural School are not coming,

Tea saffling is also handled by the farm.

The deputy director of Liu wanted to shoot the trees of the top ten tea, change the yellow tea,

This is good to explain it.

Just Director does not agree, hard to stop it,

The result is that there is a tea seedlings every day, and the situation is getting more serious.

If Lin Yu is coming over later, it is not good to have the famous tea seedlings in the whole tea garden.

Now there is still 98 left to leave, and eventually survive 88, it is already unfortunate.

For these remaining tea seedlings, the forest is not coming,

It has also been sentenced to death in the minds of the farm workers, which is to see which day is dead.

Lin Yu is willing to spend money, and the deputy director of Liu is very happy. Some farmer workers do not understand.

There is also a worker who wants to remind the forest to make a doctors, but they have been persuaded by colleagues.

Waiting for Lin Yu, saying anything.

Everyone's opinions are: Lin Yu is a friend of Liu deputy director, and it is spent on the surface.

So, in the case of unknowing, Lin Yu has become the 'Liu deputy director of the farm all workers!

Teacher Li and Wen Li arranged students to divide 6 groups, a group of 10 people.

When students have started to go to the field, they two four knots.

It is also empty.

Teacher Li couldn't help but looked at Wen Li and intended to not intend to say: "Wen teacher, Master Lin and deputy director of Liu, are not knowing?"

"How do I know this?"

Wen Li is not used to Mr. Li, this move, there is no good way: "You want to know, you are looking for him!"

Teacher Li was gone, and his face was a bit embarrassed, but it didn't care too much.

This person, she is still understanding, Xiaobel Joa habits, people are still good,

Not for her.

"You see you, Wen teacher, so angry?"

Teacher Li smiled and said: "I just ask, you see, a bunch of farm workers say that there is an unhappy tea sago seedlings, Master Lin is bought, and still spent 25 dollars, general relationships, Can not send such a ritual! I have a half a month of salary less than 25 yuan! "

Wen Li couldn't help but stunned, Teacher Li said this, she is not sure.

When I thought it was on the bus, I took out 4 eggs when I took my hand.

He only took one, but he gave her and Xiao Hui for one and a half.

I think that the half of my own, Wen Li can't help but touch their lips, slightly a bit blush.

"Wen teacher? Wen teacher ... Hey! What is it?"

Teacher Li waved his hand in front of Wen Li, seeing her awakening, this way: "What is going on, call you for half a day, you don't agree!"

"No ... Nothing!"

There is a little empty in Wen Li, I am afraid that Teacher Li has seen it.

She quickly pulled her own daughter: "You said the money, I think our home Yan Ni, now there is so important that there is no money? Is there anything else? Our family Yan Ni hasn't eaten a long time. A good thing! "

"Hey ... Who is not?"

Talk to this heavy topic, Teacher Li did not think about gossip.

She said: "Now quantification is getting less and less, that is, the farm is willing to accept us, with the children to lower the field, we can mix a full meal. If you are lucky, the meat is not expected, you can mix We are not white! "

When it comes to the words of the egg, Teacher Li can't help but swallow, it seems to have smell the aroma of eggs.

I heard the word "egg", and Wen Li faintly feels that the lips seem hot.

It's like Lin Plant, and her mind couldn't help but somewhat chaos.




Forest places set up the space, and carefully check the stock in the grass house,

In my heart, the panic of the lack of grains is finally fixed.

There is a main grain in the space: rice, mung bean, thousands of pounds white

Have oil, vegetables, two food: peanuts thousand pounds

There is a dish, staple food, two-purpose grain: thousands of pounds of potatoes

There are a large number of vegetables, chickens and duck rabbits countless, a variety of spices,

Today, tea and fruit are still, don't say Lin Yu and the old lady.

Even if you have a whole four-in-court, it is tired.

From Rebirth to now, Lin Yu is also a breather.

If you have a full solution, you can consider eating a good problem.

What kind of soybeans, peas, broad beans, rice beans, red beans,

Like a mushroom, flat mushroom, mushroom, pine, monkey head mushroom,

What kind of pork, lamb, beef, venison, scorpion meat,

What abalone, sea cucumber, lobster, shark fin, emperor crab,

Flying in the sky, running on the ground, travel in the water,

Four legs, two legs, one leg,

Make it in the space.

Not afraid of small space, just do one,

Rapidity is quenched, you can fully realize the happiness of the fortune.

That is, he wants to go to Xishi with He Yuzhu next week, Lin Yuyu's intention, can only push it again.

Lin released space,

Get a three pockets out,

A pocket is used to wear a meat, and two rabbits that have been killed, a chicken,

A pocket is used to make dishes, and it is a fresh vegetable,

A pocket is used to facilitate the face, and it is 10 pounds of grinding green bean surface.

This mung bean is a good thing, whether it is used to fryballs, or used to make green bean cakes, green bean ganfoil,

Even with the white surface, make a two-in-faced hoe,

They are all right.

Especially used to fryballs and make green beans cakes,

Don't need green beans, completely don't do it.

Lin Yu wants to have a long-lost campet and mung bean cake, not from the mouth of the oral water.

This craft forest is not learning to learn from Peng, but he is learning with his mother.

Lin Mom is the northern part of the Northern Yubei. She will steamed steamed buns, geese, fryballs, fried fish, fried oil cakes, fried twisted, and this green bean cake.

This mung bean cake is not a green bean cake, but a flat ingredient with a copper size.

Can be speculated separately, you can also zuo, pepper, meat,

It is even if you do a soup, and you don't have a flavor.

Forest put three pockets and walked for a while, there was a bus, there was a bus.

He bought a ticket to get on the bus and took a minute and get off.

Slowly go back to the big hunter.

I am going to the end of the alley, causing the way to come out.

Lin Yu, greeted a laughter: "Hey, who is bullying us at home? I will tell me, I will help you!"

"I bother!"

Seeing is Lin Yu, Yu Li, I saw it, see Nothing neighbors,

This dare to dare to whiten him, hey: "Who is your home? Almost you will bully people!"

This little girl!

Lin Yinxin Head, the small channel: "Let me bully bully that night?"

"! !"

Yu Lihe Lin put two times, back half a step, and looked at it again,

Talented to the small channel: "You are crazy! Let people hear, I still don't do anyone? Again ... people are not good!"

"You are not? Thanks to you, it is a little daughter!"

Lin Yu is a little bit of peaceful: "I haven't used hard, you are like this, your field is not till! In the future, I want to study the new movement of the study."

"You don't want your face! I don't tell you!"

Yu Li has experienced shallow, where, I have heard this kind of touch, red, soft, soft,

I don't know where it is, and my eyes are moist.

I have a little emotional appearance, she wants to go with her twist.

"Don't, in the sister, I haven't said it yet!"

Lin Yu stopped Yu Li, nor to laugh again, and asked: "How is it, who is in the end?"

"It's still not to solve!"

Yu Li thought of her family, suddenly came again: "I like him, die, I will die! I told him that weekend today, just my sister is also at home, I haven't returned for a long time, and let me He takes a stick, I will go home.

He can fell, saying that his family is his dad, he can't get it. I married them to the house, salary, I usually have no money in my hand, I want to go back to the mother, I have to point the stick, I have to be so hard, what is my picture! "

She is more wronged, the eyes are red, and the eyes are going down.

" ! !"

Lin Ran quickly looked around, stop: "My sister, you have to cry, I can't make people me! I am doing it, these two pockets should be held first."

"What, do you give me?"

Yu Qichao passed through the pocket, did not expect the pocket to be heavy, almost lost land,

She opened it, she couldn't help but show the sound: "Where are you from the chicken and rabbits? There is this gray green, what face?"

"Green bean face, much better than the stick."

Lin Yu also touched the lower pocket, touched ten yoghuins into Li's hand: "Take advantage of the sky, you quickly returned to the mother, and he can catch up with the last bus."

"I do not want."

Yu Li refused, put two pockets into the forest: "This is also you, you are not my man, I will eat you, spend you?"

"Hurry up!"

Lin Yu hard plugs to Li, said, "You don't want, I am more giving. I will give it to you, I will worry about you. I am missing with me, not bad, I'm. Jujube. Just, Don't pay with the old family family. You can live without fake, easy to have friends. "

"Loys ..."

Yu Li Eye is more red: "I listen to you, I will listen to you in the future ..."

"Get it, hurry."

Lin Yuyi hugged: "You don't look at this day, then delay, are you still going back at night?"

"No return!"

Yu Lijun soft white forest placed,

This little man is real, let her love and hate.

Love is that he is in addition to strong, hard, give things so hegemony,

Also said ... also said to take her!

This is simply awkwardness to have a good thing.

She said: "If you see you for a while, you will help me tell him, I will return to my family, I will come back in a few days. Just got to raise the body, next time you don't ..."

"Don't I:?"

"Hey! I don't care!"

Lin Yu saw the figure of the Lili and the flee.

He really didn't listen to what she was in the last sentence, not to laugh with her.

I gave a look at the four nos, and Lin Yu took two pockets from the space.

Also reappeared some green bean and rabbits, chicken,

If you have a lot of money, it is not enough to use it.

He took three pockets to go forward, turned through the corner of the alley, just saw the back of Qinhuai Ru.

Lin Yuxin Heavy jumper, watching small widow,

I am afraid that I have been chasing it, she ran back and returned.

Is it afraid to tell yourself? What did you hear?

Lin Yu-dark himself, when he and Yu Li, the idea shrouded around.

No one is close to the ten meters, if Qinhuai Ru heard something,

Then she can only stand in the T word alley, his line of sight, the dead angle, and the model is very vague, I heard a few words.

Also, I didn't control the sound line, and the words that did not vomit.

He also resembles it, and it feels that even Qin Huai Ru really heard anything.

Large inadvertently overturned the plan of the small widow, giving her sleep directly.

I won't sleep, so sleep a few times!

Lin Anguo has been fixed, and this is slowly going to the hospital.