I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean in Section 1 in the Monster College.

When I was dean of the School of monsters: a small bottle of Flame

brief introduction:

This is a man who reborn into the King of Jinlong. After getting the dean developing a system, how to build a strong "strong monster" with a variety of strong monsters of the whole world!

Chapter 1 I became a dragon

The first sentence of Longpin Xuan opened his eyes is "lying in the groove"!

He is now on the place, but there is no water in the surrounding water, and the water is outside the cave.

Here is an underwater bottom here, and it is a waterstock.

The Dongfu hangs a new plaque "West Lake Dragon Palace"!

Yes, Long Pinxuan is now this lake, the new dragon king of West Lake in Hangcheng.

An a chasing escaped to the Lake as the king, Xiao Longwang.

Dragon's eyes, the complexity of the complexity, he was just a small staff member of the new century. At that time, he worked for a few years, but he was grabbed by the colleague. When he was promoted, he was grabbed.

I thought that I was on the way home, the bus came out of the accident, driving into the river on the bridge, after waking up, he is indeed in the water, but it is also known as the Xiaolong King of Longpin Xuan. The water here has also become water in West Lake.

As a dragon, but also the dragon being chased, it is certainly can't be exposed, and if you want to go out, you must first make a human shape.

Longpin Xuan integrates the remember of the past, nature is a reason why the origin is chased, and there is also the passage here.

He slowly spit a dragon ball from the mouth.

This dragon ball is very big, bright and bright, and it is not full of mana, and it is not Long Pin Xuan, this small dragon king can have.

This is the last moment of his father's life, let Dragon Ball guard Long Pin Xuan, broke out their vitality, and transfer him immediately to another corner of the world.

And here is West Lake.

Now Longpin Xuan wants to become a humanoid, can only rely on this dragon ball.

He slowly closed his eyes, and his body began to distribute slight golden light, and the mana began gradually incorporated into the dog boiler.

He is an orthodox five-claw Jinlong, and the dragon ball blended by the pulse is not difficult for him.

But this should be here.

Longpin Xuan This small five-square gold dragon tale is extremely high, and the small age has not formed a dragon ball.

A dragon double bead, in history, the first time in history.

Is two dragon bars coexisting, or integrated with each other?

On the dragon's faucet, the dragon angle began slight trembling, and the face was somewhat twisted. In his body, the energy of the two dragon balls began to collide with each other.

Although his Dragon Ball energy is not full but is the body's own energy, it is possible to mobilize all the bodies to fight the new Dragon Ball.

So in a short half, this tape war is still no results.

But when these two dragon balls collided, a flashing golden light passed through this layer of space, diverted toward the space of the universe, producing a singular signal.

In the long river of time and space, hundreds of rays explore all kinds of signals in the world. From time to time, there is a flashing after flashing.

Among them, there is a sudden, the frequency of signals and the signal frequency generated between the two Dragon Balls of Longpin Xuan.

This ray suddenly flashed, suddenly disappeared in this time and space.

At the same time, Longpin Xuan's mind reminded a voice.

"The frequency connection is successful! Bind!"

"Dean develops a system binding! Congratulations to host the system!"

"This system number 998! First binding, please take care!"

Longpin Xuan agreed, the body that was desperately fused, he felt that he had an illusion.

However, the change in the body, so that he did not have too much energy to pay, because the two Dragon Balls in the body changed.

These two dragon balls have been doped into an energy in the energy of each other, but this energy is neutralized in the energy of the two Dragon Balls.

It is like a tone agent, stabilizing these two dragon balls together, in the center of the two Dragon Balls, there is a third dragon ball, and this dragon ball is slowly rotating, absorbing The energy of two dragon balls.

When all the energy tends to be stable, Longpin Xuan slowly opened his eyes.

The third dragon ball absorbs energy takes a few hundred years, this can only come slowly.

However, his eyes showed a happy color, because he has now mastered the shape.

Longpin Xuan swallowed the Dragon Ball in front of the Dragon Ball, and the whole body began to start the golden light.

After the rays scattered, a young brunette black scorpion was in the cave.

His body wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, which is a dress that is dragon scales in his body.

Longpin Xuan looked at his hands and showed a smile on his face.

"The host has been chemically formed into human form, and the dean develops system universal!"

"Release the first task, to be the dean, naturally need a college, please occupy a place as a college! Mission completion reward: guide!"

Longpin Xuan: "?!"

He fell round his eyes and dared to hear him before he heard.

However, in this moment, Longpin Xuan is very arrogant, reborn and system is a proper new finger, it seems that he is expected to be expected!

Longpin Xuan looked at the surrounding environment, the water foundured as a recuperate, but it was not good as a college.

To start the school, it must be entered.

However, as a dragon, start school, collect human beings, what?

He silently, so, in order to make it, he still chooses it here.

Longpin Xuan went to the door of Dongfu, raised his hand, and the finger was sent out, and the original "West Lake Dragon Palace" above the Dongfu became the "West Lake Academy".

He then, his hands were out, and the mana had an emotion, and from time to time, he used a soil spell, with a wooden mage, and the entire cave has become new.

Longpin Xuan looked at the face of the face of the past, and sat down nodded.

"Yes! It seems that I still have a building talent!"

"Hey! Do you accept rewards?"

The sound of the system sounds in a timely, Long Pinxuan chooses to accept rewards.

At the same time, his chest slastpt.

The third dragon ball has passed an information on a stock, poured into his brain.

"Guidance surgery?" Longpin Xuan spit out his tone and meditating the name of this spell.

The so-called guiding surgery can guide the flow of various spells and energy, and can guide others' thinking and look highly a spell.

Longpin Xuan smiled, a flashes, rushing from the bottom of the lake.

He stood in the Xiwi and looked at the people around him, and his face suddenly stiff.

The people around are wearing costumes, and the surrounding buildings are also ancient buildings.

"Hey, how to forget this era!"

Longpin Xuan looked at the heterogeneous wear, flying quickly.

The clothes on the body have become a set of white-backed robe.

He lifted his foot and stepped into the crowd.

Chapter 2 receives a demon as a student

Walking on Longpin Xuan in the crowd, lazy look at the ancient architecture around the ancient valley, and sometimes sighs from time to time.

"my country's chemicals have been profound! Look at this roof, oh, so exquisite!"

"Look this, look at this kite, see this girl"

Longpin Xuan saw a green shirt son was shaking on the street, and the eyebrows were picked.

This person is thin waist T, looking up, is it a girl? Do you actually wear a man's clothing, do you die? Funny!

Longpin Xuan felt that he had become a bitterness under this ancient influence.

No, that person doesn't seem to be a person!

Longpin Xuan narrowed his eyes, quickly stepped forward, hand in hand, changed a folding fan from the cuff, tap the shoulders of the face of the green shirt, "this brother"

His folding fan just photographed the shoulders of the green shirt, and saw the green shirt son and opened his folding fan. The other hand held his fist, and he hit his face.

Longpin Xuan said that it is also a dragon. Although it is justified, there is a Dragon Ball of the Pentagle Jinlongwang. This little attack is naturally nothing.

He retired from behind, and naturally avoided this boxing.

However, the green shirt did not close his hand, turned and jumped, and it was a boxing. "I want to attack the young, watch!"

Longpin Xuan smoked his mouth, this girl is so unreasonable!