I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the second quarter of the dean of the Monster College.

He waved, and the empty cloth took a barrier cover, and the opposite green shirt was isolated from the crowd.

"Girl, I don't want to ask, why bother?"

The green shirt son's mouth is a smile, "Hey, your eyes are not? This son is handsome, where do you see it? I am a girl? Look!"

The green shirts said so on his mouth, but it can be kept at all, and a punch is holding a punch, and he is going to Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuanlian retreats, from time to time, the fists who have opened their hands, "Good men don't fight with women, the girl wants to force it again!"

Longpin Xuan felt that he was unfavorable in the year. It was just that I just wanted to see what is the shape of this. After all, I met one or two "old towns" in the crowd, not tears, how to open a play ?

The key is that this sister paper has nothing to move, and I still don't listen!

The green shirt is not able to do not see Longpin Xuan. The eyes are new, "the little thief, there are two mesaki, talk to this son, what are you exquisite? Maybe this son can also accept you as a younger brother!"

Longpin Xuan joked his mouth, as if you do this, I still want to be his big brother?

, girl family? How old is the older brother? !

Longpin Xuan snorted, his finger spells instantly, a small cloud directly floated to the top of the green shirt, a barrel of water was incorporated from Xiaoyun, and she was gone.

At this time, Longpin Xuan stands not far away, and taking a shot because of fighting some messy robe, smiling, looking into a green shirt, a green shirt, a dating chicken.

After the green shirt son, the face became red, and his hand was in the hand, and he also began to pick up the law. I want to give him a color.

At this time, the sound of the system in the brain of Longpin Xuan.

"Trigger Task: First Student!"

"As the dean, how can you have a student? Task content: Receive a student with spell potential to enter the college! Mission completion reward: Xihu College Personnel Directory, Level 1 Refining!"

Longpin Xuan's eyes suddenly lit up, triggered the task when he fights with the girl, that is, the system thinks this girl is suitable for recruitment into the college?

Students with spell potential? As long as it is a demon, it is not qualified, there are spell potential!

Longpin Xuan looked opposite the green shirts who were using spells and suddenly laughed.

Use guiding surgery!

"Girl, your drainage, the second finger of the finger is a little mistake, the index finger should go up, so that the water flow will be a bit deviation!"

Longpin Xuan stood in the same place, nor did you dodge, this is a laughing look at the green shirt bonus in front of the bonus using spells.

The green shirts have the face of the face to rise, spit out a word, "shit! Look at my drainage!"

A light blue water flow instantly appeared behind her, agglomerated into a water wave, giving the dragon.

However, this water wave is in the process of hinding, and the speed of the naked eye begins to be thinned. It is really impacted to Long Pin Xuan, but only half of it appeared before.

Originally, Longpin Xuan did not say that, the green shirts did not feel that it was a problem that he pointed out. But now, her face is hitting!

How can this small water flow hurt the dragon!

Longpin Xuan fails to make a hand, where there is from where to come back, and poured the green shirt.

"You!" The feet of the green shirt garde, and continue to make the spell.

Dragon product hidden, "look like, your skill doesn't seem to be orthodox!"

The green shirts of the green shirts looked at him, "To manage!"

Longpin Xuan is standing there, it seems that it looks too much, "naturally wants to manage, because I can teach you!"

On the green shirt, she thought what the other party would say, but I didn't expect the other party to say to teach her!

Her angry look is gradually moving, and it is complicated in the eyes of Longpin Xuan. "You say you want to teach me?"

Longpin Xuan nodded. "I found a college, an orthodox college, now I am enrolling, so I saw you, I think you have qualified, just think about you, see if there is any possibility to recruit you Admission, but I think of it, I really can't help! "

At this time, there is no longer arrogant, but it is a shy woman who is a little daughter. "Ah, that's this, then you said, I will not"

Dragon Pinxuan said that this is a great attraction for the green shirt son.

One is not worried about the little demon dream is to learn an orthodox skill. Now I have a college to take the initiative to recruit her, which makes her excitement.

But she also worry, "That, I don't believe your strength, your strength is really good, but is you really an orthodox agent?"

Longpin Xuan's mouth is slightly hook, reach out, then suddenly there is a piece of gold dragon scale in his hand.

"You you! You you are!" The words of the green shirt must not be complete, she shocked looking at Long Pu Xuan's hand.

He is actually a gold dragon!

As everyone knows, all the inheritance of all dragons comes from the mastian, and guarantees that it is orthodox, the key is that people are Jinlong! What does Jinlong mean? He is very likely to be a dragon king!

The college founded by Jinlong Wang? Professor orthodox spell!

She is so lucky!

Chapter 3, is it Xiaoqing?

After the scales in the hand of Long Pin Xuan returned, the eyes of the green shirts were shining, and they couldn't wait to take a front. "Really trick me?"

Longpin Xuan smiled, "Nature is true! If you agree, then I will go to the college!"

The green shirt is slightly hesitant, nodding, opposite this is the Jinlong King, if you really want to be unfavorable to her, there is no need to bypass a large circle.

Longpin Xuan took a green shirt, from the secret place, Jumping into the West Lake from the secret place, with her to the bottom of the lake.

The green shirt son looked at the magnificent Dongfu, the fifty bridge roof, and the golden brilliance is hidden!

Such a magnificent cave, just a college?

Look at the plaque, "West Lake Academy"!

The pen is powerful, the word is golden!

The green shirt son is slightly excited, hurriedly turned to look at Long Pin Xuan, the moment before and change, "asked the dean to collect me as a disciple!"

Longpin Xuan reached out to help her, "Not a disciple, is a student! Congratulations to you become the first student in the West Lake Academy!"

At this time, the sound of the system in the minds of Longpin Xuan.

"Hey! Task is completed, is it reward?"

Longpin Xuan chose "Yes"!

Then there is more details on the college personnel directory and 1 level refining, and the body is slowly changed.

It seems that he will originally releasing 1st, as long as he refines the antifankang and herbs, he can directly refine the 1-level Dan.

Compared to alchemy, Longpin Xuan is more careful to the Directory of the West Lake Academy.

He reached out, a golden booklet appeared in his palm.

Longpin Xuan opened the first page, the top of the top is naturally the "West Lake Academy", only the name of him alone below, "Dean: Long Pin Xuan".

This is also a role in the catalog of the West Lake Academy, that is, in the final generation of a contract, whether it is a man or a demon, just signed this contract, will never betray the West Lake Academy.

Longpin Xuan turned to the last page, at this time, in front of his eyes, a short contract content was generated, and there was a signator.

Longpin Xuan handed this page to the green shirt, "Sign here, after signing, you are the students of the West Lake Academy!"

The green shirts looked at this contract and felt it. It was determined that there was no additional calligraphy to the top, changed the brush and planned to sign.

Longpin Xuan's timely stopped the green shirt, "I need to sign your own blood!"

The green shirt is slightly, and then bit his finger and wrote his name on it.

Longpin Xuan took back to the West Lake Academic Personnel Directory, turned back to the first page, saw the names above, slight smile, and then stunned.

The name of the name is very familiar, "Xiaoqing!"

"Are you Xiaoqing?" Longpin Xuan looked up with the top of the green shirt before his memory, the green snake Xiaoqing was repaired for more than 500 years, and the men's clothing, and the White Snake first met. Turning her, later being taken by the white snake!

This is very similar to this woman standing in front of him, and even the temperament is the same, how did he have never thought.

It seems that he is very interesting to cross the point of time!

Xiaoqing is a little surprised to look at Longpin Xuan. "Dean knows me?"

Longpin Xuan shook his head, "Look at your signature is small, very good name!"

Xiaoyan face is red, and some look is looking forward to Long Pin Xuan, "Dean, when?"

Longpin Xuan laughs, "Don't worry, a month is taught once, the teaching time is on the 1st month of each month!"

Xiao Qing calculates the days, and the mouth glanced. "Now No. 5, to the first month, there is 26 days! Ah! Ah, ah, ah!"

Longpin Xuan did not have a good breath, "" Deconsive no years, only one month, the more emergency, the more the mentality is, the more unstable the mind, the bigger the heart, the bigger the magic, The more dangerous! "

Xiao Qingqiao's lip, "That is also to have the demon, the level of the demon king will have a heart! I am so refined"

Longpin Xuan looked at her, "What do you say?"

Xiao Qingli hit his head, "No, I said 1 month, wait until you!"

Long Pinxuan laughed, she thought he really didn't hear what she said? It is really like the same sex of the TV series.

However, he thought about it, since Xiaoyan appeared, then this means that Bai Suzhen is still there?

He thinks that Bai Suzhen's mana is so impatient, if Bai Suzhen is also recruiting into the college?

When you think of it, he has a little eager to try.

Not as good as these days, he went to the street to stroll?