I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College as Section 3

Longpin Xuan turned his head to see Xiaoqing, and suddenly thought of Bai Suzhen and Xiaoyan's first meeting. He directly opened the mouth. People's strength and potential must not be lower than you, if you find a monster with such qualifications, you can bring me. "

Xiaoyan heard here, I am still very happy, she is the Master of the West Lake Academy.

However, she immediately turned, "Dean, I will help you enroll, do you have any rewards?"

Longpin Xuan replied that "naturally, you can give you the most basic return of Ling Dan."

Xiaoqing once again widened, "Hui Ling Dan? Is it a kind of return to Ling Dan that can be restored instantly?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Nature is true!"

I have to know that Dan medicine is very rare in the monster. The general cultivator or catch the deaf people are passionate about killing the monsters. Most of the medicinal drugs they refine are all materials such as Chensha.

These medicinal herbs are a bit used by other monsters, but it is very difficult to get their hands.

However, for the snake demon, it is undoubtedly a poison, because the medicinal herbs will add some auang in addition to cinnabar.

The most fear of the snake demon is a male yellow, naturally it is far from these medicinal herbs.

But the Ling Dan did not have such a taboo.

Ling Dan is a medicinal medicine that people who can take it, there are different uses, but usually only the strong cultivation of cultivities, and people who need cultural qualifications can be refined, and ordinary montery is completely Can't ratio.

Huindan is a kind of Ling Dan's kind of Ling Dan that can reply to the mana.

Although it is Level 1 Ling Dan, it is unsure in this world.

Xiaoqing is committed to Long Pin Xuan, and the whole person is excited to fly. Pak is not allowed to pull a lot of monsters to join the West Lake Academy.

Longpin Xuan said, "pay attention, can join the West Lake Academy, you still need my definition, success, give you a return!"

"Yes! Dean! I will do it! Try to do it! Strive for all the cough, dean, I will recruit people! Goodbye!"

A glaucoma instantly disappeared in front of Longpin Xuan.

Chapter 4 Using

"Dean, Dean, this is my younger brother, five ghosts!"

Xiao Yinxing said that the five ghosts behind her, and the form of different forms looked at Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan sweat, "No, the strength is too bad! It is too bad!"

"Dean, Dean, this is a small koi in the Yangtze River!"

Xiao Youth Hengshou pointed to a woman behind her, but the lower body of this red woman is still the fish.

Longpin Xuan took a mouthful angle. "The college currently recruits the monster that can be completely stigted!"

"Dean, Dean!"

Longpin Xuan's head is blue, "How many times with you, to be strong, powerful! Do you see what you have?"

Xiaoyan stagnant, index finger point, some wroth, "Now the demon is not like this, the strength of the strong demon, does not believe what I said"

Longpin Xuan sighs tone, 's head, "Nothing, one day they will seek to join the West Lake Academy!"

"Hey! Trigger the task!"

"As a dean, you must let the college carry forward, famous, famous! Task content: Let 100 people or the West Lake Academy!"

"The task completes the reward, planting the class with you!"

Oh, the reward is actually a space!

If there is a Xiaoqing in front of it, it is estimated that Long Pin Xuan's mouth is going down!

This is the necessary space for the protagonist! In any case, you must take it!

But how can I make those people or the monster?

Longpin Xuan's eyes flashes, remembered his own dragon.

Because it is the inheritance of the dragon, the cultivation method is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but his first task is guided by guiding operations that can be targeted for different people or demon, pointed out the mistakes in the process of their hearts. Law, improve the purpose of repair.

Perhaps, this is the breakthrough point.

"Three days later, it is No. 1, Xiaoqing, you go to the monster, say that the Dean of the West Lake Academy will speak in the peak of the peaks, and pass the first month, the first month of the West Lake Academy Welfare! "

Xiaoqing is a glimpse, and it is great, this is the Jinlong Wang open altar!

In the heart of Xiaoyin, the Jinlong Wang is equivalent to a fairy, and the fairy open altar, they will have to benefit more!

However, she didn't know that the adult Jinlong Wang is really a fairy, but the number of years old in front of her is still much smaller than her. The key is that Long Pinxuan does not have the position of the fairy-album, just in the West Lake Wang, the strength is far less than a general small fairy.

In this case, Longpin Xuan wants to open an altar, if you know that he is really powerful, it will definitely.

Three days later, and see how Longpin Xuan speaks!

Xiaoqing is naturally excited, and the five ghosts with the hands began to promote the monsters in Hangzhou and the known monsters.

Of course, Longpin Xuan also talked Xiaoqing could not disclose his real body.

So when Xiaoqing said that her home's dean had to spend the things of the opening of the open altar after 3 days, it was endless laughter and teasing.

"Xiaoqing, your brain is unclear to participate in what college is, and if you have the dean of the school, come to the opening of the altar, is it?"

"Do you know what kind of repair is needed?"

"There is such a dean, how can you accept your disciples? Do you have a bright intelligence of Changbai Mountain? Do you have a highly inherited blood? Do you have a peerless potential?"

"If there is a peerless potential, you practice so for such a hundred years, I will have to bullivate our demon knives, I will have to bullivate your demon knives ?! Hahahaha!"

Xiaoyan looks at these monsters, but she can't say the dean's true identity, the dean, the talented command, as if she is angry, but still Zhang is still Zhang The mouth can still be spit out of halfword.

She is angry, "You don't believe! You regret it!"

"Reassured, we will never come to the eligibility for the opening of the open altar of the ceremony! Because not match! Hahahaha"

"It is estimated that the dean is also flicker! I lived in Hangzhou for so long, I have never heard of the West Lake Academy!"

"Just, I have to join the West Lake Academy! I am listening, this is not a flicker? Now I am still in this out! I am not afraid that we have gone, the mana is not we have high, falling. what!"

Xiaoqing is now true iron green, and the drums have left the five ghosts!

These self-ghosts, wait until there is regretted, she will certainly will not give them the opportunity to enter the school!

Yes, must say that the dean, these monsters, you can not enter the school!

On the third day of the morning, Longpin Xuan arrived in the top of the peak early, and the plate knee sat in the most central, waiting for those monsters who listen to classes.

He is actually a bit in his heart, and I don't know what strength will have.

However, he is still excited.

In the past, he is a student. Now it is a long, I will tell others, or live for so many monsters!

I thought about listening to my lectures in those monsters, it's absolutely unhappy!

Longpin Xuan is now looking forward to, excited, and worrying.

But after waiting for a few hours, his face has gradually disappeared.

So long, how is a monster? Xiaoqing? Where did she go?

Xiaoqing was standing in front of a cave, she reached out and clicked a message to enter the defensive cover outside the cave.

The youth of a black robes appeared in front of Xiaoqing, the face was cold, browned, "What do you want me?"

Xiaoqing bites his teeth, let's make determined, "Dragon, I want you to listen to the dean of the dean!"

Dragon is frowned, "This can take you the only thing that you can ask me, do you want to be clear?"

Xiaoyu is firmly nod, "Yes, it is this thing, there is no way to leave, and to join our West Lake Academy, complete this matter, this person is also clear!"

Xiaoqing didn't think this is wrong. In her heart, the dean is Jinlong Wang, and the speech must be profound and will attract the dragon!

Those monsters are not coming!

However, the dean is alone in the open altar, no one comes to participate, will make a lot of jokes! As a member of the washing college, how can you let such a thing happen!

So she only bite this time.

As long as this time this time is completed, the dragon is smooth, because this opening altar will enter the college, you will break the prejudice of those monsters! Let Xihu College shocked the wind and carry forward!

Chapter 5 First Teaching

Dragon is continuing to frown, "I have to join the college? I have to practice, no time!"

Xiaoqing loots, "Joining the college will not affect your cultivation, and you can also speed your cultivation, believe in me, the dean is a very powerful monster! Are you always wanting to be famous? As long as you enter Our college, everything is possible! Say again, if you are not interested in this, then just hang a name, indicating that you have joined the college! I just have this result! In fact, you can't go to the college is your business! "

Dragon He said that Xiaoqing said, slightly sinking, finally agreed, "Well, after this time, we have two clear!"

Xiaoyan listened to the dragon and said, Li Maji opened, "Good! Two! Then you will go with me now! Today is the day of the opening of the opening! As long as you go to the dean lecture, then express yourself Entering the West Lake Academy is going! "

Dragon is nodded, since I promised people, then things have to be done!

When the five ghosts stand behind Xiaoyin, they are intertwined with each other, and the gods go to the ears of the young.

"Boss, do you really want to use this time? He is the eight son of Long Sheng Jiuzi! Although the blood is not very pure, but before the boss can let him owe you a person, you can say that it can be in Hangzhou. Horizontally gone! "Said the ghost whispered.

Xiao Qingli glanced at him. "Isn't I rid of it now?"

The big ghosts laughed, "Nature is also, I am a metaphor, metaphor!"