I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean in Section 4 in the Monster College.

Xiaoqing snorted.

The big ghost immediately said, "But the dean is really so powerful? Don't spend a boss!"

When Xia Qing thought when the dean reached out the pure golden scais, the face suddenly revealed a confident smile, "You wait! Absolutely brighten those dog eyes look at the eyes of the monsters!"

Subsequently, Xiaoyan took the five ghosts and dragons to the top of the peak.

Longpin Xuan at this moment is very difficult, and the end is a tired and disappointment. Do these monsters do not believe in his strength?

At this time, there have been several small black spots in the distance, and then these small blacks have gradually enlarged, and several people have appeared.

Longpin Xuan's consciousness is sitting straight, looking at the small black spots.

In a short while, I saw Xiaoqing with five ghosts and dragons to come to the top of the peak.

Xiaoqing has rushed to Long Pin Xuan, "Dean!"

Longpin Xuan rushed her nodded, seeing her five ghosts behind her and a strange monster, still nodded.

Or is his student reliable, although it is late, but seeing the situation, it should be related to that strange monster.

However, there is a monster to be strong than there is no monster!

Longpin Xuan immediately thought that after the end of the test, it was going to pick a pick in the monster. I chose a few joined the college, but I didn't expect to have a monster. This monster is still Xiaoyu. Of course he doesn't know this.

So Long Pin Xuan looks special relatives in the eyes of Dragon.

In so many monsters, only this altitude, it seems that the next open altar, he must pointed to this, if the qualification is not so good, see this, the collections are not available!

But now Longpin Xuan sits in the center of the knee, it is inconvenient to ask the youth name of this black robes.

He looked up and looked at the sky, and then said, "When the time has arrived, this will start!"

Xiaoqing, the five ghosts and dragons are all sitting in front of Longpin Xuan.

Dragon is naturally closed, he originally intended to come here to practice, what to listen to the class, how can he go to listen to others, the most is the last thing. Join the college.

The five ghosts saw a dragon and looked, and he also learned that he began to cultivate with self.

Only Xiaoqing is sitting there, his eyes staring at Long Pin Xuan, looking forward to him.

Longpin Xuan did not worry, but looked at the new face, directly using guiding surgery.

Then, the scene of the Surprised Dragon Pin Xuan appeared, and his eyes appeared in front of the power of the dragon.

The key is that there is a wrong place and trimming in the power of the body.

The Dragon Body Law Line Diagram is in the eyes of Longpin Xuan, large to the main meridians, small to the finest capillaries, all of which have more than 100,000 mistakes.

This makes Longpin Xuan also shocked.

Now the monster's skills have failed to have this point, it seems that most of this practice is this guy to ponder it?

I have a cultivation that I ponder it, I can practice such a mana and realm, the potential and talents are definitely one!

Longpin Xuan relies on guiding surgery, and you can see his detailed introduction on the side of the dragon, including the name, gender, age, realm, and potential.

Dragon is now the realm of the big demon, the card is at the top of the 4th level.

The whole monster now is divided into level 9, level 1, level 2 is the demon, level 3, level 4 is the big demon, level 5, 6 is a demon king, 7 level, 8 is a demon, level 9 is The demon spirit, breaking through the 9th level is to fly into a demon.

Now the monsters, most of them are late demon, in the small demon, because of the strength of the strength, even if they are level 1 and level 2, there are also primary, intermediate, advanced, peaks, four levels.

Xiaoyue is now at a high level of the second-level demon. This age is a good strength.

And the dragon is because it is a big demon peak, and it is a strong monster throughout Hangzhou. Such a monster is here to listen to Long Pin Xuan's opening of the altar, if other monsters know, it will be considered to be a foothold. .

Longpin Xuan also doesn't know how much the monster of these Hangzhou is now, but he reads the age of Dragon, only in 200 years old. Such a young 4-level peak big demon, as long as one is one step, you can enter the row of demon king. Naturally, it is good.

Look at the labeling of the potential, the AAA, the three A level, obviously very good!

Longpin Xuan's eyes flashed, this seedling must entrine the college.

He gently coughed, out of the sound, "Dragon, the left lower abdomen, the three-focused section of the two refers to the manual operation, change to the upward!"

Dragon is heard in his name, first, it is not concerned, after all, Xiaoqing is likely to tell the dean of his name.

However, the guidelines that follow the manual operation, but he was quite shocked.

Dragon is open, he wants to ask Long Pin Xuan to know how his mana is running, this is that he will know the second person according to the practice of the resilience, it is impossible to have a second person!

Chapter 6 breaks through

Dragon is looked at Xiaoqing, but immediately shakes his head, not right, just don't know Xiaoqing.

He has been closed these years, especially this kind of monster operation, how can you be known by others?

However, in Longpin Xuan, I finished this sentence, just like a magic, the demon power in the Dragon is naturally operated in the way Long Pin Xuan said.

Just a week, he stunned his eyes.

He can feel that the whole Sunday is running down, and the demon is more smooth than before, and the demon is produced more!

Do you say that the other party will this work?

Dragon is looked at the eyes of Longpin Xuan.

Although the dragon is the eighti of Long Sheng Jiuzi, it is not purebred.

Because the purebred dragon born is inevitably a dragon, only hybridized varieties will become nine different types.

The key is that the survival rate of this blood is extremely low, plus his blood thin, although the dragon is negative, but the demon is the weakest in nine.

In fact, there is still a little because the dragon is thin, because the blood is thin, the inheritance of the dragons is almost lost, and the residual articles that are obtained are only to cultivate him to the peak of the big demon.

But now, Long Pin Xuan is a short sentence, which can make his cultivation speed increase so much!

How can I not be surprised?

Dragon is swallowed, and I saw that Long Pinxuan looked at him bluntly, continued to close his eyes and moved the demon.

"The third referral of the life door is incorrect, should be offset to the left, walk in the third blood vessel, bypass the road!"

Long Pu Xuan's voice sounded again.

This time, the dragon is not open, but directly according to Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan then felt a few questions, and the dragon is all made by one.

A whole day, Longpin Xuan has revised dozens of issues above the dragon.

At this time, the surrounding energy suddenly fluctuated, and the power of the dragon broke out.

The surrounding energy is fast to form a monster vortex, which is inhaled by the dragon, and his body rolls up with a round of Net Dane, under this huge demon action, slowly chemical into a small The little dragon ball did not enter his body.

Dragon has no pure blood, so his formation is simple, do not need to have Dragon Balls, only need to cultivate outdoor.

Now, he cultivates the dragon ball, which means that he officially stepped into the realm of the demon king!

5 demon king!

Dragon is open, standing up, and the momentum of the body is smashed, and then, I respect the Long Pin Xuan.

"Negative to break through, thanks to the dean, gratitude!"

Longpin Xuan smiled and waved, "It was originally an open school, but the monster is too small, I think it is more suitable for your alone, you have a good thing, you don't have to be too polite!"

"However," Longpin Xuan then said, "I am the dean of Xihu College, becoming the students of our hospital, can receive dean or teacher's pointers every month, I don't know you."

Long Pu Xuan's words have not finished, and the dragon is now happy again to the Longpin Xuan, "in the Dragon, apply to join the West Lake College as a student, please approve the dean!"

Longpin Xuan nodded, and then the palm of his hand has changed the people's catalog of the West Lake Academy. He turned to the last page to generate a contract, handed it to the dragon, "signing the end of the end! You need to use your blood!"

Dragon looked at the contract, broke the finger in one hand, and signed the word above the contract with blood.

Longpin Xuan's satisfaction has recovered the contract, so that the dragon is consolidated on one side, then looks to Xiaoqing and the five ghosts.

Xiaoyin is a worship and expectation, just like Long Pin Xuan, and the five ghosts on the side are shocked, but then, the face has also appeared on the look and worship of Xiaoqing.

"Dean, Dean, I am coming? I don't have any exercises! I also need the dean to give the law!"

Longpin Xuan nodded and looked at Xiaoyan to operate the guiding.

At this time, Xiaoqing's body also had a lot of meridians, but in her body, there was a different line chart showing that she said she can practice.

Longpin Xuan selection is a kind of not particularly complicated, starting with a demon, guiding Xiaoyan's monster to run in her body.

After the whole exercise is running a week, Xiaoqing's weekend suddenly has a burst of energy vortex.

The big ghost lips in the five ghosts have been trembling, "I will advance again?"

That colorful energy is completely incompleted in the body, she actually rely on the first time of running, and then advanced from the Level Level 3 Demon! What is this god? !

The five ghosts are now not happy, and they have been afraid of the eyes of Longpin Xuan!

When you only give you only the dean of the two monsters. So what is terrible?

The key is that a breakthrough is big demon, a breakthrough to the demon king!

If you also point to them, can they break through?

The five ghosts looked at Longpin Xuan's eyes changed, and one fly down on the ground, rushed to Longpin Xuan.

"Dean, Dean, please take us as a student!"

"No! Collecting all the treasures!"