I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as a dean section 5

"I only ask you to guide us!"

The five ghosts have honestly, but they will make Long Pin Xuan are somewhat hard.

His West Lake Academy can not be able to enter any monsters, or how can you show this student's power!

But as a college, if there is no other hand, it seems that it can't be said.

I think that the five ghosts are still very loyal to Xiaoqing, and he will take a nod.

"Now I am in the early days of the college, it is also fortunate, you can accept you as a blow, but you need to work, responsible for some trivial work of the college, are you willing?"

The five ghosts heard the words of Long Pin Xuan, and he was very happy, and he wanted to thank you.

"Let's sign!" Longpin Xuan handed the directory. "Use fresh blood sign!"

The name of the big ghost, the two ghosts, the three ghosts, the four ghosts, the little ghost, the five ghosts are very simple. After they write the name, they will have their names on the first directory.

But this directory and Long Pinxuan is a popularity, he arranged the position, and it will also appear in the directory.

In the first place, the first place is the dean, followed by his own name, then it is "students: Xiaoqing" and "students: Dragon,", then "Hiscette: Great Ghost", "Hundreds of Brand: 2 Ghost "has been" little ghost ".

The entire West Lake Academy is now 8 people!

Chapter 7

The five ghosts looked at Longpin Xuan's eyes changed, and one fly down on the ground, rushed to Longpin Xuan.

"Dean, Dean, please point to us?"

"Dean, we know that there is no potential to enter the college!"

"I only ask you to guide us!"

Longpin Xuan laughed, "Since it is the open altar, the monster, naturally can be guided! This time the speech will continue until midnight tonight! Now you have a good knee, run the demon, wait for me!"

The five ghosts are sitting on the ground, and they look at each other.

The three ghosts said, "Big Brother, you first!

Originally, the ghosts have some hesitation, but they see the remaining three ghosts agree that the ghosts are not resigned.

But Longpin Xuan smiled, "No, let's go together!"

The five ghosts, the ghosts have a little trembling, "You said, you point to our five ghosts."

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Yes, start!"

The five ghosts once again looked at each other and closed their eyes.

Since the dean said, let's do it!

Longpin Xuan saw that the five ghosts began to operate the demon, and then opened the guiding surgery.

And this time guidance can be guided by language, but guided by demon.

Just as the previous guidance of Xiaoqing, I divided a small stock directly into their body to carry out correct manual operation demonstration.

The key is that this time is not a shares, but five shares!

Longpin Xuan is in the face of Dragon and Xiaoyan, and the finger is slight, and it has entered the five ghosts in front of the five ghosts, and according to their eyes, see the situation of the five ghosts and demon features, planning It is best for their own monster operation to guide.

It is just a week.

When the five ghosts are guided by Longpin Xuan, they have completed the monster of the day, and their whispets have exploded different degrees of demon swirls.


The little blue eyes flashed, and the dragon is a shocked standing there.

If the dean can understand the practice of a person, it is definitely strong, and it is easy to see from the dean of the last name. The dragon is easy to guess the dean and the dragon must have a relationship. It is normal.

However, in Xiaoyin, it is possible to direct guidance and professor. It can be accepted in the dragon.

After all, Xiaoyan did not have an orthodox demon cultivation, completely with intuition and talent to repair it to this realm, and it is no wonder that such repatriation can be used as a student.

But this five ghosts are different, they belong to the wonderful class in the monsters.

They are ghosts, they are demon!

They are the combination of demon and ghosts is a half-ghost.

It is also because of their characteristics, so they are not taken here.

Because their parents are weak, the ghosts do not recognize their existence, so they have been living in the monsters, because of this, although there are some semi-hanging ghosts, but repair Go, I have always been in the level of Level 1.

However, although they cultivated, they can still use the demon laws of the demon system, making their spell accumulation is not bad.

Plus, is purely enthusiastic, you don't have used the previous bitter days in the monsters, so you will be loyal to Xiaoqing.

It is also because the dragon is known to be such a reason, it will feel shocked.

Because of the particularity of the five ghosts, their skills are certainly unknown, but the dean can guide them!

In other words, it is that he believes that the dean can guide him is wrong. It is not the dean itself, he will hear his blood inheritance, but the dean can guide different monsters to carry out correct cultivation.

If his guess is correct, then

Dragon is watching the eyes of Longpin Xuan.

More amazing is, not a guidance alone, you can also guide 5 people again!

Is the dean need more strength?

The vortex around the five ghosts is small, because each blood concentration is different, the potential for cultivation is different, and the body can accommodate the demon power.

Their monster and it is said to be a ghost.

Originally, they can also see some monster shadows, but after they advance to level 2, the ghosts on the body are more strong. If they are in accordance with the classification of the ghost, they are the level of Level 2.

However, the breath and strength of their body are more powerful than Level 2 little ghosts.

Longpin Xuan also surprised the difference between the five ghosts. He looked very clearly with guided surgery. This five ghosts were a pulse, but because the blood concentration of the inheritance of the monster and ghost is different, it leads to different cultivation.

And according to their characteristics, he gave them the most suitable practice.

Coupled with their accumulated cultivation, before, it is not possible, once a good practice, naturally it will appear.

So will appear in the scene of all the five ghosts.

The surrounding demon has become ghost, and it is absorbed by five ghosts.

There are two power, different proportions, different exercises in their body, and in their body.

Longpin Xuan touches the chin, maybe this five ghosts, can you expect it?

Feirafeng's demon frequently gathered, and finally there was a ghost gap, which led many people's attention, especially some big demon, and they have exotic attention for these demon and ghosts.

They were somewhat confused, but they were a little joy.

"What is the baby commented?"

So a little demon, the big demon is going to the peak.

"What did you have in front?"

"The demon is gone! That is ghost!"

"what's the situation?"

A monster falls around the peak or on the branch, or looks around in the ground.

But except on the peak, the Dragon Pin Xuan sitting in the most central plate, standing on the side, sitting on the floor, there is no one, the other is gone.

No, five sitting on the ground, isn't it five ghosts?

The special physique of the five ghosts, the monsters are naturally known.

But what is absorbed by them? Ghost?

Can the five ghosts now absorb ghost? What about their demon? What is the situation now?

Are they breaking?

A big demon guess, "Do we have the demon and ghosts we have just been caused by them?"

"What is joke, then the powerful demon, how can it be a five devils that can be exuded!"

"That is a baby? But what kind of baby?"

The michi immediately went to the top of the most central Long Pin Xuan.

Chapter 8 Changes the idea to listen to the class

Longpin Xuan is lightly sitting there, but staring tightly at the five ghosts that are breaking through the end.

Dragon is asked, and the foot is standing, and the breath is skyrocketing. The huge strength of the demon king instantly let the surrounding monsters will refund a few steps.

Several demon didn't even reach the demon, they were directly oppressed to the ground, and the blushing of the rose, they did not speak.

"It must be the strength of the demon king!"

Many big demon faces have changed, and they didn't expect it to have a demon king. So, this baby is in this demon king's hand?

This is a bit trouble!