I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Sonu School as the session of Section 6

Dragon is rumored, "" I am not enough to break through the demon power? "


The monster face each other, this is what it doesn't have any end.

and many more!

"Just guess, the demon is caused by their breakthrough?"

Nodding monsters.

"Then he can't say this five ghosts"

The monster looked at the dragon, so that the demon swirl was caused by his breakthrough?

Although there is a monster, I heard the dragon and said, but still frowning, "I know, our demon breakthrough, how to make a breakthrough?"

At this time, there is a koi Xiaoyu's embarrassment, but lifted his eyes and saw Xiaoqing, his face was happy, called "Xiaoqing!"

Xiaoqing turned his head, seeing the koi Xiao demon, ate slightly, "red, don't you say it?"

Dragon is listening to Xiaoqing's answer, knowing that she knows this koi, but also closes the momentum of oppression in her.

The red child stood up, and the lower body can see it is a half-red fish tail, which is the squid that Xiaoqing brought Long Pin Xuan.

The red child was originally in the face of Xiaoqing, but he was refused. When Long Pin Xuan announced the opening of the opening, Xiaoqing also found her, naturally it was refused to answer.

But now there is now here.

Red children's face is red, she saw Xiaoqing, obviously thinking of this thing, "The original life you said is today."

The many monsters around them are stunned, and the opening of the altar is.

It seems to be such a thing!

I heard that there is a little demon to export to the monster to promote a big , but the name of this big name is not heard, naturally there is no demon.

Is it tonight? And the big man in the opening of the altar?

The demon sight again went to Longpin Xuan, and the eyes were shocked and suspected.

Is this a big altar, and then make the demon present?

Their eyes moved to the monsters such as the five ghosts and dragons, really so amazing?

The five ghosts have been in the last step. After stabilizing their own repairs, the five ghosts opened their eyes, they got up and got up, and they ignored the question of those monsters around, and they were grouped towards Longpin. I shouted with the sound:

"Thank you for your guidance!"

As a bottom-up, it was spit with others, first Xiaoqing saw them pitiful, and he had been a young brother, and the days were better, although he was driven by Xiaoqing, but they also wish.

Now I met the dean! They are actually not familiar, but the dean is willing to point them!

Although this is an open altar, but the five ghosts are righteous. They buried this feelings in the bottom of the heart and will remember their lives.

Because this time point, it will directly affect the future of the five ghosts.

They can feel the arrival, their future is no longer a slim, because this time point, maybe they have the future!

Longpin Xuan looked at the five ghosts and hesitated in the eyes.

The qualifications of the five ghosts are not uniform. If you accept the students, this is not very fair, but their characteristics are really special, and it is not fixed in the future.

But if you put it on their own cultivation, it is also limited.

In this case, it is better to

Longpin Xuan looked at the five ghosts, suddenly said, "Your physical fitness is very special, in line with a regulation of the college, you can use your own efforts to become a student of Xihu College in the future, don't know you"

The five ghosts listened to Longpin Xuan, and a look of a look, "as long as you can join the college, even if it is not a student! No, we will strive to become a student!"

The look of the five ghosts makes the surrounding demon.

Dragon is actually in the moment of Longpin Xuan, asses his breath, with the prevention and offense to Long Pin Xuan, so those monsters have gradually getting bigger after discovering pressure to their own pressure.

A level 4 big demon can't help but ask, "Why do you be keen to join the West Lake Academy?"

The little ghost in the five ghosts is like a picture of this 4th level, and there is no previous despicted attitude, the change of the exercises, and it has changed their silk characteristics.

"You don't know? This time is the opening of the West Lake Academy! The free course is this! Only the guidance of the five brothers, all of our five brothers broke through! This college does not join? It is stupid!"

Xiaoqing said in a look, "Just, I said before the monster. This time the dean of the open altar is very rare, but you are not coming! I have broken through the neck!" ""

"Never? He is a dragon ?!"

The monster is boiling, and the demon king wearing a black robe is a dragon.

It is said that he has the blood of the dragon, but the blood is thin, although the age is still light, but the peak of cultivating the 4th level is already the limit.

Although he heard that he seems to fix a skillful practice, he also did not hear his breakthrough message.

But now, the demon looks at the five ghosts in the middle of the scene, suddenly feeling that this course is not bad, at least there is no loss!

Several monsters think so, I quickly walked to the center of the field, rushing to Longpin Xuan, "I don't know if this speech is over, there is no such opportunity to be guided by the dean?"

Xiao Qing listened to them, immediately jumped, "Hey! How is your face so thick? Please ask you, you don't come, now"

"Small Qing!" Longpin Xuan stopped Xiaoqing to say the next words, said that, "Since it is to listen, all demon can listen before this time, all the demon can listen!"

"However, you have to wait! Wait until I will finish the five ghosts."

Some monsters are sitting on the side, watching the five ghosts, they are somewhat unsatisfactory, they put down the body, and they still have to wait for them to listen to the class.

Longpin Xuan did not pay attention to the monsters, just turned to see the five ghosts. College! Are you willing? "

Chapter 9 Shocked the Open Course (1)

The five ghosts don't say naturally, they are agreed!

Under the attention of many monsters, the five ghosts also also signed their names in the Western Lake Academy's staff directory.

After finishing these, Long Pu Xuan finally looked at the monster standing on the side.

"Now, I will not do separate guidance, but I will talk about a public class, you can absorb how much, look at your own understanding!"

The inner heart of the monsters is complex and roaring.

But they dare not yet, because there is a demon king to look at them in the tiger.

Plus, if this is useful, it is impossible to defend this time.

The monsters can be despicable, because they are not people itself, and some have a long time to practice from the lowest existence.

Arguise, how to fight them like this little small twists and turns, um, mostly remembered, in the future!

Several heart-eyed monsters have sneaked a little bit of five ghosts, and they have been pondering how to start.

"This time, I only talk about a time, time to stop!"

Longpin Xuan began to talk about rules, "Everyone sits, but must have more than 10 feet, no matter if someone will advance, I will not stop, talk about a time, I can understand how much you know yourself!"

"This time, I will talk about the origin and foundation of the demon!"

When Long Pu Xuan was the first word he said, he has launched the guiding surgery.

There is also a function of guiding surgery, it is to analyze a topic, especially for cultivation, and can intuitively let Longpin Xuan see the connotation.

But this is a restriction, and it is currently in accordance with the repair of Long Pu Xuan, can only tell one hour.

"The word demon is actually the first thing we didn't say, but refers to the woman's woman, from the top of the word is the word, the word can be seen, for the female deflection."

"At the beginning, the demon refers to the kind of work, noisy home, or women who can be chaotic! The second half is actually the meaning of arrow, it is targeted and missed."

"Even the word demon appears!"

"So according to the origin of this word, human beings have subjective cognitions for this word, the demon is not good!"

"The latter no matter after animal grass is created, most of them like women, this is the reason!"

"At the beginning, we cultivate, if you rely on yourself, the improvement will be very difficult! This, everyone is in fact!"

"Once it is oxygenous, you can absorb human essence and get a rapid improvement method, so many demon have walked this way."

"And want to achieve this, it is best to become a woman!"

"Women, monster, easy to drive the world change!"

"As the saying goes: Peony is dead! Make ghosts are also rising! This is the advantage of it!"

"But I really want to achieve the big demon, even the demon king, demon, even the demon spirit until the flying, relying on these side of the door, in fact, it is not good!"

"Tiandao is made, a creature that doesn't know how to benefit the world, whether it is a man or a demon, will you get the heaven?"

"So there will be a variety of catch people, monks!"

"Once you are contaminated with embarrassment, you can't help the heavens. Naturally, you will fall, become the goal of heaven, naturally it will be affected by a variety of restraints and harm!"

"What did you do, what you want to bear!"

"It's not notified, it's not arrived!"

Long Pu Xuan's words unconsciously incorporated every monster's heart, what he said, just like magic, one word is integrated into their minds, I want to forget can't forget. .

Just like engraved in the blood, I agree with Long Pin Xuan's view.

More and more monsters are sudden, they have deviated from their own cultivation and thinking.