I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Sean 7th Section in the Monster College.

Some grass is not harmful. After the understanding, the monster in the body have changed, and the demon reliege has a substantial growth.

Some cards in the bottleneck monsters, close their eyes, the shackles in the body seem to have trembled, which is a bottleneck who can't be promoted for a long time, so that they will open.

And the open class of this field is just the beginning.

"Next, the foundation of demon!"

"There are many ways to practice, there is a very special, called merit!"

"The girls have made great merits, and the girls are also demon, she can't completely formulate, half-snake, the demon, can become a big energy!"

"Tang Yan took four apprentices, respectively, Sun Wukong, pig eightflies, sand monk, white dragon horse. Four apprentices are not people!"

"Sun Wukong is six-ear macaques, big trouble, was suppressed in five refers to 500 years!"

"The pig's eight shots are the temples of the temple, and after being derived from the fire, it can be said to be a pig,"

"Shahe Shangyuan is a general public blind, and later be derived from everything, in the flow of Sha Hexing, harming one, specializing in passers-by."

"Bai Longma is a small white dragon, and it has become a horse!"

"It can be said that all of them are troublesome, and they are struggling, but they will clean up all the way, saving the world, saving the world, and shaping the merits body!"

"Tang Yan, this master and four apprentices are in the fairy world, each has a creation!"

"Tang Yan is the Tan Tan Great Buddha"

"Sun Wukong is a fight win Buddha!"

"Pig Eight Rings is the messenger of the net!"

"Shahe Shang is the South Outer Body Rohan Bodhisattva!"

"Bai Longma is the South Ancient Tianlong Guanglong Bodhisattva, also known as the eight Tianlong Ma!"

"You may have not heard of monsters without promotion, but the truth tells us that as long as merit is enough, the cultivation is added value!"

"But you have to make a success, don't practice, only the strength of cultivation is stronger, the bigger the task you can bear!"

"And the cultivation can not take shortcuts like it! The most steady way is to repair the orthodox approach, and then improve the repair, this is the purpose of my college!"

"What is the foundation of the demon?"

"The demon has a demon dress, bringing the sake of the life, the demon, there is a demon, what is the demon? Why can't the demon absorb human essence?"

"Why do you say that the essence of human beings is helpless?"

"The reason lies in the gas!"

"This is angry, it is vital!"

"Refining and refining, it is cultivating vitality, and plundering human vitality, enhances your vitality, leads to a rapid rise."

"But this caused the vitality of not being pure!"

"I need"

Chapter 10 Shocked the Open Class of the Demon (2)

A monster that took one was suddenly.

It turned out to be like this!

It is like this!

It is necessary to cultivate it to practice!

Those monsters have the original black and clouds, inevitably be entangled, but because of this open class, the black clouds whispered are much smoldering.

Many and unmracled monsters are with colors, they have a good understanding of cultivation of the demon, and the bottleneck is naturally loose.

Plus the monster gathered, the demon fluctuations, hit their own bottlenecks.

A little demon took the lead in breaking through his own repair, and he was instantly condensed a demon swirl.

Although the demon is not strong, such a demon brings together like a drop of water in the hot oil pan, the instant scene boils.

The monsters of the two joints began to break through, and the demon whirlpool was now in the flying peak.

These demon swirls have attracted all the energy around them to gather, and the whole of Hangzhou is shocked.

Whether it is cultivating, or monsters, for the big scenes on the flying peaks, many people and the demon spontaneously come to Feiraifeng, a exploration.

More and more monsters break through, causing chain, there is a powerful demon atmosphere, turning the surrounding environment into cultivation.

The monster that was originally only in the door, but also received stimuli in such an environment, but also began to break through.

Many monsters that have not gone to the bottleneck itself began to grow fast, and the growth rate is more than ten times or even dozens of times.

"Puff puff!"

The whole flying peak is above, the colorful beauty is shocked to the heavens.

Many immortals look at everything to everything.

They fell, but they were shrouded by a layer of fog and couldn't see the specific situation below.

As come: "This is a big shielded sky! Since this, let's take it right!"

The gods: "!"

When I arrived, Longpin Xuanhe made his lips and looked at the demon whirlpool below. It was shocked in his eyes.

Is this really the result of his teaching?

It's so powerful?

No, it should be said that the guiding surgery is so powerful!

Longpin Xuan's heart is hot, he has been able to imagine yourself will create a strong super college!

These demon swirls affect each other, those who have no breakthroughs are also hurrying, in this cultivation of the holy land, try to absorb some kind of demon.

Longpin Xuan saw the dragon, Xiaoqing and the five ghosts were also in it, sighed, sleeves, left the flying peak.

Here, there will be many people and demon to come to explore. His strength is not very strong. In the face of some cultivation, you can also make a look, if you come to a strong strength Young, it is not good.

Still first, let's talk again!

Longpin Xuan returned to the college, he prepared a dean office and lounge for himself. He first rested for a while, and then lie down.

"This time the opening of the opening is really tired!"

He muttered, his eyes were slightly closed, fell into the heart, and put those monsters who were still breaking through them directly.

The big scene on the flying peak is maintained for three days and three nights.

Many human cultivars came to the peak, found that so many monsters were breakthrough, they did not dare to make, because these are all kinds of demon, they can't use it, they can only observe and monitor these monsters. .

There is also a continuous monster to come to the peak. Seeing that such a scene is naturally a big joy, it is sitting and sitting, entering the status of cultivation.

This also leads to the cultivators of Hangzhou to surround the peak group.

Three days later, many monsters woke up, and the monsters came to the monsters, and they were so high that they had caught up with a cultivation ceremony.

However, I have heard the monsters of the lectures of Longpin Xuan, but they directly dial the monsters of these blocks, gathered to Long Pu Xuan's original place where the knees were sitting.

"What about the dean?"

"The dean is gone!"

"I am grateful to the dean again!"

"me too!"

"Does anyone harm the dean?"

In this sentence, these monsters suddenly exude a horrible breath, one anger, "Dare to be the enemy, it is an enemy!"

"No, the dean is so powerful, will not do something?"

"Xiao Qing? Is she not the college?"

"There is still a dragon!"

"There is also five ghosts!"

They have started looking for these people.

Xiaoqing and Dragon have naturally been awake from the enrollment, seeing other monsters to find them, nature is also a face.

Still Xiaoyan, the eyeballs turned to the horse, I thought of the original committee, "Hey, what is this! Where can the dean are there? The class will be naturally left! You don't look at what is now!"

The rest of the monsters are naturally, and there is still a head of themselves.

"Yeah, it's all very urgent delegation!"

"How did this simple thing I didn't expect?"

The next new monsters see them, nature is very curious.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Why do you all find him?"

"What can I? What is the course?"