I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Earlier 8 of the Monster College.

Human cultivators see this monsters wake up, but there is no signs of leaving, and there is a little false in my heart.

The first time I saw so many monsters gathered, did you say to attack Hangzhou?

The name of human beings called Zhang Bo, with a practitioner in Hangzhou, came to the premonfish.

"This is flying, do you gather here?" Don't you put our human beings in your eyes? "

If Zhang Bo's sentence is spent before the public class, then it will never lead to the war of human and monsters.

However, now, those who have breakthrough monsters are not a little bit of mind to eliminate human beings. They must do things that save people to get merits, and human fight, destroy their future things, stupid demon!

They also blocked the monsters in other unclear.

As a demon king, I went out and sent it. "I am a dragon, the eighth child of the dragon, the current level is a demon king, this big way is an accident."

"This time, the dean is here to speak here. He Pargee's lecture is too useful. Many of the same also broke through the scene! If there is a disturb, I feel sorry!"

The monsters of the income are deeply appreciated, and one will be attached!

Other monsters:? ? ? ?

Dragon is the demon king?

When did he talk so much? ? ?

This breakthrough is a president's open class? ?

A open class has caused a hundred monsters to break through? ? ?

Isn't this a joke? ? ?

Chapter 11 Different Monsters

For these beneficiary monsters, other monsters are all stunned when he heard the dragon.

Their brain capacity has not responded, but looks at the breath of the dragon, and the strength of his self-exposure, "Demon King", it is not that they can provoke, plus other powerful big demon successive, There is no monster for a time to refute.

Human beings are more surprised than monsters.

Are they hearing a problem? Or is it a problem?

This is not a monster in front of you? Should it be a person in human beings?

I have never heard of the monsters so peaceful, and it looks very high. The key is that there is no monster and they say sorry!

Is it just so little thing to apologize? Is it really a legendary monster?

These practitioners in the top stage of Hangzhou have seen each other, and they can see the shock and incredible confidence in the eyes of each other.

Zhang Bo's careermately got a dragon, after confirming that his body is really filled, only slowly, "Don't say what you said is true, but your sincerity, we feel! We believe you Not to fight. "

Zhang Bo's words received the identity of other cultivators.

Human is not a fool, so a bunch of monsters come to Fei Shu, without attacking or attacking out, but all the one is sitting here, the monster of the head is also explained to their guests.

I don't look like finding it.

The key is that these cultivars add up to the dragon before they do not win.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city with a beautiful geographical environment. There are also many people to settle here, and write a lot of famous sentences for Hangzhou.

This leads to the popularity of Hangzhou.

But everyone knows that Hangzhou is not big, so the top practitioners will not come here.

Plus a large number of Hangzhou Tower, filled the missionary information of Buddhism, causing a lot of creatures that have been affected around Hangzhou, and the chances of success increase sharply.

Therefore, Hangzhou occasionally has been infringed by some demon, and some practical practitioners will come here to experience.

But like this to see so many monsters, and there are a lot of big demon here, and even can see the appearance of the demon king, really have the first time.

Although Zhang Bo is also very enemy to the monsters, he can only say this before this strong opponent. He is talking about it during his voice.

Once the other party is angry, there is no need for all the monsters, only need that in the black robe youth in front of them, they can't live.

Among the cultivators of the station, there is a person who quietly asked himself. "The Fahai Gao Yan went out to travel, when did you come back?"

The person on the side answered, "It is estimated that more, it is not good."

The man sighed and no longer talk.

Dragon is obviously no more than human thinking, just nod, "You rest assured, I will let them disappear!"

He said that he stepped on a Xiang Yunfei to the sky, and he looked at many monsters.

"I have listened to the dean lecture and didn't listen to the dean. I didn't have to say more. Nature is to understand the benefits. I haven't heard it. I can only tell you, the opportunity is only once, miss it is missing. ! "

"But I can use all my cultivation, I just said, it is true!"

Dragon is used to take this way, let all the demon present, all of them, all hop.

That dean really has this powerful power?

However, let a demon king swear with their own cultivation, how can I have a fake? !

Then, those who came out of the monsters were taken out.

Those human cultivars heard the demon king said that the heart quickly scared his heart disease!

The monster will have a big energy here. You can make many monsters to break through a lecture. If you talk a few times, then the world is not a monster world?

Their eyes are not coming to emerge in a layer of worry.

"However," Dragon has continued. "You don't think of looking for the delegation to let him talk about a lesson. It is impossible. It is impossible. It is impossible. There is only the student of the West Lake Academy to enjoy such treatment!"

The monsters under the bottom have heard here, and they have yelled, "I will enter the college."

Dragon is looked at the young, "I am not very clear, I just just join the West Lake Academy! Let Xiaoqing come!"

Xiaoqing took a nod to the dragon and flew to the air.

"Negatively, the teacher said, in addition to this open class is that the Dean is speaking in order to celebrate the establishment of the college, other classes can only be learned by the students of the West Lake Academy!"

The monsters heard Xiao Qing Yue Long's "Teacher" and was shocked directly.

"Is it negative? Isn't a teacher, but a student?"

"Scorpio, and have you heard? Xiao Qing shouted negotiator as a teacher?"

"This is not true, is it?"

Xiao Qing's arrogant nod, "naturally enter the college, the earlier, the teacher's brother! I have entered the college later, nature is my master! And this name is also dean personally awarded me!"

The monsters are actually do not care about the college. What do they care can be able to improve their strength, but really want a strength to call your brothers and sisters than you, think about it is still very cool!

Many love of the monsters, the eyes are green, where is this college, they want to join! Not only can the strong demon weird, but also hear so good courses, improve strength, and fools don't join!

"How did this West Lake Academy join?"

A monster said that everyone's voice.

Xiaoqing pressed, so that everyone is quiet.

"The rules of this enrollment are unclear. It is the dean decided! But I can know, after all, the dean has also said that the students I have introduced some of the reasons!"

"To enter the West Lake Academy, first, the potential is high! Look at your qualifications! This is very important! It is like I, cultivate for such a hundred years, it is good, but in the eyes of the delegant, my qualifications are very Good! "

"So the first of the dean took me into the West Lake Academy, and taught me the law. Now I can promote the dean! If your potential is good, then I will sign you, I can recommend it to you, let the hospital Long audit! "

"Second, it is powerful! For example, the teacher, you reach the realm of the demon king, maybe the delegation is so angry!"

The monsters are still talking about, but talking about the cultivators of Zhang Bozhi and others are very interested.

They are curious, "West Lake Academy", really have such a college? Only recruit monsters? Is it recruiting humans?

Some cultivators listen to the West Lake Academy so good, they are all tempted.

Chapter 12, famous Hangzhou

Zhang Bo's light cough has two sounds, interrupted Xiaoqing's talk, "Can this young girl, can this West Lake dean? We also have to discuss with him!"

Xiaoyan slightly, human beings want to discuss with the dean of their monster college? What is it?

However, she will not refuse this, but the eyeball is turned, "said it is not, but now the dean left, I can't determine where he is there, so I am not good at this time! I contact the contact information. After I was introduced with the dean, the dean determined time, I can inform you? "

Zhang Bo nod, "In this case, Xiao Jian girl can pass the news to the shopkeeper in the West Lake Building!"

Zhang Bo took a nod to everyone, and immediately leaving the many practitioners left the peak.

However, their departure is naturally not completely left, but not under the foot of the mountains, to prevent those monsters.

There is no shortage of cultivators to ask questions. "Those monsters really will not attack Hangzhou?"

"Is the monster not being harmful?"

Zhang Bo said, "Some monsters in them should not hurt people, but also look like it, as monsters, if people have harmed people, their demon clouds will be black. But the two demon Stepping on the feet is Xiangyun, which means that they practice the orthodox exercises! It is a way with us! "

Other people who have seen the dragon and Xiaoqing's demon are also the testification of Zhang Bo. "Yes, we still divide it is not an orthodox practice, so we doubt, the dean is likely not a demon, but To put these demon! But accept the demon to advance, which makes us feel hard! "

Someone asked: "How is it difficult?"

Zhang Bo sighed, "If those demon are informal, it is not harmful, naturally it is good, but if it is not fade, it is still harmful, but the strength is greatly enhanced. Is this not more difficult to deal with? ! "

"So I only ask this dean to discuss one or two. If he is really a good thing, selecting those demon, but there may be no otherwise, then we have to have corresponding measures."