I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Son Monster College Section 9

Someone asked: "What measures?"

Zhang Bo smiled. "Since them sent a demon college training, then we are still the monks of Hangzhou, and we also choose the potential people to go to the college, their demon, our cultivator is the same."

"Waiting for them to be less demon, the rest of the demon, and we also improve the cultivator to deal with the cultivator!"

"Wonderful! This is a monogram!"

Many practitioners rushed to Zhang Bo than the thumbs up!

If this dean is really like this, it is an orthodox practice of professors. How can they don't like their son to learn!

Only cultivated practitioners who have been repaired on the bottom will have ambiguity for energy, and for the top floor of Hangzhou. The eyes they have seen are broader, and they naturally know more about race.

Sometimes, cultivation should grow and cannot be kept within a box.

The monsters naturally want to see this dean.

The monsters who have heard the guidance have been registered here. When can I see the dean of She En, and see if there is no potential to enter the West Lake Academy.

Others did not accept the dean pointers, but in the hearts of the West Lake Academy have produced an indispensable mentality, especially after listening to the vows of the demon king, the dean, so powerful college, nature is also them. The place where you are.

So Xiaoqing also began to get busy. The Xihu College, who was unwilling to join, now became the cultivation of the whole city monsters.

The name of the dean slammed the entire Hangzhou, not only the monsters, even the practitioners also know that Hangzhou has a West Lake Academy, and his dean has a powerful force, teaching the ruler of the orthodox law!

The key is that this year is advancing.

For a time, all the monsters and cultivars in Hangzhou, one by one, and wanted to make a bright color in the Admissions of the West Lake Academy, was selected into the West Lake Academy.

And the owner of this matter, Dragon Pin Xuan, still sleeps on the bed.

"Dean! Dean! Are you?"

The knock on the "" knocked the sound of Longpin Xuan woke up from sleep.

He is sitting on the eyes, "Wait, what?"

Nature standing at the door is Xiaoqing, and she is still standing by the dragon.

Here is the West Lake Academy. He has a small green in our room here, and naturally, they also bring the dragon.

The entire West Lake Academy is from a golden light, which is the scope of the West Lake Academy set by the system. Xiaoqing and Dragon, including five ghosts, etc. are recorded in the catalog of the West Lake Academy, which is naturally free to enter and exit college.

Xiaoqing first took the dragon and the five ghosts to choose the place where they live, then the five ghosts went to cook, she and the dragon came to the Dean to find Long Pin Xuan.

After Long Pin Xuan woken up, I organted an instrumentation, opened the door, see Xiaoqing and Dragon, can not help but ask, "What?"

Xiaoyan smiled and handed a stack of paper. "This is the list of monsters who want to join the West Lake Academy after class yesterday. When did you see when you see?"

Longpin Xuan took a thick paper, looked at it, some accidents, "So many demon? Yes!"

"Also, human beings said that there is something to talk to the dean, how do you look back in them?" Xiao Qing said.

"To see me?" Longpin Xuan somewhat confused, but immediately thought that he would be very fast in the strength of the monster, and it is also a big threat to human beings. They will want to see themselves.

So he nodded.

Xiaoqing heard the words, the face is a certain weird, "Dean, are you knowing their destination? They give me the contact information is also the building outside, I want to give information directly to the building."

Longpin Xuan coughs two times, "So you don't have to contact, when I go to myself!"

Xiaoyan nodded and left with the dragon.

Longpin Xuan said that he is the place where he is familiar with Hangzhou. Is there still an old building?

He knows that it is just a name of a building and is related to the contact point of human cultivator.

But why are those humans to see him? Or do you want to do what he wants?

Longpin Xuan is somewhat curious, but there is also a little expectation, after all, he has also been a person!

Chapter 13 Building Lounge

"Shanwai Qingshan Building outside the building!"

Longpin Xuan stood at the gate of the building, looked at the three words of the momentum, slightly brought emotion, and looked in.

A shop Xiao Ji Li horses greeted, "Guest Officer, please, few?"

"1, find a good location!" Said Long Pinxuan said.

"Goodle!" The store Xiao 2 Limou took the lead, the finger, "the guest officer likes to look at the scenery, then go upstairs, the elegant seat of our building, but you can see the beautiful scenery of the West Lake! Guaranteed you! "

Under the guidance of the store Xiao Er, Longpin Xuan came to the elegant side of the balcony. You can enjoy the scenery while enjoying the scenery.

"What are your good dishes?"

"That's more!" The store Xiaodi looked at Longpin Xuan clothing in front of him. It is natural to say that "the Hangzhou West Lake Longjing is most pleasant, not only can be used, but can be used Come, the signature dish of our building is naturally Longjing Shrim! "

Longpin Xuan is slightly asked, "Just a dish?"

The store smiled, "I can have a dish! There is also the fire gods, West Lake vinegar fish, Song Wei, Dongpo meat, called flower chicken, West Lake snorkeling soup, ham broad beans, and dry bomb beans And the road is beautiful, let you linger! "

Longpin Xuan was stimulated by the dish of the restaurant, "Yes, then you will come two times!"

The store is scared, "" Small just reported 9 dishes, you have to come two times? Do you have a person, eat it? "

Longpin Xuan put his hand, "I didn't eat it!"

He reached out from the pocket and put it on the table. "When I said, this is enough? Buy your table, !"

The store is a little joyful, I took a bite in the mouth, I saw the row of teeth, naturally, I couldn't find the north. "Nature is good, the objective is slightly, the little immediately gave you a dish! You have enough money to buy ten tables! "

Longpin Xuan rose to raise her hair, "Ten tables are enough? That's ten tables! Everywhere is ten!"

The store is a lot of blinds in a moment, but it should be laughing, and I will prepare it.

When he went out, he gave him a lot of ear, "Let you have a lot of mouth, just this sentence, less than 9 tables!"

Longpin Xuan's ever, naturally, it is the behavior of Xiao Second, the store, but he doesn't care.

"Guest officer, your dish! This is our latest West Lake Longjing Tea, you are slow!"

Although the store has earned 9 tables of money, it is a meticulous attitude that serves customers to let Long Pin Xuan have changed him.

"Right!" Longpin Xuan was imported in the import of chopsticks, and called the store that was about to leave. "You and your treasurer said, you have to wait!"

The store should be in the store, but it is a mist to go to the counter.

"Erlang, what happened? He is like a soul?" The shopkeeper looked at this ancient spiritual buddy in front of him. Now it seems to be stunned, some concerned.

The store Xiao Ergang came back, and immediately said, "The shopkeeper, the two floors are not the master who is very generous? He said that I want to give your treasurer, say what you want, etc.! It is a bit inexplicable "

If the store, Xiao Ergang, did not finish it, and he went to see the "" of the shopkeeper.

However, the old man who is a few fairy ribs will meet in the shopkeeper, walk into the building.

"Spoose, how do you feel here?" One of the old people asked with the shoulders of the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is originally named sporadic and a cultivator.

"Shu, really want to enter the world, see the world, the world is not the same! Wait until this experience is completed, the sporadic confidence will enter the next realm!" The treasurer spared a slightly respectfully, and the tone Some pride.

The old man nodded, "Confidence is good, but only breakthrough is not enough, I am here to give you a big room, this machine is in front of you, you can't grasp your own!"

Other old people have laughed, "Okay, take the way!"

The old man continued to ask, "Where is the knight in that sentence?"

The treasurer is not known, so many people outside the building, he can't receive each customer.

So he directly called the Erlang, "Erlang is your service that you have to wait for the customer?"

Erlang heard here, his face is very ugly, but still nodded, "Yes"

"Where is the person? Take us in the past!"

The rest of the old people are all impatient, and they have said.

Erlang naturally won't smash the face of these old people. After all, even the shopkeeper is coming to them, it is a big man.

He quickly walked in front of the road, "I will sit on the second floor!"

Several old people took the second floor and saw such a scene.

The entire second floor can actually be said to be very broad, but look at it, everyone's attention will be attracted by the edge of the balcony.


Because, it is too eaten!

He surrounded by two other shops, only one of their work, just letting food!

This is also the requirements of Longpin Xuan, otherwise his vegetables are ten, every time a dish, and all the same, this is not delicious!

Therefore, it is still unpleasant, but you can continue to go up!

The old people stayed with wood chickens, which is slowly piled up, so you can eat the youth man, is it the dean of the Hangzhou Hangzhou?

An old man went forward, slightly, "Dare to ask this is the dean of the West Lake Academy?"

Longpin Xuan is cool, suddenly someone interrupts that mood will naturally won't go.

But I think about it, my meal, I can reach from those practitioners, and the mood is beautiful.

Longpin Xuan nodded, but the hand and mouth did not stop the hand, "time and food are like this, don't waste, come, sit down and eat!"