I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segas 10th.

Several old people see Long Pin Xuan nodded, and they have done it to the table.

After all, the other party is a big energy, changed the appearance and thinking that it is a simple thing, so everything can not be taken.

The olders have picked up chopsticks and raised a few chopsticks.

It can't stop this.

"Hey, I have never thought that the vegetables on the building are so delicious!"

"It's true! This craft is absolutely!"

Chapter 14 Satalism

The crafts outside the building are really good, but they have not arrived at this point. It is mainly the many cultivators who are not paying attention to eating. Although this building is a door to help, but they are not Come to eat.

The key is that it is better to eat it!

Especially next to sitting this kind of fragrant, from time to time, you should grab the food in front of them, nature is to eat more delicious!

The shopkeeper sporadic and shops look at the uncle's uncle's uncle and other martial arts, such as the big eaten, have a little tongue.

After the wine is full, several cultivars and dean have established a feeling of cherishing.

This is called rice friends!

The atmosphere on the dinner table is very good, and Long Pin Xuan is also sitting on the side, satisfying the stomach.

One of the old people leaned against the back of the chair, and the eyes looked at Longpin Xuan. what?"

Longpin Xuan sat nodded, "He! Of course! This meal can be described as the most delicious meal that this dean has come here! It's really good!"

Yunlai nodded, opening a mouth, "The building is the industry of the breeze, I know that the meals here are so delicious, I will eat every day!"

Another old man laughed, "Since this, then I have to live often!"

The old people around them should be with each other, and Yunlai is laughing. "Of course, don't forget to pay! Haha!"

Longpin Xuan laughed, "So, isn't it to settle the meal?"

The old people around, and the Yunlai suddenly laughed. "The dean is rare to see, how can the dean save money! Sparest!"

The trekker sporadic quickly came to join, "Old, you told you!"

Yunlai, "This meal is free! It is not! It is the dean to eat after eating, all!"

The treasurer sporadic to the ear of Yunlai, quietly said, "Yun Chang is old, this is not a rule? Middle public acceptance"

The scorpion of the shopkeeper is light, and it is a top person who is cultivated in Hangzhou. It is natural to hear a clear.

Yunlai's old face is red, angered, "I am not a list, I hang up my account first, I will return to the dean to set up a single single! The head can be said, the dean is the history of our Qing Dynasty The most expensive guest, what is the top floor outside the building! "

"Well! Yun is old and said," a long-awaited old man applaud, "I jun Yi Tower, although it is the old man of Tianyi, but it also represents our home, the dean is the same because of our Tianyi Pavilion. The most distinguished guest! "

Other several doors are always attached.

Longpin Xuan laughs, these men have not come to a hand and the owner, and they are always old, it seems that they have doubts about this college.

"Hey! Trigger the task: There is no class!"

"As a college, it is natural to be a class! The content of the task: recruiting a human genius as a student!"

"Task completion reward: plantation!"

Longpin Xuan somaked the tea cup placed on the table, drinking a bite, "Then, thanks to the public!"

"However," Yunlai looked at Longpin Xuan asked some of the suspicion. "In the case of the deputy demon, it is only a 4th large demon, but it can't see the body, I don't know the dean,"? "

Longpin Xuanxin is a seventeen eight lying troughs! He didn't carefully see the details of these olders, I only felt that they were stunned, but they didn't expect their own cultivation to be seen.

However, he will never reveal on the surface!

Longpin Xuan's heart meditation: Guide!

Who is guided?

Longpin Xuan faintly picked up the tea cup on the table, said, "Yunlai, you cultivate the breeze, have passed to the twelfth floor, you can know that your first floor has a wrong place It can't break through the twelfth level for a long time. "

"If you turn down to 1 minute, then turn down, avoid the giant, then the 13th floor is expected!"

Yunlai's face change, the other party is just a 4-level big demon, and it is clear that you can clearly see how you don't say it, even the exercises you have run!

The key is that the details of the atrial operation are all clear!

His card has been in the Qing Dynasty for decades. Now there is a breakthrough point, even if it is fake, try it.

Yunlai immediately closed his eyes and started to re-run the first layer of heart.

When he opened his eyes again, it was shocked. He could clearly feel that his spiritual strength is pure, so, it is not a year, he can re-impact the 13th floor.

Yunlai immediately stood up, rushing to Long Pinxuan deeply, "Dean, Yun Ziqi, unforgettable, want to come to the dean cloud tour world, deliberately show this repair, confuse everyone, I am Phase! This is a penalty! "

He rushed toward the treasurer, "What is it?"

The shopkeeper sporadic immediately, holding the tray in his hand, and put the bold of the ingot of the store in the store, "This is the adult!"

Yunlai apologizes, "How can the delegation pay now!"

He made a big hand, and the gold above the original tray became ten ingots.

"These are a little bit of mind, I originally want to send some spiritual stones, but Hangzhou is barren, the spirit is rare, there is no stock, the dean forgivement!"

Longpin Xuan's face was light, and did not reject it did not have, and Yunlai immediately crowded with the treasurer.

The treasurer sporadic immediately put the tray on the table.

Other longhouses will still don't understand, one by one is flattering, I hope he can say a few words to each other.

Longpin Xuan did not have their wish, continue to speak, but said, "Please come to me, just ask me to eat a meal? So, Long homed!"

Dragon Pin Xuan said in his name, this is enough.

The old people looked at each other, and they were very surprised.

Long, surnamed Dragon, in addition to the purebred dragon people in the sky, who can still? Can anyone have such strength? Can anyone have such eye?

I don't know which dragon is it?

But I know his roughly race, they all have worried one by one, although the dragon is also a class of demon, but the general fair is not A, and once the formation is inevitable is a fairy level, so, they count.

Yunlai is the first to laugh, "the dean said a little, please ask the dean to come to us!"

Chapter 15 Planting Class Portable Space

Yunlai's hand is hidden in the sleeves, and sneaks a jade.

Other olders have also spread their own information in secret.

Longpin Xuan Xiu is not high and does not find it.

He said in Yunlai, and he smiled slightly, "Oh? What?"

At this time, the building outside the building has come into several people. It is the number of men and the top of Hangzhou in the late stage.

The first thing is Zhang Bo.

Zhang Bo came to the second floor and saw Yun Zizi rushed him blinking. It immediately laughed.

Longpin Xuan loured a tea cup and swayed him to make a return, did not get up.

Zhang Bo is not annoyed, just sitting on the position of the Yun.

The rest of the old people behind, they also rushed to Longpin Xuan, respectfully,

"At the following time, Xuan Xuan, Tianyi Gener, see the dean!"

"In the lower gap, the fairy peak, see the dean!"

Longpin Xuan nodded and made a return.

The position is situated, Zhang Bo has continued to complete the topic before Yunlai.

"Dean, this is invited to come, we have a practitioner in Hangzhou, there is an unfortunate!"

"Well? Please say!"

Longpin Xuan's police answer, slowly put down the tea cup slowly, and looked at Zhang Bo.

"When the dean recruits the students, can it also enroll our children?"

Longpin Xuan hules, suddenly laughed.

"Since it is a college, it is natural to teach uncomfortable, no matter which race can be registered! But you can enter the college, but also filter, enter the West Lake Academy, no longer potential, or special! If you cannot filter Naturally, you can't join the college! "

Everyone looked at each other and was full in the eyes.

Zhang Bo said, "Because our human beings and demon, the skills are not the same, the physical fit is different, so they will not" on the screening. "

Longpin Xuan nodded, "I understand what you mean, but the West Lake Academy screening the students is not ordinary battle and fight, naturally knowing."

Longpin Xuan stood up, the sleeve, the gold ingot on the table disappeared.

"First, next month, it is the day of the Xihu College's enrollment. The location will solemn in the West Lake.

Dragon Pin Xuan stepped on a touch of foam, after walking, dissipated in the air.