I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Sean 11th in the Monster College.

Zhang Bo's sighs looked at Longpin Xuan disappeared. "Sure is the dragon orthodox spell, it seems that this is our chair! Direct order, the breeze is all qualified disciples in Hangzhou to participate in the Xihu College enrollment, can Into one is one! "

"Tianyi Pavilion!"

"Fairy peak is above!"

For a time, all the disciples of all the cultivation martial arts in Hangzhou have been concentrated, there are some small martial arts, just picking out the elite disciples, and because of the number of people, all the disciples will be prepared to participate in the Xihu Academy. Admissions.

In case of ordinary disciples, it is also entered into the West Lake Academy. It is also a great thing!

The trend of human beings is naturally a demon.

Especially Xiaoqing and the five ghosts take the news of Longpin Xuan, the monsters of the entire Hangzhou are boiling!

Next month, the West Lake Academy officially enrolled!

It is necessary to know that Dragon's Join the West Lake Academy will still set rules. Do they really join the West Lake Academy so high?

But don't try again!

All the monsters are all in the palm of Mu, or not to please Xiaoqing, asked the form of the Xihu College!

But where Xiaoqing knows.

She is still fascinated by Longpin Xuan invited to join the West Lake Academy, and how can I know that the request of the Academy is so high.

But this also changed her quite high!

Xiaoqing has recently been beautiful, regardless of the big demon gods in a strong bar, gold and silver jewelry, some of the fairy fruit, one is that they still can't do it, the other is, No one is going to send, so Xiaoqing also collects these.

But she is very satisfied, with these gold and silver jewelry, she can eat what to eat on the street, what to buy, what to buy!

Longpin Xuan knows that Xiaoqing's sex is not arrested, otherwise how can you catch Bai Suzhen!

It is to know that Bai Suzhen can be a white snake who has the opportunity to fly, and the qualifications can be seen. If it can be enrolled into the college, it will greatly increase the glory.

After the Dragon, he had been cultivated in his room, and he had not seen it.

Longpin Xuan is also very busy now, he is busy with his reward, planting the class with a class.

The portable space of this planting is a small jade, just takes the heart to take it out.

Items can be taken out from the inside, or you can take out items throughout the item.

I want to know a college, I can't eat it!

Every monster has its own special coat, some of themselves made of skin, some of which are faded, mostly don't worry.

But it's not the same.

Many monsters still stay in the stage of the mouth, some like to eat grass and papaya, some like to eat meat. Coupled with human students who are about to be recruited.

Therefore, there is a cultivated space as the logistics foundation of the entire college, or very nice.

Long Pu Xuan is now studying how to enlarge the entrance of this portable space and then fixed.

He took the drum for a long time, finally putting this jade in a stone door, just need to reach out of the stone door, you can walk into the land of the portable space, just like walking into the entire college plantation.

Longpin Xuan called the five ghosts from the young green, let them bought a few seeds of fruits and vegetables on the street, and some chicks and chicks, all of which are all placed in this plantation. Inside.

Longpin Xuan handed over to the five ghosts throughout the plantation.

The five ghosts allocated the well-formed wells.

This planting class has thousands of acres of space, and the left is a plantation, and there is a pond on the right.

The five ghosts have planned those seeds to plant, and they still have a lot of small fish in the pond, and the chicken duck is also spread on the pond.

Longpin Xuan saw that it is also very satisfied, he is also awarded the next task.

Reward plants should be to accelerate plants grow in the soil.

This is the initial, waiting until these foods can use plant growth, Long Pinxuan will try to plant some herbs to prepare for the need for alchemy.

A college students have to promote, food is still a second, Dan medicine can not be less!

Chapter 16 College Admissions (1)

Today is the days of the Xihu College enrollment.

Hangcheng West Lake is in a lively today, the entire West Lake is surrounded by several family members, and no one is allowed to enter.

The small stalls and shops by the West Lake are ordered to be closed for several days until they are lifted.

The owner of the small stall and the store is naturally unhappy. Find the government to accuse it, but the government has already sent a post by the major gates, indicating that the West Lake has been an admissions in the college. In order to avoid affecting ordinary people, naturally is still closed. It is good.

People in this world know that there is a monster with fairy, but the gods they think are cultivators.

Generally speaking, ordinary people are not in contact with the immortal, and there will be no immortals on the market, but the big in the city is more or less related to the cultivator. It usually transports some children in the school to cultivate cultivation.

Or simply, some eases themselves are cultivating the world, and some of them are another model of the immortal martial arts to develop in the secularity, in order to carry out ordinary shop management, fund management, reserve savings, or direct Secular colleagues have some genius disciples.

So the blockade around the West Lake is very effective.

Longpin Xuan stands on the balcony of the soared building outside the West Lake, watching the blocked lines around the surrounding line, nodded with satisfaction.

Looking for them to help, it is the right choice, people are manageable than the system!

The little green around him is a mouth, and a face is not happy.

Originally the dean, he said that a student rewarded her back to the panace, but now the soup, in addition to the dragon and the dragon to enter, next to the college students, and she didn't have a half-cow.

Longpin Xuan saw Xiaoqing's look, I didn't know what she was thinking, laughed, "Your return, I will not forget, wait until the college, after the enrollment is completed, you go to Collect some back to the pan. Herbal medicine, I will give you a refinement! "

The little blue face is good, yes, she is at least one, others have not!

The West Lake is divided into two regions. All the half of the arc region on the left is all young children of humans, and all the arc region on the right is monster.

I used to see the monster, but today, today, all the young children were taken, and they could not exude a little murderous. They can't move in the Admissions Card. Once they were discovered, it may be expelled not only. He himself, will also have a whole martial art.

It is not only the enrollment of human beings, but can be enrolled in Hangzhou, and any race can participate.

Those young children have also heard that the dean of this Xihu College is particularly very powerful. The elders in the martial art are not guided by one or two, and go back and closer to break through. If you learn in the West Lake Academy, it is necessary to..

So they also express a particularly good, I want to leave a good impression on the dean of the unpigmable.

On the other side, the type of monster can be more, there is no chemical shape, the big demon god is coming, even the demon king is coming, I have heard of the last Long Pin Xuan. The opening of the altar, created the miracle of the whole demon world.

One lesson, almost all monsters are advanced!

To know that the monster is very rare, especially in this world, the monster's natural enemy is too much, and it is necessary to sleep for a certain bottleneck. It is still a hundred and eighty years.

It is also no wonder that some millennial demon should go to eat people, no way, if you don't eat people, you don't have blood, don't tell, you can't fix it, you have to go back, the life limit is so much!

Many cultural people are looking at the monster area.

"That is a snake demon? Or semi-formed, that tail, oh!"

"I think of that monster, I didn't catch it in Sanhe Village last time. I chopped a feet!"

"Is there any rabbit?"

"How is the monster that is no two?"

"That is the big demon!"

"So many monsters, if you attack Hangzhou,"

Many children are silent.

They know a lot of monsters, but they don't know so much in Hangzhou!

There are still many that they have not seen.

If these monsters are eating people, these martial arts are certainly can't affirmed, even if they resist, they have to lose weight, say that they will die.

At this time, a voice passed into the ear of everyone.

"I am very happy, I saw that there are so many colleagues who want to join the West Lake Academy, as the dean of the Xihu College, I am honored!"

Longpin Xuan is up to the balcony, stepped on Xiang Yun, rising to the air, slowly floating to the top of West Lake, watching the many people below and demon.

When the monster, I saw Long Pin Xuan, and I watched it respectfully, "see Dean!"

Humanity is shocked, but then they also shouted, "see Dean!"

The sound is also particularly loud, you want to press the sound on the monster.

The monsters close to the human area are naturally unwilling, but also want the voice to put this weak human pressure, I heard the Dragon Pin Xuan coughed twice.

"First, thank you very much for everyone to come here to participate in the enrollment of the West Lake Academy! But I still have to say the rules of enrollment before the enrollment begins."

"The enrollment rules are as follows:"

"This enrollment will recruit 2 classes, one for the junior class, one for the monsters!"

"Don't be too surprised, in my opinion, everyone's repair, even the highest demon king, only in the West Lake Academy can only enter the first class!"

This sentence is out, everyone is shocked, including the demon.

Even the demon king can only be in the primary class, this primary class has more food!

The junior class class can be comparable to the monsters' primary class.

That is to say, if they can enter the primary class of the people, isn't it to sit in peace with the demon king?

When the young children of those people, I thought of this, and my face glowed, ready to move.