I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean in Section 12 in the Monster College.

Don't speak people, the monster area is also excited and unusual, enter the college, the demon king and they are classmates, the classmates who are sitting flat, maybe I can catch up with the demon king!

Everyone includes demon, more excited, staring at Longpin Xuan, listening to him to continue.

Longpin Xuan continued,

"A class recruits 20 students, but only recruits students through the assessment. If the student passed by the assessment is not full 20 people, then there is not full, no more recruits!"

"So, this time the assessment is especially important!"

"And for you, your own qualifications and quality are also very important!"

Chapter 17 College Admissions (2)

"It's not that the strength is strong, it will be able to pass the assessment! Because it is strong, it doesn't mean you have good qualifications!"

"It's not that it is good now, it will definitely be able to pass the assessment! Because there may be other people's qualifications than you, just didn't discover!"

"The assessment of the West Lake Academy is actually very simple, but only one thing!"

"Everyone must respect the results of the assessment!"

"West Lake Academy only determines if it can enter the college according to the assessment!"

Longpin Xuan is seriously looked at the bottom.

"Okay, let's introduce the approach to the assessment!"

"Let's see here!"

Longpin Xuan played a thoughts, floating a circular platform in the center of the West Lake, and the lake leads to the platform by West Lake.

There is a platform at the center of the platform, you can accommodate one person. There is a blank stone monument in the rear of the platform, the top of the stone monument is engraved with a dragon and looks special mighty.

There is a slightly wide platform on the left side of the platform, which is connected to the center platform and the shore, and does not know what use.

"People who accept the assessment into the test desk, then map out this person's qualifications!"

"Then this person's number and score will be recorded on the stone monument, the stone monument is divided into two pieces of the people and the demon, will only arrange the top 20, add up to 40."

"The person displayed on the stone monument is to wait for the students, then enter the platform on the left, which is to be selected. If the results are caught, the stone monument will be eliminated. The 40 people under the following are the students to be selected. "

"But I really want to enter the college will have a threshold. I will announce this threshold in the end."

"The students who reached this threshold left, the remaining elimination."

"Finally, I can enter the college. I need the last step to wait in the hospital, as long as I can successfully sign the name on the college list, it is successful to admission!"

Longpin Xuan explained all the procedures clearly, reached out, and fell in the air.

All people and demon, one person caught one, and the number is written.

"Write your own name on the back of the number card with blood, and board the stone monument, you will walk into the waiting area, wait until the name dropped, you will leave!"

"The supervision and management of the selection area will be judged by your small school sister, and the college assistant five ghosts."

After Long Pinxuan said, it was slightly paused, and then the sound was loud.

"Then I announce, the West Lake Academy enrollment is now!"

"The first test stage, the second to 100 students queued after the Yellow line of the promenade, waiting for the assessment!"

Longpin Xuan is a big hand, and there is a yellow line in the front end of the promenade of all connected platforms.

The 100 students have spontaneously row, stand behind the yellow line.

At this time, no matter whether it is a man or a demon, all people and demon are mixed.

Many of the demon noses absorb the blood of the young children in front of the young children, and the scorpion is fast, but they still regulate the torque.

Because the public classes before listening to the dean, the demon as long as she eats people or makes a bad break, it will hinder the promotion, and the West Lake college is mixed, then I want to enter the college, I definitely can't commit a taboo of the dean.

Many practitioners are a little awkward for standing between many monsters.

However, these things are small things, especially the first one will enter the test table.

Whether it is a man or a demon, they are all eye-catching at the first to enter the test table, want to see how it is assessed!

The lucky one who got 1 is a pig, cough, is a pig demon.

The key is that the pig demon, the body is a human body, but the whole head is still a pig.

She walked into the test platform, stood in the center, then Dong Zhangwei, I don't know what to do.

Longpin Xuan flutters in the air, drink, "Don't mess, stand straight!"

The pig three nails stationed straight straight to standing there, standing there.

Long Puxuan directly opened the guiding surgery, looking at her body, reaching out, appearing on her head.

Pig three

Potential value: 7 stars

Revolution: 8 stars

Strength: Level 1

Special physique: no

Special talent: to be developed

Immediately, there were several words on the stone monument behind her, "ranked 1, 1 pig three nails"

These data appear, and the entire site is boiling.

"Wow, this is the potential value, understanding, strength, and special physique and special talents!"

"Too detailed!"

"I don't know if I have a few stars!"

"I don't know if the star is a few stars!"

"However, according to the general situation, the 7 star 8 stars should be high?"

"Level 1 small demon is so high potential value and understanding, it is really difficult to believe!"

"Don't worry, look at it!"

The pig three nails have walked to the selection area, and now she will test it first. She can wait for 40 people to test, and then see if she is eliminated.

The next test is 2.

"No. 2 picks up!"

The second test is a cultivator, it looks older, but the appearance is very handsome, he walked to the test station.

Many recognizers of his human cultivars began to whisper.

"This is Ge Chang Sheng, the breeze party!"

"I know him!"

"The youngest built-in disciple in history!"

"He is also coming!"

"Don't know how much his potential is?"

"Look again!"

Longpin Xuan hand, the air of Ge Changsheng appeared in the air.

Ge Changsheng

Potential value: 9 stars

Revolution: 8 stars

Strength: 3 floors

Special physique: five elements

Special talent: to be developed

Then, the ranking on the stone monument has changed.

The first bit became "No. 2 Great", and the pig three nail fell to the second place.

"Scorpio, it is actually a five-way body! No wonder it is so fast!"

"What is the five elements of the holy body?"

Have a monster hearing this, curious turning to ask the human cultivator behind him.

"The five elements of the Holy Branch are the opposite sizes of the human all kinds of essentials, and there are many other sacred countries, they are rare in a hundred years!"

The monsters nodded, there is such a saying, then it is like a monster who has blood?

Then it is the third.

Zhangliu female

Potential value: 1 star

Safety: 2 stars