I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Sean 13th in the Monster College.

Strength: 6 layers of refining period

Special physique: no

Special talent: no

The girl's score is relatively low, and her name is temporarily ranked third, but according to the previous two comparisons, I want to come to this girl should be eliminated.

Chapter 18 College Admissions (3)

The people in the West Lake are full, and there are people with the demon, and there are thousands of people.

The names of the name have appeared in one name, and many people's names have also fallen.

The people who drop the ranks or demon will be left from the other channel from the five ghosts from the other channel of the candidate area.

It looks very unordered.

It's hard to let Long Pin Xuan, although Dragon Tiansheng will fly, but long floating in the air, plus the words that must be modern, are also very tired. The key is to have thousands of people and demon below.

Ok, who makes him want to be the strongest dean!

I have suffered a bitterness for the demon!

Longpin Xuan remembers his father and flee, and revenge is a big project.

Especially if there is no forces!

However, it doesn't matter, there is no power, build a forces yourself.

When he took hundreds of thousands of demon, the demon spirit and Yuan Ying period, when the big student appeared, see what the dragon dared to say!

Longpin Xuan once again used a guiding agent.

Door is quiet

Potential value: 9 stars

Revolution: 9 stars

Strength: 2 layers of refining period

Special body: ice jade

Special talent: to be developed

The door is quiet. It is the three disciples of Tianshan School. The potential to show is very good, but the progress is very slow after the entry, 3 years, until the 2nd floor of the refining period is now a laughter.

When many people get started before the rumors, it is good to make a good result, but the facts give her a huge blow. It is better to join a general disciple for 3 years.

Originally, she is a core disciple, which is a core disciple, but the three years of cultivation, so that the old old face fell sharply.

At the beginning, I thought it was the introduction test error, but after re-test, I found that it was very potential, but the strength couldn't go up.

Tianshan sent a lot of experiments, gave her a lot of resources, but still so.

For a time, the door is the laughter of the entire Tianshan School.

Especially for the experiment, I gave her a lot of resources, making many people in the martial art, and after giving up her, I was bullied in the same door.

But she didn't be discouraged. She felt that she still had hope, because she knew that she must have a talent, testing, the strength did not go, maybe it is other reason.

So she is still very hard.

When these words appear on the door of the door, people who see these words have pumped the cold, such a high potential value?

"This girl is not allowed, rushing to the first place?"

"Ge Chang Sheng is squeezed down!"

"Double 9 stars? Scorpio, the most potential demon is only the most beginning of the pig three nails! Other demon is 5 stars 6 stars, there is no more than 7 stars."

However, there are several sounds that are disdainful.

"Her talent is fake!"

"How is the double 9 stars, but started 3 years, or only 2 layers of refining period!"

"If the strength is growing, the genius will become a stupid material!"

Many people and demon are surprised.

"real or fake?"

"Do you collect her?"

"Double 9 star waste?"

Longpin Xuan naturally heard what he said, but he didn't pay attention, his West Lake college is the genius who is delayed by others. They can't teach those genius, and they don't mean he can't.

"The door is quiet, the third is the first, please return to the selection."

Many people in Tianshanpai still reveal envious look, although they have doubts about people who have grown slowly for the door, but people have high test potential.

Tianshan sent a teacher couldn't help but shouted. "Dean, the door is quiet, I don't deny it, but even if she eats the treasure of the treasure, it is a waste that is unable to go!"

Those who have not tested have also yelled yet, "Yes, it is a waste, when you are not allowed to enter the college, you will waste resources!"

Longpin Xuan frowned, "I said before, everyone must respect the results of the assessment!"

"Read in you, temporarily revealing, then questioning, directly eliminating the assessment qualification!"

Longpin Xuan's words are still very heavy, because several sentences have been eliminated, which is not affordable.

Although there is only 40 places in the college, people have more porridge, but they are still possible, let them give up because others say a few words, give up the opportunity that may enter the college study, the fool will do.

The few things that were speaking before.

The door is quietly looked at Longpin Xuan in the sky, standing at the selection, and the mood is very excited.

She knew that her talent was very strong, but she was also very popular because of her strength, she was very panicked, and the dean was afraid of listening to others, and she refused to reject her.

Ok, no!

The door is quietly looked at the eyes of the dean, she will not live up to the dean, study hard after entering the school!

Under such an enrollment system, the top several can basically finally finalize it to enter the college.

So they will be envious and embarrassed by many people and demon.

40 people in the selection area and the demon stopped there, and they were looked at the moon by everyone, they will produce a fluttering psychology.

But once you are squeezed by others, this mood is also very big.

In particular, several of the ends of the end, all the eyes are not looked at the test table, and I am afraid that I will squeeze myself.

The entire enrollment lasted 3 days and 3 nights, no one and demon left, Long Pin Xuan has always been drifted in the air.

He is able to feel the energy absorbed by the dragon tolerance in the body, but it has increased its strength in the middle of the dragon tolerance in the body.

So when all people and demon tests have been quiz, Long Pinxuan still is still unfinished, if it is like this, it can completely absorb dragon balls all over a few years.

Thousands of people present were not left, they looked at the 20 people and 20 demon in the selection area, and the envy of the envy in the eyes.

Longpin Xuan looked at the situation in the stone monument and opened the guiding surgery again.

"All registered people have been tested and the demon has been tested, and now they will be announced to the selection of students to be selected to be entitled to the hospital!"

"Next, I will guide you! The rest of the people and demon who have not entered the domain to choose from!"

This sentence of Long Pu Xuan said that immediately caused a noisy surrounding.

Especially before I have heard the monsters of Long Pin Xuan's open altar, it is very happy, and the leg is sitting on the ground, waiting for Long Pu Xuan's guidance.

Many people and demon around, see these monsters, nor will they sit behind.

Chapter 19 Quality Admissions

Long Puxuan waited until all the students waiting for the selection of the students on the ground, opened the guiding surgery, slowly extended the hand.

There is a picture in his finger.

That is a teenager, looks handsome, excellent style.

He is with a young girl, jealousy, talking, laughing, and making each other.

All men present in the scene sometimes became the teenager, and all women became the girl.

The young people have been invested by the young, and the young and gentle, it is already the first, which makes people envy.

At this moment, Longpin Xuan looked at the top of the top of the study displayed by the introduction, and there was a progress bar called a heart quality.

This cardiological quality will change as the screen changes, and eventually there will be a certain value.

The picture is still playing.

The picture of the teenager is a bit blurred, and the different people will have different feelings.

Some people think that they are a generation of Tianjiao, proud, and the score above his head is very low.

Some people are from one and final, indifferent fame and fortune, calm up, the score above the top of his head is very high.

But then, the picture is changed.

I don't know how it is, I suddenly returned, how to get rid of it, and people around began to laugh at him.