I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the 14th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

At this time, different people feel different.

Some people crash low, and some people have been refreshed and re-volatilized, and the cardinal quality progress bar is also correspondingly changed.

The girl is also a generation of Tianjiao, beautiful and abnormal, and also being sought after by many people, the girl looked at the undulating of the teenager, and her ideas also fluctuated.

The girl is beautiful, she has many powerful pursuits, she has enviable strength and background.

Some people choose to face with the teenager.

Some people choose to comfort teenagers,

Some people choose to break and have a knife.

Some people choose to be far away from the boy,

Different options also make the fraction of the heart quality progress bar different.

In the end, the teenager is because of a powerful inheritance, it is necessary to wake up a ring, so they have been absorbed and repaired, and after awakening the ring, he once again got a powerful strength, and many more beautiful girls pursue him, major Forces to throw the olive branches, others no longer dare to laugh at him.

The same thing he has a lot of choices.

What do he do if the girl is with him? Abandon girl, go to a more beautiful woman?

If the girl goes away from him, he will be a dog, chase the girl back, or declined?

Some people who laughed at him will be retalled by him?

Those beautiful girls who pursue his is still all rendered?

Such a lot of choices, with its inner.

The picture is so fast, and Long Pin Xuan looked at those clearing a very high progress bar, some sighed.

It is a person's progress bar to make him a little surprised, and that is the quiet.

It may be that the same experience is more mature than others?

Dragon product has been laughing, he did not turn off the guiding surgery and then slowly opened.

"Xiu Xian, whether it is a man or a demon, the most important thing is to practice!

Just a word, a sentence made many people hesitated when choosing, and they made another option.

In this sentence, like Ming, engraving in their minds, long time is not spent.

When someone wants to choose a cruel revenge, this sentence is like a alarm beat in their hearts.

Practice, practice!

Although they have a polar, but only ridiculed, now they are also hit, being less learned, but is it really sin?

Can it be light?

What do they do with me?

What is my cultivation with them?

The understanding of a share!

Many people's mood have broken through a large, and the progress of the heart is also suddenly rising.

After Longpin Xuan looked at the progress of the students rose most, I was satisfied with the nod and turned off the guiding surgery.

"The assessment is completed, announce the final result!"

Longpin Xuan handed, and there was a number in everyone's head.

Then, this number appears on the stone monument.

"This is the result of the heart quality assessment!"

"The requirements for entering the college are 80 points!"

"It's below 80 points, go back to gerbera and quality."

"More than 80 points, congratulations, successfully join the West Lake Academy!"

This sentence of Long Pu Xuan made everyone first stayed, and immediately looked at his head.

When many people see more than 80 points, I will cry.

Some people have seen less than 80 points, but it becomes unusually frustrated, and some people tears cry.

The five ghosts have taken the people and demon below 80 points to lead the selection area.

The people around the West Lake and the demon have been returning to God, although they did not see their scores, but they can obviously feel their own heart growth, they are next to the dean.

Everyone in the field and the demon are very clear, the strength of the dean teaches.

Before it is just a sentence, let them have improved so much! Too incredible!

Longpin Xuan tried to everyone, reached out, and a golden book on his hand appeared.

He took this book to Xiaoqing, "The next step is the process of admission, according to the number, in turn, in the roster of his blood, the name is the name of the West Lake Academy!"

Xiaoqing received a directory of the West Lake Academy Personnel, and the last page of the light car is rushing to let the first sign.

The highest rank, is unquestionable.

Although people and demon are on both sides of the stone monument, the rank is sequentially.

For example, the first place is the quiet, the second place is Ge Chang Sheng, the third place is the pig three nails, then the left is a nun, the ranking is the first place and the second place of the family, but the fourth place is displayed.

On the right is a demon, the first place is a pig three nails, but the display is still the third place.

So the overall number has not changed.

If you haven't said, this time the primary class potential is stronger, but the strength of the demon primary class is stronger.

There are 16 , the first, the first, Ge Chang Sheng, second.

The monsters begin to be full of 20 demon, the pig three nail is the first.

Xiaoqing and Dragon were also being built into the monsters, because it was a demon king, it became the squad leader of the demon junior class, so that there were 22 students in the Primary Class in the demon.

The first powerful strength of the demon national class is a demon king, only to break through the demon, can be able to upgrade to the mid-class class.


Chapter 20

Xihu College enrollment to this end.

The West Lakes and demon gradually dissipated, and the ban around the West Lake will also be released.

Longpin Xuan slowly falls on the platform to be selected, hand, one barrier cover the entire platform.

Among the other words, those channels are gradually sinking, and one will be sinking that this is the entire standby area.

Don't talk about people, even many people in the monsters are surprised by surroundings.

Is this the bottom of the West Lake?

The bottom of the West Lake has been trimmed by Longpin Xuan. Those platforms and channels are all after he built it at the bottom. It is floating that day.

The whole bottom is covered by a layer of junctions, and there is no water below, and you can stroll.

The roof gallery, the pavilion chart, looking up is a quiet water, countless little fish, prawns floating, like water.

After walking through the passage, I saw a rolling gallery, and the four golden lightning of the "West Lake Academy", such as the dragon palace, and the gas is abnormal.

When this area is confirmed by the system to the location selection of the West Lake Academy, once Long Pin Xuan is transformed, the connection is automatically divided into the site of the West Lake Academy.

Therefore, Longpin Xuan simply planning the bottom of the entire West Lake. In addition to the interior of the college, the lakeside garden is also planned outside, so that students can take a walk in the study, talk about love.

If Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian are enrolled in the college, you can also make a pair!

What kind of demon can not be combined, shit!

Bai Suzhen repaired the orthodox, through the Guanyin Trich, and Xu Xian's whatever love didn't see it, but the benefit of the people, why not be together.

Longpin Xuan used to look at this white lady's TV series for Bai Suzhen, and that Xu Xian, which really received the temptation of the law, and the hatred of the monster at the time, harmful from a family rupture It also forced Bai Suzhen and Xiaoyan to make a mistake in Xu Xian.

However, once they have entered the college, hey, first of all this monster, the monster is eating this idea, will be changed!

Long Pin Xuan glanced behind the young people, there are people and demon people in their colleges, peace, and grow together, see who dares to say that monsters are bad! One plan!

Xiaoyu followed Long Pin Xuan, her followed the five ghosts, and the many classmates after giving them over the Xihu College.

"This is a living room, you can freely choose the room!"

"This is the place where the college is in class!"

Xiao Qing said, seeing Longpin Xuan, "Dean, now there are two classes, is it going to be classified?"

Longpin Xuan shakes his head, "No, although it is two classes, just to distinguish it, you are all together!"

He slowly walked to a lotus table on a lotus table in the center of the college that Xiaoqing did pointed.

"Since I entered the college, then I have to study hard!"

"Now, you first find a seat to sit down."

Below below the lotus table is a circular dwarf pier, which can be taken by one or a demon knee.

The size of the stone pier is different. It is convenient for some unsubstantic monsters to accommodate the size of the body.