I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 15th in the Monster College.

The entire square has hundreds of short stone piers, Xiaoqing plus five ghosts, plus new students, a total of 46 people, just sitting a small area.

Everyone is basically sitting at the foremost circle, looking up and look at Longpin Xuan on the lotus table.

Longpin Xuan looked at the number of people, and the lips were slightly moved.

In a short while, a black figure flashed and appeared in front of many students.

"Negative, find a position!"

Dragon was rushing to the Longpin Xuan, and found a position to sit down.

Longpin Xuan looked at the 47 people below, nodded, these are all good seedlings, although there are not many people, but they can not grow up!

"First, congratulations on the new students! In the West Lake Academy, you can call each other as classmates!"

Many students look at each other, classmates? This name is really interesting, it is more interesting than "same window."

"Classmates, classmates, those who learn together, are classmates!"

"There is between classmates, respect each other, respect each other, I don't care if you are still a demon, you must follow this. It is forbidden to fight between the students in the college!

"Now the law enforcement of this regulations is set to Dragon!"

Dragon is standing up, respecting the road, "I will comply with the president's directive!"

Longpin Xuan nodded and let the dragon sit down.

He made a big hand, there was a circular disc appeared in the air, and the different scales were painted above, and there were three pointers to walk above.

"This is the unique time of the West Lake Academy!" Is called the clock! "

"The shortest one is the hour, pointing to the hour, this is a minute pin, pointing to minutes, the finest this is a second hand, pointing to seconds!"

"One hour is 60 minutes, 1 minute is 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, if the time is coming, it is a time for 2 hours! A tea is 15 minutes!"

Longpin Xuan knows that it is easy to use, when sitting on the lotus table, will open the guiding surgery.

As long as it is said to be said below, people who have been heard firmly remember that he tried a lot of conclusions, maybe, this guiding is a god!

Even if there is no system, as long as there is guilty surgery, he can also build the college very well!

Of course, there is a systematic help, the construction of the college will be better!

Especially after the first humanistic student signed, he completed the task issued by the system and got new spells and plants.

With plants, he can try to plant herbs in planting space, prepare for refining Dan medicine.

The students in the field looked at the air clock.

Hours, minutes, seconds!

Good novelty, but is very magical!

Although Longpin Xuan said simple words, they understand a lot of meaning.

That is to say, they can use these three words all day, especially the above scale, in order to make them better distinguish, the outer ring wrote the name of the time every two hours, let them be convenient Compared.

Longpin Xuan then said, "At 6 o'clock in the morning, I will open the class on time! And check the job before the day!"

"Today, as the first day of enrollment, I didn't do any requirements for you, but I found a problem! This problem will directly affect your study, so you must solve it before formal learning!"

"I solved this problem today, even I congratulate everyone's enrollment reward, but the same, I will also arrange tasks. In the specified time, I can't make a task, I have to be punished!"

Chapter 21

"Your strength is uneven, and it is very inconsistent with your potential!"

"Especially the door is quiet, you are so powerful, actually cultivating this, really refused to regret!"

Long Puxuan's words, let the door are excited, "Dean, do you have a way to practice fast?"

Longpin Xuan reached out, let her stay quiet, "Well, the new students are closed, feel the most suitable orthodox practice! I will guide you in the form of energy!"

All people and demon have closed their eyes after listening to Long Pin Xuan.

The face of the door is full of expectations and excitement, waiting for the guidance of Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan directly divided 36 femoral strength. In the body of the newly admitted to the 36 classmates, it began to guide them in the body or spiritual movement in accordance with the flow of the leading surgery.

Energy towards the body in each person is different.

Different physical fitness, different qualifications, there are different exercises to choose.

The key is that there are many options in everyone's body.

For example, this door is quiet.

Her body has several suitable exercises to choose, but the annotations on the edge of different exercises are different.

The first one: Tianhao, the lower class practice, cultivation limit, large multiplication

Second: Muro, medium-sighted, cultivation limit, Xianjun

Third type: Tianji exercise, superior practice, cultivation limit, Luo Han Jinxian

But different exercises are different for the time required for cultivation.

However, the door is quiet, and the time will be bonded above this practice, which will shorten the time of this cultivation.

Belt the higher the strength, the better, Longpin Xuan will naturally choose the best practice.

The exercise of the door is in the middle of the door.

The Tianshan School in front of the door is quiet, and its skills cannot be rolled out, and they can't activate the door.

The reason why Ice jade is called ice jade, that is, some of her body is like ice jade is generally frozen.

But once the hard work is tongue, it will make the cultivation become very fast and can improve several times of cultural efficiency.

And I want to use the exercise to open the ice jade, at least the best practice, but the following is displayed here, it is actually unimaginable for Tianshan School.

Therefore, under the guidance of garbage practice, the door is quietly caught up, and natural cultivation will become unusually difficult. Don't say accelerate cultivation, even orthodox cultivation will be affected by .

This is why she is talented so powerful, but why she is so slow.

The door is naturally not known.

It is a clear bid to see that Longpin Xuan, who uses guidance to see the situation of the door.

And the people who have a variety of people and demon here with a lot!

Long Puxuan all chose the highest level of exercise, because they are both genius, except for the door and the highest can practice to Luo Han Jintian, the highest cultivation of other people and demon is above the fairyjun.

In other words, the students of the West Lake Academy, as long as they have been cultivated, all can fly, and the strength after the flying is not to be underestimated.

In fact, these students are in great effort, and it is the problem of work.

Now the practice of the world is too bad, and the incident is incomplete. Many practices have a lot of disadvantages. It is a lot of cultivators. Whether it is a family or a demon, it is limited to one level. Above.

More and more people and demon can not be flying, in fact, substantial is not their qualifications.

Just see the enrollment from this time, it can be visually seen. It is just a small Hangzhou. It will find 36 top seedlings, so their qualifications are not bad, the difference is poor.

And Longpin Xuan gives them a perfect exercise!

As long as the next thing is not negative, then these students can say a bright future!

This time the boot time is expected to be the expectation of Longpin Xuan.

Originally, he intends to solve the reasons why they are now incent, but they did not expect to change their cultivation direction and equivalent to change them directly.

If you want to re-cultivate the practice, although cultivation in some people guided, the time is not a few hours.

This time point is cultivated, and it has been a month.

Some people and demon, which completed a big week of the body's mid to practice after practicing for more than half a month.

It is this big week, representing their re-cultivation of a new practice.

And new exercises make them rapid growth, directly improved their current realm.

On the cultivation plaza of the West Lake Academy, you can clearly see a spiritual vortex and demon swirls in the top of the head or demon.

Numerous energy begins to gather from the entire Hangzhou, have not entered the West Lake.

The breakthrough of these students directly leads to the rise in the surrounding energy concentration, promoting the speed of other people and the new practice of demon repair.

The next half a month, keeps someone and demon breakthrough.

Every breakthrough will make the surrounding energy density increase.

After they broke through, they did not stop cultivation because they were considering the cause of energy. Missed this time, I want to get such a high-energy density scene, it is less likely to have a second time.

So they began to cultivate new practices.

After the new exercises are running, immediately brought them a huge surprise.

Originally cultivated, the demon and spiritual power grown in the body, after cultivating the new practice, the efficiency increased more than ten times, some even dozens of times!

The door is the highest in this batch of students, and she spent a whole month, running a whole day.

Just when she finished a whole day, the guidelines in her body were all opened.

In addition, in this moment, under the rich spiritual power surrounded, countless spiritual power integrates into her body, plus the spiritual power of the ice jade bodies, and directly put her cultivation The level is like a traveler.

3 floors, 5 floors of the gas period, 9 layers of refining period, 1 layer in the construction period, 3 layers