I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College as the 16th section of the Dean.

It is only enough to build a base period.

Plus the surrounding spiritual power, she did not stop cultivation.

After Long Pinxuan completed a week of cultivation in the door, Longpin Xuan finally slammed tone and closed the guiding surgery.

He really wants to be exhausted, first, thousands of people carry out the detection of guided surgery and then reflected in the dragon force, and now guide 36 people and demon simultaneous cultivation.

The process is hard, the results are beautiful!

Chapter 22 different

Longpin Xuan looked at the people who were cultivating in the field and demon, loose tones, a flashes, returned to their residence.

There are countless energy aggregation in the cultivation square, forming an energy vortex.

The spiritual and demon power is actually a kind of energy, although the class is interlaced together, but it has formed a strange balance in the college.

The demon swirl is on the head of the demon, the spiritual vortex is on the head of the person, will not intertwined, will not collide, but because the concentration is relatively high, it will accumulate a lot of energy around the cultivation, and It is very similar to itself.

Just like something in the college is integrated with these energy.

The key is that when these energy is absorbed, there is no violent incorporation of energy, but it becomes an abnormal gentle, more easily absorbed, and more pure.

At this point, the people who cultivate in the scene and the demon feel clearly.

During the cultivation square, even if there is no such powerful energy concentration, it is also worthy of other places to practice.

The change caused by the volatility caused by the West Lake Academy, which directly affects the entire Hangzhou.

Whether it is a man or a demon, as long as it is in Hangzhou, it is shocked to look at the huge landscape above the West Lake.

Countless spiritual power and demon swarming, crazy going to the West Lake.

"What happened?"

"It was a demon riot, but I thought it was a peerless purity, but I didn't expect it.

"Is it this time?"

"That direction is"

"West Lake Academy!"

"The President's College?"

"I heard that the Xihu College's first enrollment has been completed!"

"This is the movement of the students after lectures?"

"Is it terrible?"

"How much big demon and cultivator will?"

"Nothing, our XX faction also has disciples, such a large concentration of environmental cultivation, and it is definitely strong!"

"It's so envious of those selected monsters! If I am also inside, I must break through the big demon!"

For a time, countless cultivars and monsters flew, one, one of the goals, the next Xihu Academy enrollment, the management of it does not accept the age, try it!

In the outskirts of Hangcheng, a team of old people took several young people to protect the flying sword and came to this.

"Before the convenience is Hangzhou, Hangzhou City is small, the genius is not much, but there is a local characteristic, you can learn a two!"

The old people teach, but suddenly, the eyes are light, and they will look at Hangzhou.

But see that the air of Hangzhou has a huge energy vortex in the air.

Is there any big figure is breaking?

"I heard that Hangzhou monsters are prevalent, many cultural people are willing to come to Hangzhou experience, is there some colleagues breakthrough?"

The old man is thinking, but his eyes have a doubt, "There are still a lot of demonics in those energy! Is it a breakthrough at the same time?"

Can a demon and people break through?

I have not been able to see the monster is not bad!

This is impossible!

The old man shook his head and guess this guess.

The old man's doubts are directly from his mouth. The few young people he brought, and one of the girls suddenly asked. "Master, is there a treasure to be born?"

The old man shakes his head. He is not the cultivator with moisture, and the energy vortex and treasures produced by breakthroughs will be unclear.

"This is also the misunderstanding that you usually have to be in the outside! Especially in such a big scene, once you fail, others are born, or the treasures are born, it will be very troublesome!"

"If the strong is breakthrough, you can go to grab the treasure, affecting them breakthrough, your little life will go to the head!"

The old man said, let him have a few young people behind him, and it is obviously this terrible consequence.

The old man is mentioned. "In fact, these two situations are also very easy to distinguish! The first is the light!"

"The strong man breaks through the general, unless they use the treasures that can reflect or shine! This is the first!"

"The second point is also the most critical point, that is the energy of energy!"

"You are now not high, but the fluctuations of energy must learn to identify as soon as possible, and it is to be quickly identified! Identify fluctuations in these energy!"

"If you say that the energy fluctuations absorbed in your daily cultivation is indicated by 10, then the breakthrough energy fluctuations are more than 100, but the energy fluctuations from the treasures of the treasures are more than 10,000!"

"Because the treasure is born, it is generally a dust-proof year, so in the moment of unsapping, it will produce huge energy. These energy must be ryperated, there is an aggressive!"

"But cultivation, even if the impact of cultivation is big, the scope is big, it is necessary to absorb cultivation, so it is definitely within the scope of people or monsters! Attackers will not be so strong!"

The old man's words, the characteristics of these two ways have been briefly understood, let the few young people behind them.

This can reflect the distinctive cultivator and the old people in Hangzhou.

It is basically seen that the cultivators in Hangzhou have no detailed explanation in many ways, then what people are they?

The old man with this number, slowly falls outside Hangzhou, walking into the city.

Hangzhou is currently in this world, there are few cities that do not build a city wall, and its roads are all over, only some lines of defense are set up on some of the entrances.

And practitioners can enter and exit, but they can only fly outside the Hangzhou City.

It is very strange that the cultivator has just fly in Hangzhou, and can only fly over Hangzhou, only after Hangzhou lives, can be flying in Hangzhou.

The old man took several people into Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is known as the silk city, as the saying goes, there is heaven, there is Suhang.

Hangzhou is not only a business city, but also a beautiful city, especially West Lake, famous in the world.

But now the street in Hangzhou City, there is a very quirky situation, let the old people stunned with his disciples.

Are they not spent?

The old man originally wants to take a disciple to see this beautiful West Lake, come and play, and see which big matter is breakthrough.

But I didn't expect to see a scene that shocked him.

Hundred years!


Since he was born, I have never seen a scene!

Is this a joke?

Chapter 23, is changed, Hangzhou

There are a lot of people in the West Lake sitting there, absorbing the more energy of the air.

The key is that this "person" is not just a person!

Look at that, the head is on the long! The butt is behind the long tail!

There is also a simplicity is on the air!

These are demon!

It's not the most critical, the most important thing is that the sides of the demon is sitting on the side of the demon?

Is it human?

He didn't look wrong?

The old man has grown his eyes!

This is his first time I saw people with the demon, absorb energy, cultivate together!

Is this West Lake?

What is this holy place?

Can I cultivate together?

No, the key is to have a little bit, is this not a big man breakthrough?

Why didn't he see big people?

Those who gathered came from drilling into the West Lake, how much absorbs from people and demon can absorb, and it is difficult to get big people under West Lake?