I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Sean 17th Section 17 in the Monster College.

The old man shakes his head, which has completely broken his cognition.

Where there is only two words, "eat people" as long as there is only two words, "eat people"!

The cultivator encounters, only two words, "catching demon"!

People are in harmony with the demon, they don't think, but those demon!

Eating people can quickly practice! Eat people taste!

But here is the monsters, how can people be interested in people?

The old man looked at the surrounding, there were a lot of ordinary people next to it!

Those cultivators do not eat, eat ordinary people!

come! So many ordinary people here!

A giant should look at a powerful breath, open the eyes of Tongling, look at the old man, and then closed and continued to practice.

Closed up!

Is this a fake monster?

The girl behind the old man quietly got to the old man, "Master, why didn't they catch those monsters?"

The old man glanced at the girl, and he also wants to know!

There are a few ordinary people around you to talk to the girl's voice, one of the youths smiled. "You just came to Hangzhou?"

The old man looked at these ordinary people, did not speak.

It is another young man behind him to hold the box. "We follow Master to train in Hangzhou, just entering Hangzhou, I have encountered this, I don't know if I don't know if I will tell one or two?"

A boss looks like these people, and also knows that it should be a cultivator, laugh, "the fairy is very polite, my grandson is not satisfied, I don't know good, please forgive me!"

"You just came to Hangzhou, have you heard that the West Lake Academy?"

The old ear is moving, although it is disdainted on the surface, but it sounds on the side.

Youth name Zhang Qingzhong, naturally it is familiar with the quality of his master, laughs, "I naturally I don't know, will the old Baby tell? Is these monsters and Xihu College?"

The old man shook his head and nodded again, "said it is related, no relationship!"

"A few days ago, in fact, Hangzhou also had a monster, but since the dean of the West Lake Academy, the entire Hangzhou changed!"

The old man exposed a shock, the opening of the altar?

Which big can? Do you dare to open an altar?

Zhang Qingzhong asked curiously, "The predecessor's predecessors are so powerful, the opening of the altar! But why did this predecessors have no monster?"

The old Baby filed this dean, it was a thumbs up.

"This dean puts forward a theory, just like the monsters, I want to truly cultivate fast, cultivate into immortals, only to cultivate into a direction, it is to benefit the world, this will have merit, use merits to repair the fairy, natural is half-mexion! "

"Although we are ordinary people, but the dean's open school is open, we are also said after listening to those fairy."

"This dean is really a big energy, benefiting the world, is not benefiting mankind!"

"Results These monsters are not harmful to humans!"

"And recently, Hangzhou has many monsters in helping human doing! You see that!"

The old man refers to the far away, and there is a yellow cattle that is pulling huge goods.

"Seeing that there is no, the yellow cattle is a monster! But in helping the old man pulls the car! The adults of the dean have changed the day of Hangzhou, and the adult.

The old man was shocked, Zhang Qingzhong was shocked, and the girl was shocked, and his other brothers were shocked!

One of the opening of the open altar directly changed the monsters' ideological level, from harm to eat people into helper love?

Is this fake?

Are these people crazy?

These monsters are doing a bureau, want to take the people in Hangzhou?

The old man looks closely to the yellow cattle.

Nima, it is really a small demon!

However, after the yellow cattle took this car, I also ran to the West Lake began to meditate.

The boss of that cargo was not angry, still standing next to it.

The olders and their discies behind him are messy, can you still do this?

Zhang Qingzhong returned to God, continued to ask, "Old Big, are you not afraid that those monsters are lie to you?"

The old man looked at Zhang Qingzhong as the fool, but she remembered that they were abrupt, and the eyes became normal. "Is it necessary to practice? But the delegation is a class, you can make them strength Great increase, what people still eat? Can you break through? Play? "

Zhang Qingzhong stunned, the old people stunned, and other disciples were stunned.

This old man is saying?

One lecture, strength increase? How can I grow all over?

Old Baby continued, "I heard that the monster of the opening ceremony broke through! Otherwise, it will cause this big sensation!"

"I am the little screw and I said, my family is dead early, my son has taken a test, but it is missing, may also be caught by the monster, let me have me and my grandson."

"Because of this, our family has a lot of a field juice, saying that it is helping us cooking! Usually, it will tell us about these things."

"Before the Human Tian Ji girl is a smalla screw above it, just enter the demon, you can't form."

"I heard that the adults of the dean have to open the altar. I didn't believe it. I didn't plan to go. Later, I saw the energy of the flying peaks linged, but I didn't listen to it, I went, how to knew it once, she broke through When I arrived at Level 2, I could be formated! "

"Now make more good things, repair it!"

"Especially now, the West Lake has so many energy gatherings, and it is estimated that the adults of the dean are lectured in the college!"

"Hey, unfortunately Xiaotian screw is not good, no can enter the West Lake Academy, otherwise it must be better than absorbing it outside the college!"

The old man is silent, his disciples are silent.

One lecture, all monsters can break through, is this a person? Is it a fairy? Lying in the trough, cactors don't necessarily do it?

Chapter 24 White Girl

The old man looked with the West Lake like this, the eyes flashed, this dean, who is it?

But now this situation, still what he is, cultivate!

The old man took the name of the disciple after the body, and quickly rushed to the most on the side of the West Lake, and sat down directly.

"It can now be a chance, trying!"

The old man said directly to close his eyes and started to work.

The disciples behind him also didn't say the knee and knees, and the other people began to cultivate.

Days have passed every day.

People in Hangzhou are often familiar with these monsters and cultivars, especially the monsters in Hangzhou, so that they have changed their monsters.

But this is limited to Hangzhou.

Some people returned to the local area, and also with the idea of ​​Hangzhou, see the monsters and greeted, but they were eaten by the monsters.

This people know that it is not a monster, but only the monsters of Hangzhou becomes!

For a time, Hangzhou turned into the safest place in the world, and countless people were yearning in Hangzhou.

The monsters in other places know that the monsters of the Hangzhou City are very strange, and the theory of the dean has passed out.

However, other monsters are all in the atria, only a few grass demon.

After all, they did not hurt people, and the demonics were also pure, and they were also recognized to the theory of the dean.

There is a famous name for Wang Dao Ling, the suburban county in Shanghai.

Its since Soviet began to wander in this Yangtze River triangle area, lie to money, and squeezing.

He naturally heard a lot of people in Shanghai, they were talking about Hangzhou.

"I heard it, the monsters of Hangzhou don't eat people, and help people!"

"Really fake? Deceived?"

"It is said that the monsters in Hangzhou are blocked by the dean named Xihu College, all are good monsters!"

"Yeah, my relative is Hangzhou, it is said that he still lives in a field of fields, baked him at home every day! And his son is watching!"

"That and monsters ... will n't you come out?"

"I don't know, but it is said that Hangzhou is now spread every day, and she can extend longevity!"

"Hey, we can't do it in Shanghai. What kind of days have you still have to make trouble? The medicine that governing the plague can be really expensive!"

"Isn't it good to go to Hangzhou?"

"This is, I can consider one or two!"

Wang Daowei's eyes flashes, Hangzhou? Don't you eat people? Also helped people, become a good monster?

Play? Or is it planning to put the human people in Hangzhou?