I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the 18th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

Too confused, maybe any dean is a demon king, take the hand!

He is still more than a few days in Shanghai!

Wang Dao Ling looked at the people who were crowded at the door of their store. He said, "Don't worry, don't worry, medicine is!"

Hangzhou, the West Lake finally returned to the past.

Those energy on the Xihu Lake finally slowly disappeared, lasted for a month's aura and demon fluctuations, so that the air of Hangzhou is fresh.

The old man slowly opened his eyes, and he felt a lot of spiritual power in the body, and the dean of the West Lake Academy had a strong curious.

It's lively outside, but Longpin Xuan slept sweet.

He became a small golden dragon, curled up in bed, claws grabbed the sheets slightly, with tears in his eyes, dreaming of his father sent him the last scene.

He slowly opened his eyes and complex in his eyes.

Is this the mood of the primary, revenge?

Longpin Xuan sighed.

In the outside, there has been a calm and Xihu College, and new students have stayed in their own rooms under the guidance of the five ghosts.

When they entered the college, they were given new exercises. After practicing, they really stayed at all, and they were completely different from previous.

In addition to Long Pin Xuan's previous requirements, we must go to cultivate early courses, and the West Lake Academy has no other requirements.

The dean is not in the classroom in the early course every day.

Therefore, in addition to the daily cultivation, it is still very free.

After Long Pin Xuan brought the bed, naturally felt that the external energy has tended to calm, he stood up and went to the cultivation square.

It is already close to noon, and half of the students in the cultivation plaza are cultivation.

Pig three nail strength is not good, it is very diligence, the adjustment of the previous exercises has made her breakthrough, but it is very good to break through the level, and the potential is really good.

In addition to her skills, the door is more powerful. In addition to her practice, there is still their own physical fitness, it has already been cultivated to the 9th floor of the building, and it is estimated that there is not long before I can touch the threshold of the Golden Dan.

Longpin Xuan looked around and didn't see the shadow of Xiaoqing. He thought of her character, but smiled slightly, and immediately smiled at the mouth.

Is he forgotten?

Longpin Xuan is panicked, watching the five ghosts is preparing lunch, some of the students of the people have suspended cultivation, and the canteen on the side is ready to eat.

Most of the demon don't have to eat, especially in the monsters of the big demon, really want to eat, and eat grass essence, or human sophummy.

So the five ghosts will not give them to prepare meals, and they are prepared for the students of the people.

If you missed the time of eating, many students will choose to go to Hangzhou to transfer to eat.

Longpin Xuan wandered, thinking and somewhat bored, then a flashed to the West Lake, looking for a pavilion to sit, recruit it, "Come on the green bean cake!"

"Goodle! Mung bean cake, one toilet! Longjing tea is a pot!"

The tea in Hangzhou is also a first-class, but the Longjing is also divided into bad, and the Longjing tea on small stalls is naturally not the best, but it can also be inlet.

Long Pinxuan eats green beef cake, he is in Longjing Tea, and appreciates the beauty of West Lake.

"Sure enough, the scenery of our West Lake is the most beautiful!"

It is definitely not because the following is the reason for the West Lake Academy!

At this time, on the side of the street, the sound of fighting, there is a sound slightly tight.

Is Xiaoqing?

Longpin Xuan turned his head.

But I saw a white girl in pure, the national color, but she took the long sword with Xiaoqing.

Xiaoqing is natural or a men's dress, and the folding fan in his hand touchs the long sword. It looks like a wind flow.

Longpin Xuan saw her hand's folding fan, it was a little laugh, this folding fan appeared very like his, this Xiaoqing is too worshiping him?

No, the white girl doesn't seem to be people!

Longpin Xuan is stunned, he has to forget this bridge, white snake and Xiaoqing are not fighting?

Is this white girl, white snake?

Chapter 25 Bai Suzhen

"Beauty ~ is new here? I haven't seen you here? Come here, you need to pay the protection fee, do you know?"

Xiao Qing said on the side of the flower.

Longpin Xuan heard the words of Xiaoqing, a little tea was taken, this Xiaoqing, no wonder to be .

White girl, not, it should be said to be white beauty, his face is faint, watching Xiaoqing is a surprised color in the eyes.

"Oh? I don't know if it is a romantic boy, or is it a girl?"

The little blue face is stiff, and the movements in the hand are also hysteresis. How is one of them to see her gender.

At this time, the white beauty took the opportunity to pick a sword, and a sword was horizontally located next to her neck.

The little blue face is ugly, how to encounter big coffee, dare to play yourself!

She thought she fled, her eyes were slightly closed, but they were over the day to catch the eagle but was ignited, and they were always going to be.

However, the beauty of the white clothes recovered the long sword in his hand, "Ok, don't be naughty! Save the parents."

White beauty's words make the little green face red, but then it is lost again.

"I don't have parents ..." Small green and muttered.

Maybe the dean is also her parent?

The white beauty is slightly, and the eyes flashed a pity, but there is no multiple tube, turn around to leave.

Xiaoqing saw she had to go, immediately followed it, "Beauty, you just clearly kill me, why not do it?"

The people around you just started to see the two people, they were still nervous, but looked at one person is so beautiful, the other is very familiar, the two fights are not murderous, and they are looking at it.

When you see Xiaoyan by the sword on the neck, someone is still nervous, but the white gods and Xiaoqing dialogue are letting them laugh.

"You have no father, but the dean is also your parents!"

Some people around the people shouted, the other people laughed, "Yes, find the delegant to find a quasi!"


Xiaoyan's face has risen red, and he will keep up with white beauty. When you ran to her, "Hey, why don't you talk?"

The beauty of the white clothes saw her, and she walked forward.

Xiao Qing's eyeball is turned, "Suddenly," Beauty, I have just been in your hand, even if I spare me, life is the first life, I am not as good as I have, what are you? "

The white beauty "" smiled, "Sure enough, there is a girl, even women have to play!"

Xiao Qing's playful smile, "Yes, I almost forgot the lady, I have long, I have broken my transformation!"

Said that she turned back to her body under the majesty, and then followed the white beauty of the white.

White beauty glanced, she didn't expect Xiaoyu to change into the public, she would like to cover the eyes of the surrounding people with a barrier.

However, her eyes saw the people around, but found that they were not afraid, and they hare.

Some people rushed through the little blue whistle, "Xiao Qingmei, you are always a woman, the dean knows?"

"If you want to be unaware of the field, I really like you?"

"Can the women's monster become a male monster?"

"Hahaha, you think more!" A thick voice came in a wine shop, and a black bear is carrying a barrel. Since a bow! "


Other guests in the wine are listening to "Haha".

Xiaoyan often strides to go shopping on this street. The store here is very familiar with her. Whether it is a men's clothing or women's clothing, her playful cute is still very popular.

White beauty is really curious, she stopped and looked around.

She didn't look carefully before, it was also new to Hangzhou, is preparing to go to Lingyin Temple to meet Guanyin Temple, give yourself guidance.

But now, now people are in peacefulness with many monsters, many monsters are helping people to do things, people also have a lot of things feedback.

How is this going?

White beauty looks completely unlike elsewhere, the face is full of curiosity.

Although she is usually cultivated in the mountains, because of the thousand years, the gods and the experience are also relatively rich, naturally understand the difference between Hangzhou.

White beauty turned to Xiaoqing, suddenly said, "You don't say you owe me a life, then follow me!"

Xiaoqing, but immediately smiled, "Yes, follow the beautiful sister, is my blessing!"

White beauty looked at Xiaoqing, asked, "Since I have followed me, then it is better to talk, how is the Hangzhou? Can the demon come together with people?"

Xiao Qing smiled, "My sister did not know, Hangzhou, the days before, the monster, the monster, but our dean came out, an open altar, an enrollment, let this Hangzhou all monsters Credit, let all the people in Hangzhou have a good day! "

"Do you say that it is?"

People all shouted, "Yes! It is the blessing of the dean!"