I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 19th section of the Dean in the Monster College.

The monsters have a smile, they are no longer harmful, but the monster in the body is constantly growing, doing a good job, others don't take colored eyes to shout, I will often eat others. Good things.

Human food, than the deep mountain, but delicious!

The black bears were eating the boss of the wine to give him a honey sweet cake, and he had a "calling", heard someone else shouting the blessings of the dean, he also shouted, "Wanted the Dean! This happiness! Winter can also eat such a hot honey cake! Wanted a long live! "

The white beauty is surprised to look around, this dean has such a high prestige, and it sounds without much time, but there is such results.

The white beauty has not spoken, but he was pulled by Xiaoqing. "Sister, since we are all a family, then do you want to join the college? I will refer to the dean!"

White beauty thought about it, see the dean? Ok! She also wants to see this people who have changed in Hangzhou. Well, if he is a human.

White beauty nodded, "But today, I will find a place to be safe."

Xiao Qing followed her forward, two people walked to the suburbs and saw a ridiculous yard.

Xiaoqing rushed to the yard, "This yard is said to have a rich in the early years, but later moved away, it has been desolate so far."

The beauty of the white nodded and waved the yard.

"In the future, this is my Bai Suzhen's home!"

Chapter 26 Living Inn

Longpin Xuan stepped on Xiang Yun on the street, looked at the new house, and flashing in his eyes.


Sure enough, Bai Suzhen!

As a person in the new world, although it is relatively light, the classic TV series new white lady legend is impossible, especially the Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian's , the love and hate, the love and hate, have been adapted It became a lot of versions.

Bai Suzhen's millennium was able to touch the threshold of the flying rate.

But in Long Pu Xuan, this is not!

Even the West Tour in the West Tour is a fairy, what can be tempered, what cactors can't be together, the demon can not be together.

Longpin Xuan's nose, people and demon can be flying into a fairy, but it is the strength of strength, I don't know where to come, I'm giving a mess, let some people will profit from it.

Those who are in the fairy and the Buddha are not all this set.

It is said that you are a robbery, the result of the robbery is that they are arranged, but because they really encountered the disaster, then seek help, feel it for them! So therefore!

Still first, let's talk about it!

I don't know if Bai Suzhen is in a Guanyin Premier.

In many different legend, Bai Suzhen was collected by the disciple of Lishan old mate, so in Qingcheng Mountain, I didn't know why I went to see Guanyin Tri, and then I went to the Buddha, I didn't know which temple, I came later, Hangcheng West Lake Looking for a benefactor.

So now the plot is Bai Suzhen, is it already defined?

Turning to the Buddha?

Longpin Xuan has not used guiding surgery to Bai Suzhen, so I don't know what to really fit her, but I always feel that what is the key to this.

Unfortunately, the legend of the past is legend, myth is also myth, in the past, it is a thing of the pastime, how can this world will come true.

Don't say that Longpin Xuan is now can't remember. Even if it is specially to search for these information, it is estimated that it is not a real situation. These are all the stories that come down by people's mouth, all of which are complex. The situation is only able to guess.

Longpin Xuan thought here, slightly thinking about it in a pub not far away from the White House, you can observe the trend of Bai Suzhen, find the opportunity, let her join the West Lake Academy.

Xiaoyu became the sister of Bai Suzhen, and the two exchanged each other, and then tuned by the sister.

Xiaoqing naturally asked the origin of Bai Suzhen, "Sister, where did you cultivate?"

"Qingcheng Mountain Bai Suzhen, the cave is killed in the millennium!"

"Diligently practice, go back, rebone into people!"

"There is no distraction in the heart, converted to the three treasures!"

"The Bodhisattva is in a place, and wants to go to the West Lake!"

The introduction of Bai Suzhen, let Xiaoqing have thought, she is slightly frowning, "Sister, you can understand, but to the road and convert to Sambo are two systems, this is not conflict?"

Bai Suzhen, what?

Xiaoqing began to seriously gave Bai Suzhen, she found that this sister seems to be very true, it is hard to be fooled?

Xiaoqing is now not prior to before, she has cultivated with various big demon, and these days have learned a lot, especially the martial art system over the cultivator.

"Our West Lake Academy may not only have monsters, and cultivators, I have been hearing from the cultivator."

"We used to have a deviation from the trip!"

"Take a variety of systems, one is a trim, it is our monster and most of the cultivator usually cultivate the system. One is a cultural Buddha. It is the usual conversion to the three treasures, convert to Buddha, there is one The species is ghosts, basically the ghost warning, we want to cultivate the immortal system, and will enter the Yin Cao Duan House after repairing this. "

Bai Suzhen is very intelligent. The explanation of Xiaoyan is also very detailed. I will soon understand it. I have a doubt in my eyes. "I said, I used to repair it. After being infered, it is a cultural Buddha?

Xiaoyan nodded, "What is good, can't do this, you can't do it, you still have to eat vegetarian, where there is a trim! I am definitely suitable for the way!"

Bai Suzhen frowned, "Do everyone have their own suitable system?"

"Nature! I didn't have any exercises before, I don't know how to cultivate, or the dean taught me!" Xiaoqing said naturally.

"Dean ..."

Bai Suzhen is even more curious about this dean, "Xiaoyin, can you help me refer to the dean? I also want to know what kind of cultivation you are suitable."

Xiao Qing nodded, "Of course, my sister has cultivated such a repair, the talent is very high, our Xihu College will give high-profile students!"

Bai Suzhen put down his heart, suddenly worriedly asked, "So, can you become an immortal like a cultivation?"

Xiaoyan slightly, some embarrassing, "ah, after cultivation, what kind of god can become like, I don't know, otherwise, I will ask the dean? He must know!"

The two people talk about the sky, and they meet the Xiaoqing today, go to visit the dean.

Longpin Xuan lying on the bed of the inn, feel the hard work, some uncomfortable, he is not guilty, don't sleep well, you have to sleep this potholes.

He looked at the window outside, burning the white government of the lamp, sighed, who made him see Bai Suzhen, I want her to be a student of her college!

Bai Suzhen can be a member of a member, and the millennium has been flying fast. At least the demon is even the monster of the demon level?

Coupled with his guidance, hey, the future is not limited!

Chapter 27

You must know that his Xihu College is now a few dozen. The strength is also good, but after all, it is a middle-level strength, and the high-level strength students have not yet!

The key is that there is no college teacher.

If Bai Suzhen can join the college, even if it is not as a student, it is good!

Longpin Xuan's reminded and thought that Baishu came to be a teacher, and Xu Xian did a student, would it come to a teacher?

Cough ...

Longpin Xuan turned over and thought so much!

He is lying on the bed, he is not a person, nor does it have to sleep all day, and the dragon is going to sleep, it is a month, so, still sitting!

Longpin Xuan sat up, slammed, started.

The three Dragon Balls in his body still convey the energy, the smallest Dragon Ball in the middle looks a little bit a little bit, but it seems that there is little change.

Longpin Xuan practiced for a while, this feels a bit wrong.

He is not too big, and there is a problem now.

Because he found that no matter how he cultivated, the dragon's dragon in his body did not grow, only through the conversion of Dragon Ball, his dragon power will grow.

Longpin Xuan black face, showing a cleaning surgery against his own, and then cultivated again.


The dragon force in his body is restored by cultivating, and the dragon force consumed by cleaning surgery is recovered, but the dragon force that usually grow does not grow.

I have passed such a while, the most in the middle of the dragon ball of absorbing energy has changed, and the dragon force in his body has risen sharply.

Longpin Xuan face with a wipe with a weird look, is this good or bad?

I have no effect on myself, but even if I don't cultivate, as long as Dragon Ball is converting, his cultivation is rising.

And according to the proportion, the rising repair is much more than himself.

That should be a good thing?

Open lazy practice mode?

But if you eat what you eat, will it grow strength?

If this is this, then his strength has not been fixed.

It's impossible for a short time to grow the strength!

So if you encounter a huge danger?

Longpin Xuan smashed his own eyebrow, he should think more.

Lazy cultivation, should it be a good thing?

Longpin Xuan sighed, looked at the sun, and this research was one night.

In the early morning, the white government opened the door.