I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segas 20th.

A Bai Suzhen, who is in white, starts to go to the direction of the West Lake.

Longpin Xuan looked at the direction of the two walks, slightly, they are, go to the college?

At this time, the West Lake, an old man stood there in several disciples.

The old man changed in his hand, and a loud voice came from him and resounded throughout the city.

"The old man said the door, Wenchang sent the door of the door, and the dean of the West Lake Academy, please see the dean!"

This sentence is like a great hammer, hammering in everyone's mind, but although there is a shock, it will not be uncomfortable.

Longpin Xuan felt the volatility in his mind, and in the eyes, "This guy is trying me?"

"However, his strength is really strong!"

Longpin Xuan looked back on his strength, only to judge that this heard of people was much higher than him, and they could not imagine.

If he is a boat, then he is a aircraft carrier.

Ok, Long Pin Xuan is just a 4-level big demon, it is really shivering.

But he can put it!

He has a demon king!

He will have a demon or demon.

I am afraid!

Dragon product is shining, directly appearing above the West Lake, stepped on Xiang Yun, watching the Wenhe Wenhai in the West Lake, directly open the guiding surgery.

Wen people (male)

Potential value: 4 stars

Safety: 5 stars

Strength: 4 floors in Yuan Ying

Special physique: no

Special talent: no

Ok, it is an ordinary cultivator, which is powerful, and it is the Yuan Ying period.

You must know that the first floor of Yuan Ying period ~ 5th floor is equivalent to 7-level demon, the 6th floor ~ 9th floor is 8-level demon.

The big demon corresponds to the roof period, the big demon is the demon king, the demon king is the demon.

For Long Pin Xuan, a 4-level big demon, the Wenhe people are equivalent to the two big orders.

If you change to human cultivators, Long Pin Xuan is repaired, and he is not too much!

However, this cultivated human cultivator, is there a heritage of Dragon Pin Xuan?

It is impossible to have!

So, afraid of a ghost!

Longpin Xuan smiled and slowly stepped out, step by step, stepped on the cloud, the clothes fluttering, the cactus is unbaudo.

The people of Hangzhou saw the air of Longpin Xuan. It was not to be, it was worship, and there was a few vertical, and he wore it.

Not only the people, those monsters are in the moment of Long Pu Xuan, there are many monsters to follow the people.

The power of a faith, and entered the body of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan face smiles unchanged, but the heart is flourishing.

Nima, the other two of his body to be converted, how it seems to be big!

In this way, when did he turn over it!

After the end of the last step, he looked at the people's etiquette, "Taoist visit, what is the so-called?"

Wen said that the people who got a slings about Long Pin Xuan.

Is this a dean?

Level 4 big demon?

He didn't look wrong?

Among the few disciples after hearing the people, the female disciple is not afraid of the tiger, directly opening the question. "Master, this is the dean? How is the strength and me? Is the level 4 big demon? Monster? "

Wen people did not have a disciple from talking, and he also wanted to know this Longpin Xuan in front of him. Is it a dean.

Longpin Xuan heard that the female disciple said, nor angry, just a light look at her, "Well, 5 stars potential value, 1st star you Master, can practice to the Mahayae, in the world is a good genius ! You should try to feel the wind, you will try the feelings of the wind, and when you run the heart, you will have a problem when you move the heart. "

"The right left, there will be differences in the right and left, just like you are used to the right hand, and the difference between the habits, because the right hand is used, the meridian will become wider!"

"This leads to your way of running in the right shoulder and left shoulders must have changed, otherwise it is not suitable for your springs, then go on this, your left shoulder will have a big problem!"

Chapter 28 opens the door

"Your cultivation is estimated to be stagnant for a long time, if there is no Tianwei martial arts or wash the marrow, the marrow is clear your left shoulder meridian, then your future is only this."

If you say what you are talking about it, most people will think that it is a dramatic.

However, he opened the guiding surgery, guided intact is not only a guide to energy, and there is also a language guidance.

The correct use of guidance can achieve unexpected effects.

The female disciple did not believe in the words of the mountains.

But the more you listen, the more your face is white.

She and Yan Mountain are the first time.

Only for the first time, he can speak itself in his own situation.

When her left shoulder is in practice, she is really like the words of the words, she has a feeling of merits, and I have almost no feelings of the beginning, I don't know how to appear like this.

Early fuss, it is relatively slight, and later getting more and more obvious.

By now, she has already refined 8 floors, and the feeling of mesums can't help but catch her when practicing.

If you really arrive in the goldenan, you can really let her can't cultivate it, this is not to start in the golden Dan!

Her face glanced at his Master, softly called, "Master ... I ..."

Wen people saw the appearance of the female disciple, I realized her meaning in an instant, opposite this dean, said, and the probability is all middle!

Otherwise, she will not turn this.

The Wenhe people immediately rushed to the words of the Yanshan, "Yan Ru is the disciple of myself, the dean offended, it should not, read its still young, naturally, the real cultivation of the dean, looking at the hospital The growers are large, forgiveness. "

The female disciple is somewhat in a smell of hearing, listening to the Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan looked at them, his face smiled slightly, and the large amount of a lot of hooks. "I naturally won't be more than the late generation, I don't know what people find me, what?"

This is the second question of Long Pu Xuan asked this question.

Wonderful people have a little dumb, and the dean is too much to be a person. He is actually not something else. Just just want to visit the dean, come and see that the dean is not a famous femaper.

However, now ...

He looked at Lin Yanru, who was still bad, sighed, and now there is really something to find the dean.

"The disciples come to Hangzhou to practice, surprising the change of Hangzhou, curious, special worship! Today, I saw the dean, I saw that the dean can not think about it, see me. Disciple, how can I solve the shortcomings of her heart? "

Longpin Xuan feels a little acid, in ancient chat, if the language is poor, the classical Chinese does not understand.

He put his hand slightly.

Wen people are slight, and someone wants to visit?

Longpin Xuan turned to the other side, looking at the people, showing a smile.

Wen people and his disciples have turned over.

A glimpse, but it is amazing.

I saw the white Mei Mei, the skin is like snow, and the dusty temperament is more than the female cultivator to remove the pure spirit.

The demon is born with sacred, but it can only be far away!

Is this a female fairy or a bride?

There is no consciousness of the practice, this is a demon, how can such a demon?

Beside the woman's woman, there is a green girl, and the playful love is blinking. I saw Long Pin Xuan, and I rushed over.

"Bold Demon!"

Zhang Qingzhong saw the green girl and did not know the number of gifts. He immediately rushed to the delegation. He immediately stepped forward, the long sword was hood, pointing to her, "rudely ...

He hasn't said that the two words of "Dean" have not said, and he heard the green girl shouted "Dean", with his previous words, it sounds quite strange.

Longpin Xuan's face flashed a helpless, but he laughed and said, "This is the monsters of the Xihu College, Xiaoqing!"

"Small green, not rude!"

Xiaoqing rushed to him in front of Longpin Xuan, and then rushed to the etiquette of the cultivator and his disciples. Of course, these are the students of her and the classmates of the family. of.

Zhang Qingzhong apparently understood that he was too nervous. I didn't know if I saw the white woman nervous, or I would like to express myself. Now it is a bit embarrassing.