I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean of Section 21

Xiao Ying did not pay attention to Zhang Qingzhong, but directly came to Longpin Xuan, "the president, I recognized a sister, it would be very powerful! I recommend her to enter the college! This time it will never Like last last time! "

She has to swear by she reaching out, but she waved by Longpin Xuan.

"Don't swear without reason, will affect cultivation!"

Xiaoqing heard the words, retracted the neck, pointed at the white woman, "This is my new sister, Bai Suzhen!"

Longpin Xuan looked to Bai Suzhen, laughed with her, "Okay, come to visit me today, this will take you into the West Lake Academy, visit one."

To be said, Long Pin Xuan turned, gently waved, and a Longli entered the college at the bottom of West Lake.

Longpin Xuan has found a special function in West Lake Academy.

The bottom of the entire West Lake has been included in the West Lake Academy, so since it is a college, there will be a college to open the door.

He guess that this college is not a thousand links with the system of him, because after the bottom of the West Lake has become a West Lake Academy, he has more skills called "opening".

And this skill can be used in the college.

Today, there is another other cultivator to visit him for the first time, don't engage in the pattern, I thought that the West Lake Academy is very LO.

Dragon Li, which Long Puxuan, is naturally used to use the skills of "opening"!

Wen people feel that the energy of Longpin Xuan is different, the eyes are flashing slightly surprised look, this energy is not a demon, not spiritual, what is this energy? How do you feel like a dragon?

Is this the Dragon?

Wen people, is the people of the dragon not surnamed? But I heard that the dean is surnamed dragon?

What is the Dragon? Dragon people? Is it really related?

Wen people still tangled the energy used by Dragon Pin Xuan and his identity. At this time, the entire West Lake has a huge change, so that he has to return God from the guess in his own.

And this change is surprised by him and his disciples behind him.

Chapter 29 Peaks

Hangzhou West Lake

The lake is like a huge waves, and the sky!

The spray is divided into two sides, showing white jade stone steps and promenade.

Some people were surprised to find that the gallery is moderate, which is the same as the channel promenade, the West Lake.

"That ... that is!"

Numerous Hangcheng people shocked at the West Lake.

There is four big words of four golden sparkles, "Xihu College"!

"That is, Xihu College!"

"First time I saw the channel to enter the West Lake Academy!"

"It's no wonder that this is the West Lake Academy!"

"Scorpio! Good spectacular!"

"I also want to go in!"

The people who heard the people and behind their eyes were widened, so the style, just the way to enter the college?

They looked at Longpin Xuan faintly looked in, and the heart could not help but rise.

Too big!

Bai Suzhen looked at the young and blue, and it was natural to follow.

If you really say that Xiaoqing said that this West Lake Academy is built in one hand, then this dean must not be simple!

Wen people have returned to God, and they followed the disciples.

Zhang Qingzhong is in the end, it seems to be a little nervous, reach out of the jade in his chest, follow his brothers.

Everyone walked into the promenade of the West Lake, they found the magical scene. This promenade is like a layer of comments.

The lake on the top of the head has been flooded down, but it is blocked by this junior, and people have not feeling this is under the water.

Wonderful eyes blink to the surrounding environment and layout.

Such arrangements are absolutely impossible to be a small 4-level big demon to be arranged, plus the previous review of Lin Yan Ru, maybe this dean is really not simple!

But the people can be sure that among the fairy, he did not hear the name of the Dragon Pin Xuan.

The key is that the dean's name is Dragon Pin Xuan.

If it is just a general family, then this name is nothing special.

But if this dean is really a dragon, it will be different.

The dragon only has the family who is not recognized by the champion, so that the race name is last name.

And the recognized people are surnamed.

Just as the name of Donghai Dongwang is Zhuangguang.

Wenchangpai is not a little faction, but the faction of Wenchang Emperor's Jun, which is the Tour of Wenchang Emperor as the Turn on the Human Dynasty.

Because Wen Chang Emperor will help the book writing, it is a literary literati. The magistrate of the name of the celebrity is the most fascinating, Wenchang School, the director of the world's major schools, learning as a center, the cultivator except for cultivation, Read the poems, or the Expo group, Impressing various tricks, the acceleration is also the highest.

Therefore, the understanding of the people from all walks of life is also the most.

In particular, the fairy, Buddha and monsters in each world are not secret in Wenchang.

So the Wenhe people know the name of the dean, and after seeing his strength, it will be so surprised.

Or, what is the identity of this dean?

Wen said that the eyes swept sharply, and his face did not move with the disciples to enjoy the scenery of the West Lake.

Zhang Qingzhong also held the jade in his hand, and he did not let go, but because of the last one, there is no attention.

Among the tiabs, a transparent crystal ball is placed in a cultivation room, and there is a lot of people in the desk.

A middle-aged fairy is sitting behind the table, looking at the picture in crystal ball, some surprised.

"This is the West Lake Academy?"

A voice came from the door, and another fairy stepped into this cultivation room, and his eyes were tightly stared at this crystal ball. "The dean looks hard!"

Middle-aged gods look up, say faint, "the times, people can't look at it!"

I will walk into the table, watching the scenery in crystal ball, "Hey, scenery is good, but so weak strength can make people with demon peace together? I don't believe it!"

"Gui Pao, you will not be confused in the side of the door?"

"The times will, sometimes, the eyes are not necessarily true!" Said that there is slowly.

The times will just come, naturally, I have not seen Long Pin Xuan, and I will see the body of Lin Yanru.

But it's seen.

Because it is now entered the closed cave house, this bitter is needed to inject more spiritual power, so Zhang Qingzhong will always hold it.

I will see the persuasion that I can't do it, and I will do it, and I sit in front of the table, watching your life to see the West Lake Academy.

After walking through the Lake Garden of the West Lake Academy, it came to the mountain gate of the West Lake Academy.

Although it is not the ground, but still the fidelity, the various decoration and matching of the House are pleasing to the eye.

Longpin Xuan is proud to show him a predecessimeter of modern people as a modern person!

Especially the thinking of modern people to create ancient architecture, refining the beautiful terrible!

I will see that these buildings are not surprised. "Is there a horizontal of this Xihu Academy? Can you ask him to come to my palace?"

Phase: ...

"Yes, you find emperors, let him meet your wishes!"

What jokes, this dean is now in Hangzhou, like the day, I don't say good strength, strong strength, and have such a big name, and it is normal.

But if there is no such strength, then this dean is terrible!

There is no strength now, it is already like this, I have to have strength, I don't know how it will become!

The times will be said, "Emperor is busy monitoring the science test of the world, how can I have time to help us to fleate the palace! Don't think too!"

It is naturally unknown in the Tianda's respects to the quarter.

Zhang Qingzhong is in the end, but his face is a little pale. The spiritual power he entered is too much, and it can't hold it quickly.

At this time, his collar was suddenly caught by an old big hand, "Qing Zhong, what happened? Hanging in the end, don't go, you have to lose it!"

Zhang Qingzhong's face is more and more ugly.

Sometimes, really not afraid of pig opponents, I am afraid of pig teammates!

He is now being a great thing to collect information in the heavens. If it is blained, he will not only smash your visit, but also to turn his face with Long Pin Xuan, it is not worthless.

I will watch the people in the crystal ball in the transmissive ball, I have caught the past by my own people, "who is not expensive," Who is this, so stupid! It looks a new disciple? Do you have this important thing? Do things have been given to a new disciple? "

Chapter 30 is too innocent