I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the monster as Section 22

Wenchang is deep, and is the representative of Wenchang Emperor in the human world, and the civil imperialuma is coordinated.

Among them, there are six pieces of the inner door, become six stars, and the first star is the got of the door, Er Star is a second door, Samsung is the match, the four stars are the divertes, the five-star is the door, and the six-star is Sihumen.

Every door in Wenchangpai, there are twelve, each with a pair of two internal door.

And the people of Wenhe people were the last one of the nobles, the 12th domestic door, the top 5 disciples, the disciples Zhang Qingzhong, the second disciple, the three disciples, the four disters, the four disciples Lin Yanru.

Wenchang School is very strict, every charge is very valued, especially the talent of learning.

Just like Lin Yanru, a lot of cultivators that have been cultivated than the general practitioners can be said to be a petist, compared to Hangzhou, and if it is not a student, it is absolutely swept.

Don't say other few more early disciples.

Wen people grabbed Zhang Qingzhong in one hand and took him to his side.

Just out, he explored the exceptions of his apprentice.

How much is the spiritual force in Zhang Qingzhong's body?

Wen said that he glanced at him, it was impossible to consume so much spiritual power, and his own disciples have a lot of secrets!

Sitting on the chair, watching the picture inside the crystal ball, saying that he said, "I have touched my own inguide in the mouth, there is a good understanding, it is a good seedling."

I will listen to it, "I am smiling," the dangerous guy is definitely because of the young and flicker, just talk about the things of them, the elders are old fritters, not this condition That is to mention that condition, if I, I will definitely choose a good cultivation. "

If you don't speak, look at the situation in the field, your eyes are slight.

I will see him not to talk, the side should look, watching the people who don't talk to Zhang Qingzhong, and smile directly.

"This old goods are discovered?"

Wenshal has already set off a big waves, what is this university?

He didn't have a little bit of spiritual power to find out why his disciples consume so fast, how can this hand actually sucked it!

Your spirit has entered the body of Zhang Qingzhong as so.

Nima! This doesn't want to adjust the child, will you learn what kind of evil?

Originally, he also thought that this university is stable, in order to hop, now ...

I will kill him back!

But now

Wen people looked at the dean of the previous dean and others.

Too shameful!

Be sure to stick, how to suck this kid, there is always a limit!

The times in the sky will have been crazy. "This old goods will not lose their spirit to this kid? Hahahahaha!"

"Gui Pao, your peaks are really powerful! You won't pay a complete legal trick?"

"This is a peek, although it is not a complete peek, this is also the baby in the fairy, in the world, this suction, will this boy and this old goods will be absorbed?"

If he heard the message of Hangzhou and demon peace, naturally, I want to explore a disciple of the people in the people who docked themselves, let it take the experience of experience. Introdunt, let him record some information to pass some information.

But he is clearly conveyed, and every application of peaks must not exceed the time of semi-column, otherwise the consumption will become very large.

Zhang Qingzhong's whole person is.

My secret is known by Master, but Master is helping him with his spirit.

However, the novice do not say that the time does not exceed the half-column fragrance? When he arrived now, even the half-column time of the semi-column fragrance did not arrive, and the help of Master, how did the consumption of spiritual power exceed his expect?

At this time, there was a sound in the brain of Longpin Xuan.

"The abnormal energy can be absorbed as a college reserve kinetic energy, is it absorbed?"

Longpin Xuan's eyes glanced at the surroundings.

Abnormal energy? How do you have an abnormal energy here?

Unless it is the few people brought ...

Longpin Xuan has a few people who have been smashed, and they directly reply to the system, "absorb!"

He is going to see, who is doing a small action here.

Then the situation, Long Pin Xuan naturally saw it.

Wen said that Zhang Qingzhong was walking, just like a fool.

His other disciples are strange to watch their Master and brothers, what are they doing?

Long Pu Xuan did not see it. It turned out to be these two people. It seems that it can't easily let them enter the West Lake Academy!

its not right!

If they are here, the longer the time of the absorption, the more reserves, that's not a good thing!

Longpin Xuanxin is dark, let you do a small action, maybe you want to install what monitoring in his college.

Hey, the bad old man is very bad!

Maybe you want to record or steal the exercises of his West Lake Academy, too sinister!

Give him a jealous absorption, take evacuation!

So, Long Pin Xuan stepped forward, walked toward another direction, his finger contacted inside the sleeve, has begun to tap.

The gate of the West Lake Academy, a bunch of water grass began to be crazy, and instantly grow into dense numbness, covering the whole door. If you don't look carefully, you won't find that there is also a college entrance.

Longpin Xuan took these people and began to walk in the bottom of West Lake.

"Please look at this side, because the West Lake lotus is many, so it will form such a landscape like a forest, but everyone can see that these are the rhizoms of lotus, some have some leaves in the water. And flower buds, underwater, look extra beautiful! "

"You look at this side ..."

Dragon Pin Xuan gave these people to the views of the bottom of the West Lake, how good is the way to visit!

I looked at the hourglass next to it, my eyes were slightly smashed, "this dean, not simple!"

The temporary laughter is a meal, "What is this relationship with the dean?"

It is slowly spit, saying, "Peak Jade is not open to now, no, only half of the pillars!"

The second time, "How can these two goods will consume huge look?"

If you wave, the picture on the crystal ball suddenly disappeared, he cut off the connection of the eye to the image.

"It should be discovered, it may take a lot of spiritual power from it, deliberately let them know."

It's frowned, "What is the name of this dean?"

Chapter 31 is coming

The times will shook their heads.

He thinks slightly, "It seems to send people to explore and explore!"

It is unified to be unified, and the two opinions are unified.

"This dean is not simple, you must understand his origin, this college should be a new office? The So Wenchang School's diverters should send people to review registration, when they let them discuss the details!"

Some hesitated times, "But this is not reported to the buddy, he is not good to say ..."

I looked at the time, "Sometimes, more motion!"

The next black face! This sinister guy! It's used to it!

I don't say how the two talks on the sky are, it is Long Pu Xuan at the bottom of the West Lake. On the picture on the crystal ball, it has been cut off, and the system prompts that the energy has been cut off.

He looked at the face of his face and Zhang Qingzhong, and a look of breath, and some sorry shook his head.

These two goods don't work, I will suck this.

Bai Suzhen looked like his disciple as such a look, his brow is slightly wrinkled, are they doing here? Or is it used what magic treasures violated the dean?

Her strength is relatively high, and naturally I feel that their spiritual power is empty, although I don't know why it will be consumed.

However, it is a bit doubts that the dean is so uncomfortable.

Didn't see it? Still see it, this result is caused by dean?

Xiaoyan is relatively simple. She saw the heroic man and Zhang Qingzhong's face is not very good, but also asked. After all, the dean also personally took them to enjoy the beauty of the bottom of the West Lake, and it should be very important to them.

At this time, a voice came from above, penetrating the water surface that has been attributed to the calm West Lake.

Longpin Xuan and others have been surprised.

"In the following strict political, Wenchang sent the door, the inner door is old, this time came to the Xihu College to review and register, hope that the delegation will come out!"

Wen people heard here, his eyes were big, suddenly looked at Longpin Xuan said that "the dean is new?"

Longpin Xuan took a nod, "nature!"

Wen people silently, so the college, let all the people and demon in Hangzhou, now tell him that this is the new school, is the dean in funny, or he is funny?

Zhang Qingzhong flashed, did not speak.

However, it is obvious that the prior is once again, it is obvious to see the dean.

Longpin Xuan, "Smell brother, this is also your Wenchang School? How is it so different?"