I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segments 23

Wen people laughed two times, "I am a gates, he is a single door, although it is Wenchang School, but is part of different doors, mutual interference!"

"Mainly, the intention is responsible for all the colleges in the whole world, if the West Lake Academy is new, it will not be subject to their review and registration."

"Oh? This!" Long Pin Xuan was slightly stunned, Wenchang Pai can be reviewed and registered for all colleges, this power is not small!

He turned his head to Bai Suzhen, apologize, "Sorry, you are Xiaoyu's sister, I have thought about bringing you to take you, if you can, I still want to recruit you ..."

"Hey! Trigger the task: peerless Tianjiao!"

"It has been detected that there is a very potential for the host, so I will release the task, and I will recruit Bai Suzhen as the West Lake Academy Tianjiao." "

"Task completion reward: peerless refining furnace!"

Longpin Xuan originally said that I want to recruit her as a teacher as a college, I don't say it.

His belly is already ( ) egg, special one is a 4-level big demon, now opposite this Bai Suzhen, it is already a demon or demon spirit, this powerful monster is just a student, the teacher wants What is the case!

How did he afford it!

However, I just completed an implant task, and now I will come to an alchemy furnace.

The system is really too for him, so that he can plant herbs in his own space in the college, then alder, then you can cultivate a lot of students!

Ok, this is to cultivate students!

Bai Sui saw that he had stopped his mouth, he didn't say, I thought he was embarrassed, and naturally shook his head.

At this time, the same voice came again, it was obviously not to see Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan looked at the slightly smelling people, the mouth hook, Lang said, "Since I want to see Long, I will come to the college!"

Because this time, his brain sounded "".

"Hey! Trigger the task: College star!"

"Complete the West Lake Academy Reviewed the star, the star is more than 7 stars, then rewards the 2nd level!"

Longpin Xuan's warmth before, the big hand, the water grass in the right hand has repeatedly retreat, revealing the gates of the pounds.

Wen people and his disciples, including Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing.

Xiaoqing is a way to know the road, but after the leadership of the dean, the road has been changed a lot, and she is a little confused.

But now, the college door is on his right hand side?

Also masked by water grass?

Who is so boring? Do you actually hide the college gate?

Wen people and his disciples, including Bai Suzhen.

Dare to leave for so long, watching this long-awaited scenery, is actually swaying at the entrance of the people's college?

Or is the dean with them?

They look to Long Pin Xuan, and the eyes have a different.

This dean does not want them to enter the West Lake Academy?

At this time, in front of the school gate, he opened up a white light. The lake in both sides naturally split on both sides, revealing a road.

A young man holding a golden book slowly walking down this road.

He walked straight to Longpin Xuan's body, "You are the dean of the West Lake Academy?"

After the hands of Longpin Xuan, he stood in the big door of the atmosphere, and smiled and looked back.

Dozens of students fell from the college and fell behind the Dragon Pin Xuan.

They all heard the question of this youth, shouted with the same voice, "" Student XXX visited the dean! "

Xiaoqing is naturally no exception, and it has entered their middle.

All these students feel the volatile of the college. They have come out to see that the dean has been questioned by someone else, and naturally stands up in the first time.

Many students, especially the monsters, looked at the young eyes with a slight murder.

Who is this guy? Why do you not know how to give a gift? !

Chapter 32 is strict and strict

Youth looked at Longpin Xuan and his student behind him, seeing people and demon mix, but soaring such maintenance colleges and delegation, it was surprised in the eyes.

But he is not timid, but the tone is a change before, and the box is said to Longpin Xuan.

"There is no ritual, hope the dean Haihan! Also ask the chief name!"

Longpin Xuan looked at the youth in front of him, the eyes blink.

Can be flexed, the character is first-class, if the potential is good, it is a good seedllar!

Just then, his brain sounded again ""!

"Hey! Trigger the task: peerless Tianjiao!"

"It has been detected that there is a very potential student in front of the host.

"Task completion reward: randomly secret fragment 1!"

Strict government?

The internal door is old?

Longpin Xuan looks at the age of youth, so young! Peerless Tianjiao!

This system is not authentic, such a young other martial art, how can I join the West Lake Academy?

This task is difficult!

However, the secret fragment is really like!

Is that the college can enter the secret of rapid cultivation? Still have a lot of treasures?

what! Head is very difficult!

Longpin Xuan's consciousness uses guiding surgery and looks at him.

Strict government

Potential value: 15 stars

Revolution: 13 stars

Strength: 8 floors of Jindan

Special physique: flooding

Special talent: gravity affinity

Lying in the trough!

Long Pu Xuan's last life is really fast!

What is a genius?

He thought the highest level of the entire potential value was 9 stars.

What is the 15 stars now?

Is it 20 stars?

Longpin Xuan is somewhat embarrassing, he seems to have no real understanding of some keywords inside the guiding surgery.

He was just in accordance with the qualifications of many genius in Hangzhou, and now I found that the real peerless genius is not obviously what he thinks!

If this strict political potential is so high, then Bai Suzhen's potential

Long Pin Xuan's eye is turned, and I look directly at Bai Su, who is standing on the side.

This look, widened.

Bai Suzhen

Potential value: 18 stars

Revolution: 19 stars

Strength: 9-level demon spirit

Special physique: fairy

Special talent: seven Qiao exquisite

This isparamidism qualification and potential

These two are peerless arrogance!

No, no, be sure to take!

Longpin Xuan swallowed in the mouth, with a tie in his eyes.

Bai Suzhen only feels a little cool, what is the neck?

Strictly looked at the face of serious face, a state of not paying attention, browbowned, he is not very good, but in the end, it is a long-lived door, plus it before, and this hospital The length is too not to give the face.

At this time, there is a person in the monster after the end of Longpin, not, is a demon.