I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Sean 24

Dragon is standing, rushing to the people arched, said, "At the Xi Xi Lake College, the grand ceremony is negative! Have a serious old!"

Longpin Xuan is standing on the side, looking at the dragon.

Yeah, how can the dean have to receive it in person.

His before reception heard people, Well, is because of Bai Suzhen


It is because of Bai Suzhen!

Such a top genius is worthy of being horses!

His future is a good impression on Bai Suzhen!

That's right! That's right!

Longpin Xuan Station in the center of the college, the clothes fluttering.

The dean of high, is him!

Xiaoqing looked at Long Pin Xuan, who was secretly played, and then got up to the side of the dragon. Let my sister join the college! "

Dragon is looked at the young, there is no answer, but looks strictly.

Wen people, they are also Bai Suzhen, the dean personally brought it, the wheel can't intervene.

Now, although it is a visit to the dean, the dean is not awkward, when he comes out, just look at him.

In other words, he came out to receive strict political, in fact, it was the default of the dean.

Strictly got a slightly ugly, I saw a dean, just todped with the dragon, but I turned again to the dean.

"In the following strict political, Changpai period, the inner door is old, this time came to the Xihu College to retrieve and register, and then the Chang Dai finals will grant the college star assessment!"

Longpin Xuan looked at the strict government, did not speak, just turned to see the dragon.

Dragon is naturally understood that Long Pin Xuan's meaning, laughing, "Commentary, and I have done it, the dean has something, it is harmful to the old!"

The flush of the rigidity.

He is from Changzi's bureau, but it is a new college, which is so proud to put them in the eyes.

Longpin Xuan is very satisfied with the dragon's words. He does have something to do. After all, we must receive two disciples.

This is strict and arrogant, and it is not good to say that it is still necessary to consider it, or put it down, it is good.

Strictly looked at Longpin Xuan's unresponsiveness, some angry, "Dean, I came to represent the Changzi, you do so, don't you be afraid of Changzi blame?"

Longpin Xuan is laughing, this kid can stand up, but the face is not looking at strict political affairs, but turned to see the people, "Wen Chang and the white girl are I invited to enter the college I took them into it, here the dragon is negative, you will deal with it first. "

Dragon is covered with Long Pin Xuan, "Yes! Dean!"

Longpin Xuan's affirmation of the dragon and sure, turned and turned to the college.

The people behind and the demon have made a way, let Dragon Pin Xuan have access to the Wenhe and Bai Suzhen.

Strictly standing on the gate of the college, the face is fast.

This dean did not put Changfa in the eyes.

Wait, the man just is very familiar, what is the name of that person?

Strict political reactions, follow the dean entering the college, it is also the long-lived elders.

Wen people?

Vice Vice President of Guodai?

Thinking of this, strict people have become black by cyan!

He is the elder of the hall, and there is no high courtesy that is old!

The key is that the same martial art, can't take this reason, saying that the delegation doesn't want to see Changfa!

Didn't see that he personally takes the Changzi's elderly to visit the college!

It's strict and strict!

Bai Suzhen, Xiaoqing, and some smart people and demon have seen the original committee.

Polite, natural when you are a guest!

You are welcome, who is still who you are!


Chapter 33 Shocked Clock Algorithm

Longpin Xuan Xiangchang straight into the West Lake Academy, did not pay attention to strict administration, and didn't go to the Dragon, how to receive it, after all, the dragon is still living for so many years, although he just entered the demon king , But after all, and strictly in the same stage.

Plus his body, the strength should be able to fight and strictly fight, so don't worry too much.

I laughed and didn't talk.

He knows that it is strict, this Wenchang is the oldest elder in history. It should not only say that it is a life, it is the youngest elder in Wenchang, there is no one.

The key is that the dean now personally takes the college, but throws strict efforts outside, and he has a little panic.

He is just a vice president of the door, strictly strictly.

This makes him good!

Bai Suzhen looked at the rich energy in the West Lake Academy, interested.

"The energy here is strong, it is really a good place!" Bai Sufe muttered.

Xiaoqing naturally followed, she stood next to Bai Suzhen, said, "Sister, we have good! You see this is our Xiulian Square!"

"Don't look at the rich energy, this is just the situation after cultivation, when practicing, energy is more than dozens of times more now!"

Bai Suzhen looked at Xiaoqing, "Dozens of times? Don't you lie to me?"

Xiao Qing smiled, "This is the patent of the West Lake Academy, the energy of energy here, the outside world is one clear!"

Wenshard and others naturally heard the dialogue between Xiaoyan and Bai Suzhen, Zhang Qingzhong was too big, did not speak, heard of people's strength, restored, but the heart was still taking care of the past, also Didn't care.

When Lin Yan is like a girl, he heard Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen, and also launched it in the past, heard Xiaoqing said that immediately, immediately attached.

"Yes, I just came to Hangzhou to practice at that time. I saw all the energy of the West Lake. We also cultivated in the West Lake, where the energy contained, it is also a few times here. "

"But that is the West Lake, the real energy vortex is still here!" Xiaoqing looked at Lin Yanru, the words, and continued.

Lin Yan is naturally not to remove the small blue platform, and it is curious to see the cultivation square.

It turned out that this is the square cultivation of the students of the West Lake Academy? Is there something special?

Bai Suzhen looked at this square. When I was cultivated, the real energy concentration would reach dozens of times now?

She knows that the disciples of the people don't have to lying on this, so this is true?

Bai Suzhen is now really envious, the students of the West Lake Academy are so good!

Longpin Xuan listened to their chat, walking in front of them, saying that "there is no special thing in the cultivation square, everyone can visit."

Wen people were very interested in a circular shape hanging in the center of this cultivation plaza, and he slowly walked to the center of cultivation.

He looked at the seat around, and then looked at the central seat, it was a bit.

It seems that in the West Lake Academy, it is still taught by the teacher. This teacher may be the dean.

However, this round thing is some like a time.

Wen people naturally understand the twelve hours of the outermost annotation, but how to see it, it is not clear.

After a long time, I went to say that I couldn't help but ask, "Dean, this is a time? What is this?"

Longpin Xuan has not answered yet, Xiaoqing begins to say fast, "this is the unique moment of our West Lake Academy, do you want to learn?"

Solden face is slightly red, it is actually something unique to the college, he asked if it is more.

Longpin Xuan is putting a hand, "Going to the door is a guest, this is not important to make the guest know."

He looked at Bai Suzhen, he didn't know that Bai Suzhen could not feel that he would say this.

Xiaoqing understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan, although it is a bit uncommon, but it still explains.

"This called the clock, the thickness of this is the hour, the middle is a minute, and the long and fine is the second needle!"

"The three needles can be combined to calculate the most accurate time!"

Wonderful people are very shocked, "Can there be 12 hours now?"

Xiaoqing shakes his head. "This is precisely calculated, even the time, it is likely because of the cause of fragrance, the reason, the time will be in, but our algorithm, the time, the time is very Precision! "

Wen people tried a few times according to the small way, and the whole person shocked.

How can you have this accuracy? is this real? Is it really this time?

If this time is true, then this West Lake Academy teaches things, you can subvert the knowledge of the entire era, you can directly make cultural progress for many years!

Is this the West Lake Academy?

He is really too small to see this college!

After the disciples behind the people, they did not think so much, but after the explanation of Xiaoqing, I naturally learned this algorithm, one by one very excited.