I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean No. 26 at the Monster College.

Although it is said that the water is reported, this has passed so many people.

Will she really have a good feeling about the benefactor?

Bai Suzhen did not know.

And I saw that kind of benefactor, in addition to this way, is there any other way to repay the life-saving? Will not too cheap?

Bai Suzhen did not know.

So when she knows, there is a big man to easily point out someone else's heart, pointing to others, she is a heart.

Chapter 35 is tied

Bai Suzhen's hands and swords, looked at the air, stepping on the surrounding spots, holding the long sword in his hand, a sword, and talling towards strict sinister.

Strict rule has already suppressed dragons, but they didn't expect to kill one person.

"Hey! Don't say one, even if you are all, you will not be!"

The strict government sound spreads every corner of the West Lake.

Every student in the West Lake Academy is ugly to die.

Including the quiet, human cultivators, including Ge Chang Sheng, are no exception.

Although it is also human, his sentence is included in the West Lake Academy, naturally, regardless of human or monster.

Bai Suzhen's sword is very fast, and the monster containing the tip of the sword with the blessing of the Buddha, it looks an abnormal shining.

Longpin Xuan looked at the Buddha's browbowed the Buddha's sword.

His guiding technique did not stop, especially when I saw the operation of Bai Suzhen's body, it was very uncoordinated.

The heart of her body is running in accordance with the Taoist heart, but it is under the seed of the Buddha's family, and is in an enlargement of all the demonics in the body.

Although she has been purified, she often lives with people will not be affected, but this will suppress their own demon growth, it is difficult to break through the next stage.

Longpin Xuan thought that Bai Suzhen was detained by Guanyin Bodhisattva, which instantly understood the original committee.

However, this point of decline has added bumps in the way Bai Suzhen can fly, and I don't know why.

Strictly, it is possible to suppress dragons, except for his own strength, there is also a road to monster suppression.

However, it encountered Bai Suzhen with Buddhism, which is strictly related to it.

It can be said that it was defeated in an instant.

In fact, the strength of the 8th floor and 5th grade king is really very talented if it is strictly imposed so young.

But what he faced, but the demon spirit that is about to fly, is equivalent to the fact that the Mahayana is really like a big man and a child fight, a trick.

It is strictly widened and unbelievable.

Just a trick, it is a sword flower, he is a thorn to him, then he will defeat!

What will this?

Is he not the talented disciple in Wenchang? How can it be defeated like this?

Strictly seek really, the white girl with Longpin Xuan.

He is really unwilling!

After the long sword in the hands, I broke the sword after Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen did not want to make a living, so when you trick, it is rushing on his long sword.

So when he fell on the ground of the college gate, his broken sword also fell next to him, and came out of " " sound, this voice seems to be amazing and unsatisfactory.

Bai Suzhen fluttered in front of strict administration, didn't wait for her to talk, Long Pinxuan opened.

"Small green, bundled him, throw it to the house!"

"Yes! Dean!" Only afraid of Xiaoyin, the world is not chaotic, Rawa fart is rushing out, and a rope in his hand is turned into a rough government.

Can not be humiliated!

Strictly seeing Xiaoyan rushed over, the eyes suddenly exposed a murder.

At this time, Bai Suzhen fingers were light, and a spell took strict government to tie up, and he also got the cavity on him.

Xiaoqing is her new sister!

Bai Suzhen did not plan to strictly strictly, but this guy actually shot on Xiaoqing, then he can't blame her!

Longpin Xuan evacuated his mouth.

Not bad, just according to his thoughts ...

Cough! Xiaoqing is really good!

Xiaoqing's first is strictly scared, and then after he saw Bai Suzhen, the courage was big, rushed to strictly, and took him up and went to the college.

Half, Xiaoqing suddenly suddenly took a step foot, turned to Long Pin Xuan, "the dean adult, we don't seem to have a firewood, the fire of the vegetable rice is a spell."

Longpin Xuan is supported, "Then just find a small room to get rid of it."

"Good! Will! Harvest guys!" Xiaoqing is strict and strict, and will go in the college.

Some people and demon love are also surrounded.

"There is a kind of person before, it is still not a prison!"

"Just, I still say what the college is all, why can't I don't have any move!"

"To say, the face is swollen by yourself? Hahahaha"

Strict polition is not as good as the people and demon so laughing, the blush is red, but the acupoints whose body have been spoken, don't talk about it, even talk, I can only look at my throwing into a remote room. Get it.

Really humiliating!

Longpin Xuan has been able to feel the heart of strict efforts to suffer.

Hey, poor child.

But this is for him!

There are people outside people, there are days outside!

It's going to come out sooner or later!

When you have not reached the peak of your strength, you can't be too arrogant! It's awkward!

Longpin Xuan represented a strict political expression, very good, only have passed this round, this righteous guy can really be a master!

Of course, I want him to join the college, this proud is not suppressed. It is impossible.

Dragon is twice, rushing to Bai Suzhen Arches.

Wen people standing there, he didn't want to strictly say good words? Of course I want!

But just now, he shocked him.

He didn't expect the white girl who looked soft and weak, it was so strong!

The strong man in Jin Dan, but only a sword! What kind of strength is this special!

Also, this powerful powerful power is actually a guidance to get the dean!

Wen people now think about how to pick yourself, apologize to the dean, to make strict administration? What is joke, so that big big big is, what means is empty!

I can only think, this West Lake Academy is a college after all, and gives up the most a lesson, and there will be no things.

However, strict Zheng Zheng is so smooth, so many experience is also good!

Wen people have already thought about how to go back to the discourse.

Strict political speech is not sinned, and after being captured by the students in the Daxie College, they will be a skill, and they are grinding his sex!

Longpin Xuan smiled and looked at the people.

Wen said that the people jumped to accelerate, laughing in two, loudly, "the dean polite, we are expensive, the serious old is the life door, not a system, do not dare to discourage, and also ask the dean to forgive "

"However, the severe and old age will be unclear, the dean teaches him that the truth of the people should be, in the old man, thank the dean!"

Chapter 36 pointing to Bai Suzhen

Longpin Xuan looked at this old man on his face and the traces of the old, could not help but sigh!

Sure enough, it's a long time!

"Wonder to have a big prize! You can rest assured that severe and old are the genius of Wenchang, the West Lake Academy will not take him."

Longpin Xuan laughed, then rushed to him, "Then there is something else, I still have something!"

After finishing, he looked at Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen immediately understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan, and hurried to him.

Wen people understand that this is Long Pin Xuan underdeveloped, nor will it stay, with the disciples left.

He flew out of the West Lake and sighed.

Wen said that hundreds of years have reached the strength of today, and they got the title of the old door, before they would collapse the disciples, then he received 5 disciples.